Julia Gillard’s slush record with Slater & Gordon Lawyers suggests it takes one to know one

In the public interest, we reproduce Larry Pickering’s website article:

“Labor and corrupt unions’ favourite corrupt law firm, Slater & Gordon, is under an ongoing ASIC investigation concerning a, a’hem, “book-keeping error” totalling $90 million.

Slater and Julia Gillard are no longer a problem

Its share price has dropped sixty per cent, from $7.85 to $2.96, under heavy selling after it admitted it had “made mistakes” in the reporting of cash receipts from its UK venture. (It recovered marginally today to $3.41 after earnings rose 21 per cent to $121.6 million.)

Under ACTU instructions, Slater & Gordon is currently attacking Commissioner Dyson Heydon trying to prevent him unearthing more union corruption leading right up to the Opposition leader’s doorstep.

Slater & Gordon, headed by Andrew Gretch, is a rat’s nest of dirty deals and client rip-offs that had its genesis in the Julia Gillard/Bruce Wilson scandal that saw a frantic exodus of partners and senior partners scurrying from the firm.

Andrew Gretch, Slater and GordonAndrew Gretch

One of its disbarred lawyers, bankrupt Mr Russell Keddie was found guilty of overcharging his clients $23 million. Other partners, Scott Roulstone and Tony Barakat, who are also facing bankruptcy, were ordered to repay $15 million.

It was also ruled Keddie must repay his clients the scammed amounts but it was found he had transferred his $3.7 million Sydney home in Double Bay and a $2.7 million Bungan Beach house to his wife, Sarah Key.

There was also a London property in the upmarket suburb of Paddington, which Mr Keddie forgot to mention on his assets declaration form and a little matter of a $60,000 Range Rover, along with $700,000 from the sale of cattle, and $400,000 in his self-managed super fund.

It was estimated the best his clients could hope for was a settlement of 22 cents in the dollar.

Slater & Gordon and its junior partner in crime Maurice Blackburn have been the stopping off point for Julia Gillard, Adam Bandt, Bill Shorten, Nicola Roxon and many other Labor notables on their way to pre-selection for safe Labor seats.

Maurice Blackburn

Both companies use the dishonest “no win, no fee” slogan that catches many a poor, disabled leftie in the compensation net.

The truth is that a win is a win only for the law firm and often any payout is entirely usurped in outrageous lawyers’ charges. The myriad stories are sickening.

If a compensation case is lost the law firm can’t charge its client but the winning side’s costs then become the responsibility of the disabled client.
The “no win, no fee” law firm simply walks away leaving its destitute client to face bankruptcy.

Slater & Gordon are woodliceThe bottom-feeding nature of the Slater is found in damp, dark places and feeds mostly on dead matter.


So a corrupt Slater & Gordon is ideally placed to represent the ACTU and its corrupt Labor unions in attempting to have a Royal Commission shut down and the integrity of an honest Commissioner trashed.

Was he getting too close to the truth?”

Without prejudice…



Julia Gillard innocent legacyThey say it takes one to know one

Wikipedia:  Slater & Gordon entered the UK market in 2012 with the acquisition of UK law firm Russell Jones and Walker.   The firm has completed further acquisitions of a number of other law firms within the UK to become one of the largest personal law firms based in the UK. The acquisitions have included: Fentons, Goodmans Law, Taylor Vinters, John Pickering and Partners, Pannone and most recently, Leo Abse & Cohen and Walker Smith Way.