Fake Refugees deportation deadline October 1, as Greens-Labor political lawyers cry crocodile tears

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has set a deadline of October 1 for illegal arrivals living in Australia to apply for refugee protection or face deportation.

He said there are 7500 illegal boat arrivals, (courtesy of Rudd-Gillard-Rudd open invites) who have refused to provide detail about their claim for protection, dubbing them “fake refugees”.

“We aren’t going to tolerate that any longer.” Mr Dutton stated to the media last Sunday.

Many arrived without identity documents on boats run by people smugglers up to seven years ago under previous Labor governments.

Mr Dutton said many were residing in Australia on government benefits which last year cost around $250 million in income support alone.

And that doesn’t include all the other freebies like Medicare, child support, free education and free public transport.

“If people think they can rip the Australian taxpayer off, if people think that they can con the Australian taxpayer, then I’m sorry, the game’s up and we won’t allow people to take Australian taxpayers for a ride,” he told reporters.

“We are prepared to support people who are legitimate refugees but we aren’t going to support people who are just accessing welfare and taxpayer benefits and then refusing to provide any information in relation to their protection claim.”

Mr Dutton said Australia was one of the most generous countries when it came to resettling refugees, but would not be taken for a ride. “We are not going to allow, given the level of debt that our country is in, for more debt to be run up paying for welfare services, for people who are not genuine,” he said.

He said until individual processes were finalised, the government would continue to provide Medicare support, allow children to attend school and allow people to work, but would not provide income support.

“The expectation is, if people can’t make their claim for protection then they need to depart our country as quickly as possible,” he said.

Of course, refugee advocates and lucrative lawyers on the public purse are furious as they cry crocodile tears.   They claim it’s all “arbitrary and unfair”.

What Third World illegals criminally financing people smugglers to avoid immigration?  The fakefugee lawyers are accessories after the fact.

Illegals are their bread and butter.  Who pays for fakesters trawling their economic migrant scam through the court system?  Australian taxpayers of course.

“The game’s up”: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the October 1 deadline would sniff out “fake refugees”.

Your illegal smuggling scam is up Ian Rintoul, David Manne, Julian Burnside, Amy Frew, Daniel Webb, Kon Karapanagiotidis, Melinda Jackson, Emily Howie, Sarah Hanson-Young!

Mr Dutton in what he described as a crackdown on “fake refugees” and con-artists, has exposed the so-called asylum seekers of failing or refusing to engage in the asylum process and instead “taking the system for a ride” – Centrelink, Medicare, free education, queue jumping public housing ahead of needy Aussies.  It’s all a legacy Rudd Rort.

The crackdown has loomed since late last year when asylum seekers began to receive letters from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection giving them 14, 30 or 60 days to apply for asylum.

Mr Dutton said some of the targeted cohort had been in Australia for five years without lodging their asylum claims. But many were barred from lodging claims until as recently as December, and were also denied work rights.

Send ’em back one way from whence they came – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. They end up holidaying and getting married there anyway.

The 7500 people belong to a cohort of close to 30,000 asylum seekers who arrived by boat during the Labor years, referred to now as the “legacy caseload”.

Refugee advocates claim about 70% of those processed were found to be refugees owed protection – which is lying crap. They have no documents.  “Here, your name is now John Smith and tell ’em you’re a tranny, you’ve torn up the Quran, become a Jehovah’s Witness and fleeing persecution.

It is a fraud.

So the government’s crackdown has loomed since late last year when asylum seekers began to receive letters from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection giving them 14, 30 or 60 days to apply for asylum.

Mr Dutton said the group of asylum seekers yet to lodge their claim cost taxpayers $250 million in income support last financial year, while the total welfare bill for “illegal” boat arrivals was $1.9 billion.

“If people think that they can rip the Australian taxpayer off, if people think they can con the Australian taxpayer, then I’m sorry – the game’s up,” he said.

Of course Labor’s shadow immigration spokesman Shayne Neumann has taken issue with Mr Dutton’s use of the term “fake refugees”.

Meanwhile,  The Greens have pledged to boost Australia’s refugee intake to record levels and close offshore detention centres as part of a “bold plan” to overhaul the nation’s asylum seeker system.

Immigrant Richard Di Natale has threatened Australians he will accept not just the Rudd legacy but a further 50,000 asylum seekers each year and shut down the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres – 40,000 would go straight on humanitarian welfare (all expenses paid by taxpayers) and another 10,000 would go on the ‘Skilled Refugee’ programme to take Aussie jobs – all subsidised by yep, the endangered Aussie taxpayer.

An alternative to deportation: