Census Australia: ABS wants to know what we’re up to, else Liberal thought police will impose a daily $180 fine

Canberra’s census wants to know what you do, where you are, who you see, how you live, what you believe in, what’s your poison, why you don’t eat falafel and kebabs with garlic sauce and whether you could be a threat to the Liberal Party’s re-election prospects.

What have past censuses delivered for Australia?

  • More Canberra power
  • More Third World immigration
  • More Islamic terror endorsed by Mike Baird
  • More welfare to foreigners
  • More political favours for the big end of town and for corrupts unions
  • Higher costs of living for the rest of us
  • And bugger all services and infrastructure for Ordinary Australians

So what will globalist muzzie-luv’n Malcolm do with your ABS data?

Liberal Party Thought PoliceLiberal thought police target political enemies, sending in the Feds to arrest Aussie Nationalists critical of barbaric Islam


So tell Canberra where to friggen get off!   Pollies are boycotting the census anyway!   South Australian senator Nick Xenophon says he will not be putting his name on his census details, and is prepared to challenge any fines he incurs as a result.

Census Australia is Corrupt


Census thought policeman Michael McCormack displaced our best Minister for Small Business, Bruce Bilson.  McCormack threatens us that if we don’t log on and fess up then Turncoat Turnbull will seek us out and fine us each $180 every day until we conform and confess.

Tell McCormack to go census himself !

Michael McCormackBackstabbing “moderate” wants your personal details.


The 2016 Census of Population and Housing will record your personal details for four years and does not disclose who to.

The good old ABS used be trustworthy, destroying identifying census forms as soon as the statistical data was collated. But the Liberals’ Tricky Johnny Howard in 2001 snuck in name-identified information into the national census, and in 2016 Turncoat Turnbull has made it compulsory.  Your name will be kept whether you like it or not, and shared with whatever government agency – the Tax Office, ASIO, local police, Centrelink, Medicare, courts.

Privacy risks don’t only come from hackers and other rogues. Government departments have a poor record of protecting information from their own staff. The Department of Human Services admitted there were 63 episodes of unauthorised access to private files by its staff between July 2012 and March 2013. The South Australian Police Force accuses up to 100 of its own members of unauthorised access to police files every single year.

Even if you can even get access to the dumb overloaded website, ABS will sell the information to outsourced agencies because of the terms and conditions fine print, made unavailable.  What a waste of $9.6 million in taxes outsourcing ABS eCensus website to foreign company IBM.  If e-Health can be hacked in 2012, ASIO headquarters plans hacked by the Chinese in 2013, BOM’s website hacked by Chinese in 2015, then why should the ABS eCensus website be any different?

ABS eCensus website hacked by ChineseWe warned you the chinese were up to no good. Even our Mack Horton has warned us.


By the time most get access, the memory of what happened on the night of August 9 will have been forgotten and or confused.

The Chaser Team would be forgiven for hypothesizing the following silly responses in their next skit:

  • Name: Malcolm Turnbull
  • Address: Outside Canberra
  • Nationality/Origin: Australian
  • Language spoken at home: Australian
  • Religion: Australian
  • Sex: Straight
  • Age: 100
  • Education: Too expensive
  • Work: Underemployed
  • Income: Cash only, varies
  • How many people came and went from your garage drug lab today?:  forgot
  • Type of car you drive:  ute, good for deliveries
  • Can the internet be accessed at this dwelling:  No, server down
  • Occupants in your Dwelling: 10, so Penny Wong, no bunk room for your community detention rapefugees.
  • Does each person in this household agree to his/her name and address and other information on this form being kept by the National Archives of Australia and then made publicly available after 99 years?  No, bugger off !

Australian Census Data

…Who do you vote for?   Why?    Who are you?    What are your secrets?  How much money do you have under the mattress?


The data will be crapiola anyway