A tale of two universities – one’s Australian, the other’s in Canberra

Outside the urban ethnic enclaves, the rest of Australia remains a celebration of White Western Civilisation, since British colonial liberation from barbarism in 1788, before the French did.

So to empower Australian youth with this proud First World heritage, the University of Wollongong on the New South Wales country coastline is offering from 2019 a Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation.

Go The Gong !

Anti-Australian lefties eat ya heart out and just bloody emigrate!

Australia’s Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation has agreed to fund 150 scholarships for this new degree course, thanks to the inspiration and generous bequest from Australia’s late healthcare business entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul Ramsay AO (1936-2014).

The Ramsay Centre’s charter is:

“To advance education by promoting studies and discussion associated with the establishment and development of western civilisation, including through establishing scholarship funds and educational courses in partnership with universities”.

This Arts degree is offered at a time when funding of the Humanities curriculum across Australian universities has been cut.  It’s because tertiary education has been forced by globalist Canberra Laberals to subsist on foreign students’ up front cash.

Such abandonment by Canberra of advanced education is to the detriment of Australian youth advanced education, to the detriment of Australia’s cultural heritage, and only fuels leftist political parties with an increased voter base of anti-Australians.

Ramsay Centre CEO Simon Haines said students would be left room to take an outside major or double degree.  The partnership is worth more than $50 million over eight years.

Of course, foreign students are mostly non-White, many are Third World and Muslim (or of some other anti-Christ extraction) and so have no interest in White civilised culture. That is besides the wealth Australia offers – preference work offers, First World lifestyle, along with welfare like Medicare, Centrelink, NDIS.   Most foreign students are backdoor migrants with no Engrish.

Australia’s cash-strapped tertiary institutions with enthusiastic support from migration agents, facilitate their migration from initially scamming Visa Subclass 500 (foreign fake student visa) then progressing to temporary worker and ultimately on to full-blown Aussie ‘passport citizenshite‘. Bargain basement price is just AUD $575, unless exempt (i.e. economic refugee greed status).

But this proposed Bachelor of Western Civilisation is being offered from Semester 1 in 2019 for genuine Australians.  It focuses on a ‘Socratic’ learning style, interrogating the ‘great works’ of the western canon. Classes would be capped at between seven and ten students, with the course itself comprising at least sixty Australian-born students.

Foreigners are excluded.  The Ramsay Centre funds scholarships for this degree valued at $25,000 per year, plus funding additional scholarships available for the students’ travel abroad to the heart of Western Civilisation – Britain and Europe.

Wollongong University’s Vice Chancellor Paul Wellings has welcomed the overdue initiative.  It is set to be a “great books” course at its core, and taught in small classes to “facilitate discussion in-depth”.  The curriculum will “focus on a detailed examination of the classic intellectual and artistic masterpieces of the Western tradition that demand and repay careful philosophical attention”.  It will encourage “critical reflection” and include overseas trips for students to experience, “exemplars of Western culture, art and architecture”.

A proper build. Mosques suck

The traditional rite of passage for young Australian men and women coming of age (21) has been to travel abroad to London and from there around Britain and Europe, where Australia’s western traditions originate – language, culture, religion, history, democratic freedoms, values and First World standards.

Indeed, it’s in the tradition of European Enlightenment’s educational ‘Grand Tour’ for youth to experience and assimilate to respect the civilised world and learn about one’s magnificent White heritage.

Compare with Third World culcha…

Learning about the classics began typically sailing from Dover across the English Channel to Belgium, up the Seine to Paris, up the Rhine into Switzerland, Vienna, Dresden, Berlin, Potsdam, Munich, Heidelberg, and on to Venice, Rome, Naples and on to Greece before returning home.  The Grand Tour became like a gap year, but extended over three and half years.

The Grand Tour was effectively a concentrated excursion beyond books and college to learn about the classics at galleries and universities – the masterpieces of music, painting, sculpture, and architecture of Rome’s Early Christian, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.  Rich European social and cultural skills would be acquired along with a second European language to prepare one for leadership in high society.

Bugger ‘schoolies’ and hackneyed Kuta!

Meanwhile in sap-sucking mistletoe Canberra…

Well, the ANU (misappropropriately coined ‘Australian National University’) had previously been offered the generous sponsoring of the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation by The Ramsay Centre.

However, ANU’s multicultural leftie Vice Chancellor Brian Schmidt thought it might cause upheaval amongst foreign muzzie students praying at the ANU’s Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies on the same campus.

