Victoria Police hide African crime statistics of negroed Melbourne

Contributed by one of our new members


Canberra’s Mass Immigration Policy has unleashed on Melbourne.

Thousands of Third World Negros from war-torn black Africa have been secretly dumped on outer Melbourne into clustered ghettos and they are causing menace.  Negro gangs have brought their barbaric culture from Somalia, Sudan, etc and their civil war baggage with them and are attacking White Privilege.

African nationalities in MelbourneMelbourne has been particularly singled out for tar brushing


Since the Negro migration impost:

  • Home Invasions – Point Cook, Brighton, Ormond
  • Aggravated Burglaries – Dandenong, Noble Park, Clayton, Park Orchards, Blackburn, Mitcham, Officer, Hallam, Narre Warren, Mulgrave, Pakenham and Cranbourne, South Morang, Epping, Donvale, Brooklyn, Footscray, Maidstone, etc.
  • Car Jackings – Dandenong, Malvern, Toorak, Ivanhoe, Deer Park, Moonee Ponds, St Albans
  • Muggings, Bashings, Knifings – Melbourne University, Point Ormond, St Kilda, Brighton,
  • Abductions – Laverton, Clarinda, Narre Warren.
  • Riots and Gang Rampages – CBD at Moomba, Carlton, Seaford, North Melbourne, Frankston.

Melbourne GolliwogImported golliwogs are hazardous


Canberra:  “Victoria, our mass migration agenda is your State domestic problem..and budget.”

So we have African gangs rampaging around Melbourne. It’s old news, really; every few years a police chief will casually drop a few words to the effect of “Hey, we really need to do something about this here crime wave we’re seeing” and these poor confused, disenfranchised youth from wartorn countries. You know the drill: Andrew Bolt writes a column about it, there’s a bit of “mo money for dem programs” talk (and probably mo money actually wasted)—then that’s all until the next major riot or whatever.

But your house doesn’t get broken into (or it does, and tough titty), and anyway you have more important things to worry about—and here’s the thing: it’s not like we live in Europe with all these explosions and beheadings and that craziness going on. Must be we know how to integrate traumatised Third Worlders over here, after all. And sure that Magic Majak Daw might be a rapist, but he can sure kick a Sherrin! Ah, the lucky country!

Sydney copped Canberra’s blind Leb invasion and so set up a Middle Eastern Crime Squad.  Melbourne now has its own Negro taskforce to tackle Melbourne’s Negro invasion, ‘Taskforce Tense‘.  The taskforce has since been rebranded by Labor’s pussy-footing Daniel Andrews with a more multicultural innocuous name to ‘Operation Cosmas‘ to give it an irrelevant Greek flavour.


Welcome to Melbourne

Da negro violence is wherever da negro invasion is dumped…

Australian Stats just for 2010:

Oct-05 VIC Customer attacked by machete in Coburg cafe – African appearance
Sep-13 VIC African gangs assault Melbourne taxi drivers – African appearance
Jun-11 VIC African gang hunted over Victorian taxi robberies – African appearance
May-22 NSW African gang behind Granville stabbing murder – African appearance
Apr-22 NSW African gang wanted over stabbing murder – African appearance
Mar-30 – Barbaric third world rituals becoming popular in Australia – African appearance
Mar-07 NSW African gang attacks woman in Wagga Wagga – African appearance
Feb-24 WA African arrested over million dollar net scam – African appearance
Feb-22 QLD Rwandan invader charged with rape – African appearance
Nov-30 VIC Police vs Africans – Race tensions boil over in Flemington – African appearance
Oct-02 VIC policewoman speaks out after being bitten by – African appearance
Nov-03 VIC Ten Africans wanted over violent carjacking – African appearance
Nov-08 VIC Aficans wanted over train attack – African appearance
Oct-12 VIC Attack on officer is un-Australian: Andrews (victim image) – African appearance
May-15 SA Africans Gone Wild! Australian Edition (video) – African appearance
Nov-28 VIC African gang terrorizing Melbourne hospital visitors – African appearance
Nov-29 VIC African mob attacks Flemington police – African appearance
Oct-15 VIC Ethnics brawl at Melbourne’s Highpoint shopping centre – African in video
Nov-14 VIC Fifty African attack police outside dance party African / Pacific Islanders (what’s da diff)
Nov-11 NSW Armed hold-up outside train station – African appearance
Nov-02 QLD African gang wanted over robbery in Moorooka – African appearance
Nov-11 NSW Armed hold-up outside train station – African appearance
Nov-02 QLD African gang wanted over robbery in Moorooka – African appearance
Nov-02 QLD 16-year-old girl robbed in Runcorn – African appearance
Oct-19 WA Man stabbed in Eden Hill – African appearance
Oct-10 NSW Attempted abduction in Raymond Terrace – African appearance
Oct-04 NSW Teenage girl escapes abductor – African appearance
Oct-04 NSW Teenage girl escapes latest snatch bid – African appearance
Aug-26 WA Robbery at Perth’s Curtin University – African appearance
Aug-13 SA Armed African gang in wallet grab – African appearance
Aug-09 QLD African teen punches elderly volunteer unconscious – African appearance
Aug-08 QLD African wanted over takeaway robbery – African appearance
Apr-28 SA Rock-throwing Africans bash and rob motorist – African appearance
Dec-31 NSW African assaults girl at Sydney pool – African appearance
Jul-06 NSW African wanted over Sydney assault – African appearance
Oct-17 WA African wanted over violent bag snatch – African appearance


So what is ‘African Appearance‘?