It’s academic

Wealthy influential Arab donors to the ANU’s Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies, notably Dubai, Iran and Turkey, apparently don’t need breach ANU’s autonomy principles because under Amin Saikal is entrusted to take a benign approach to Islam and Muslim nations.  The ANU accepts $2 million each from Dubai, Iran and Turkey for its Centre for Arab and Islamic studies.

It’s Islamic revolution teachings

Schmidt reckoned the ANU wouldn’t endorse any “sponsored programme” like the one offered even with no strings attached and probono.  Schmidt reckons ANU wouldn’t accept external funding if the collaboration did not meet the University’s “core set of principles” being “academic integrity, autonomy, and freedom”.

Yet the ANU happily reaps millions of Chinese yuan, Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah, Turkish lira, etc.

It’s backdoor migration

Schmidt acknowledged that Canberra ought provide more sustainable funding for higher education.  This is especially since Federal Laboral pollies trumpet Australia’s apparent Education Export Industry for cashed-up backdoor immigrants.

But his boss, ANU’s political Chancellor Gareth Evans, reckoned the Ramsay Centre had links to his old enemy the Liberal Party, since Paul Ramsay has been a Liberal member and significant donor to the party.   Former Senator Gareth Evans was Labor’s cabinet minister for nearly everything under Hawke-Keating 1990s Labor era.

Senator Gareth had notoriously recognized East Timor as a province of Indonesia, a decade after the dictatorship invaded and carried out a “genocide” of the East Timorese in 1991, killing 200,000, according to a report co-sponsored by the Australian Parliament.

It’s Gareth’s blind eye diplomacy


Then guilt-ridden globalist Gareth served the EU’s International Crisis Group charity for a decade in Brussels, encouraging Third World über-breeders.

Poor White-privileged Gareth benefited from Western Civilisation education.

He starting his education in Melbourne’s leafy upper class Hawthorn West Central School (1950–57) and on to Melbourne High School (1958–61). Then struggling, Gareth matriculated in 1961 and plumbed into the University of Melbourne (1962–67) where he graduated in Humanities and Law while being a leftie student activist.

Gareth Grand Toured abroad to Magdalen College at England’s prestigious University of Oxford.(1968–70) taking advantage of multinational Shell Oil Company’s scholarship. Gareth pontificated with First-Class Honours in a Master of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.  His pontificating and postnominals set him up for comfy Labor politics as a senator back in Canberra.

Gareth had done his Western Civilisation degree.

But Oxford University is not all that it seems.

This is its White heritage spin image to entice Daddy’s dosh…

But upon arrival, prodigious Whites cop Oxford’s diversity quota reality…

“We are thankful Labor immigrants. Of course we’ll always vote Labor.”


Poncey Gareth elevated himself into a pompous Labor leftie senator for two decades (1978-1996) under PM Hawke then PM Keating.

He globetrotted his sense of Grand Tour catchup indulgently at Australian taxpayer expense.

Then he went on to adultery with Cheryl.  A truly wasted education, only to be elevated by Labor PM Kevin Rudd in 2009 to polly sainthood as mind-controlling Chancellor of ANU, replacing Labor’s Kim Beazley.

ANU acknowledges Labor’s comrades past, present and emerging.


It’s not Cheryl. It’s Labor leftist culture.

A number of Liberal and National MPs came out in support of the Ramsay academic sponsorship, notably former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Ramsay Centre Board, John Howard and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

They were critical of resistance from leftie staff and students accusing the philanthropic group of pushing a “racist” and “radically conservative agenda”.  Australian National University Students’ Association president Eleanor Kay reckoned Western civilisation was often used as “a rhetorical tool to continue the racist prioritisation of Western history over other cultures”.

Well, Eleanor Kay, have you not benefited from Western Civilisation freedoms and values, if not White Australian taxpayer welfare?  Thanks to Cook’s discovery of Australia beating France, 500 Aboriginal clan groups got rescued from spearing and wife-bashing patriarchal barbarism.

Schmidt also copped intimidation from assorted Abbott haters like the National Tertiary Education Union, which threatened ANU with a GetUp! style public hateful Antifa violent backlash if ANU’s ‘autonomy’ dare accepted Ramsay sponsorship.

Why would ANU reject such a course given the fact that the university already teaches Asian studies and an Arab and Islamic studies centre?


Australia First Party does not support ex-Liberal Cory Bernadi’s Australian Conservatives Party, but we support his right to free speech in Australia’s Western civilised society.