African in AppearanceDisaffected black youths become black criminals


According to Victoria Police statistics, total crime is up about 15% as of 2014 (the last year for which figures are published. The Eastern Metro region experiences an 8.8% increase just in the year 2013-14, however, with crimes against the person seeing a 12.2% increase! Quite a jump. And those stats are pre-negroed Moomba, pre the recent and confessedly unprecedented crime wave the Police commissioner calls a “phenomenon“.


Apex GangScenario:  Apex Gang orders pizza:  we wish


Of course, it’s totally bizarre and unexpected that Africans would act like this. There must be more we can do for them. Maybe we need to simplify Centrelink paperwork to get them easier access to free money, as in the words of our top law and order man, “We are finding that we are arresting the same young people again and again and again…We’re hearing it’s easier for them to deal drugs than to deal with the bureaucracy of Centrelink.”

But just what is the extent of the problem? How would we know?

Unlike the US (which provides plenty of statistical info about the proclivities of African which in that instance, are no doubt due entirely to that nation’s past history of slavery), Australian police and government agencies don’t publish information on the racial breakdown of offenders.

Which leaves us racists at a bit of a loss, which I guess is the idea. Still, we could look at this map and extrapolate, if we wanted:


Murder rates by countryMurder Rates around the World – da darker da worser.

(NB: Algeria has no reliable crime stats; Russia has Muslims.)


Or we could learn something from Denmark, which when police were pressured to release crime statistics about their Somali population, conceded that they were involved in crime at 1000% the native pop (which includes Somalis and other non-whites born there).

And it seems we’re not the only country to have problems with poor, maladjusted Sudanese either.

The US hosts “a growing population of Sudanese refugees who relocated to the Midwest in search of a better, safer life” as the Huffington Post  tearfully reports, but who in some pitiful Jekyll and Hyde scenario “wrestle” with violence—their own, that is, against each other and everyone else.

Blackening MelbourneMelbourne’s good name is being blackened

So the Dandenong ning-nong gang isn’t unique; we’re not alone. Does that make you feel better? Probably we should just “suck it up” as our people out in the burbs tend to say.

Sure, we might hear that “Police have arrested more people, especially young teens, in the past 12 months than any other 12 months in the force’s history.” But the cops are under no obligation to share this info, which after all might lead to racist alarmism and further decreased revenue for the eateries at Fed square.

This has nothing to do with race, clearly. It’s just a challenge we’ve faced before with unassimilable South-East Asian Migrants, uh, the Irish, uh… Look, police have “ruled out race as a motive” in the chimp-out earlier this year, okay? But can they rule it out as a CAUSE?

You bet your racist Whiteness!

Vigilante Melbourne 2016In Mexico, with crime rampant and police useless, local vigilantes naturally fill an important void to protect their community



  • Join a group, don’t go this alone
  • Wear off-road dirt bike gloves
  • Dash cams on front and back of your car
  • Drive a 4×4 with bull bar, tow bar and central locking
  • Carry mace spray
  • Carry a Louisville Slugger baseball bat
  • And for those with a license: Read More

So on the question of whether white racists have a right to know which of the beneficiaries of our displacement is killing, raping and robbing us the most.

Black Violence

I get that its expensive and complicated and divisive to publish a kind of league table every year on how every single minority group is going. In the US they just do Black, White, Hispanic and other chocolate varieties – but if Chief Commissioner of Police, Graham Ashton, sees fit to hold a public summit to discuss the problem, wouldn’t it make sense to actually put the facts out there for public discussion?

Commissioner Graham Ashton apologist for Apex

We know the answer to that; in fact, one was only asking to be reported to the Race Discrimination Commission. Bad goy!

Knowing the truth would just fuel racism. Or maybe White Australians are actually over-represented and they just want to spare our feelings?

Apex Gang deportedApex Gang being deported: c’mon!

Okay, serious now. What we need to do is to demand that Victoria Police (and the others) release statistics by race of offender. And the Bureau of Statistics needs to include this in its Crime Victimisation Survey, too.

This is going to be crucial information for waking people up, and we have the ammunition we need to say “what are you trying to hide?” when resistance is offered. He maintains a site called “Cops and Bloggers” where, Commissioner Ashton says you can “personally engage with me on all our initiatives – good and bad.”

So let’s hit him up!  So where are the stats Ashton?

Forget the leftist multiculti crap summit bullshitting the lack of “employment opportunities” and “mental health” amongst disaffected imported golliwogs.  They are backward, have no education, have criminal form, bring Black Power attitude baggage, hate Melbournians for their so-called White Privilege, so will never fit into White Australia.

Negros invading Melbourne

They are imported criminals.  So just deport the scum and stop more being imposed on Melbourne from elitist globalist Canberra!

  • Do Not Buy from dem
  • Do Not Work with dem
  • Do Not Train with dem
  • Do Not open your car door for dem.

Rural Australians for RefugeesTamworth, NSW: Everywhere imported stick insects are secreted by leftists into Australian society, the States have to pick up the tab for criminal fumigation.