A drowned toddler image on a beach could have secured millions for Thursday Islanders during Abbott’s visit

Syrian Drowned Toddler ImageAustralian Aborigines on Thursday Island could have done with Abbott’s refugee status.


As PM, Tony Abbott’s annual week roughing it in a remote Aboriginal community is no different to the tokenism of Kevin Rudd sleeping rough at a Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

Abbott Aboriginal TokenismHollowmen both

The Lodge in Canberra has been renovated for the umpteenth time by the incoming version of LibLabs anyway. So use the bloody thing Abbott!  The latest $8.842 million reno could have done Thursday Islanders and their Third World health inter-generational wonders!

Abbott's $8 Million Lodge RenovationAbbott’s Budget Emergency except for Gillard fumigation of The Lodge.

Tony’s blue lap pool awaits the budgie smugglers.

Yet during the last few days of August 2015, PM Tony Abbott unilaterally chose to tokenly camp “rough” in a tent at the Australian Regular Army’s Thursday Island Joint Defence Establishment.  Boasting a swag and a sat phone, Abbott could still run government, imagining himself a Chiang Kai-shek.

Instead of boosting the remote Aboriginal Thursday Island economy by his visit, locals agree he over-hyped and then shunned them.  Local motel owner Steve Mills, who lost the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s booking of 44 rooms just two days before the PM and his support staff arrived in region, said the visit was not the economic boom locals were expecting.  Mr Mills said the PM’s office had even provided food for media staying at the motel, despite the premises having a restaurant, and there being other local businesses in the town.

“They marched down with four tonnes of sandwiches and plonked them in the middle of our front office for all these journos and media they were feeding, and told them to hoe in,’’ he said.  “I thought it was a touch on the rude side.”

He said Mr Abbott’s avoidance of local providers was “one hell of a slap” for the town.  “This town is a functioning, sophisticated, modern civic society,’’ he said. “And he goes and camps in a tent on the Army base? It makes us look like a sh*thole.

Light the Dark toddler candle vigilSome will light their own candles thanks

National Party Leader, Warren Truss, on his Noosa Seat website proclaims that Rudd Labor’s immigration policy (2007-2013) overwhelmed Australians by 50,000 illegal boat arrivals after Labor softened asylum seeker policy.  Truss confirms Rudd’s acquiescence of maritime invasion of illegal boat arrivals to north-western Australia inflicted more than $10 billion cost on Australian wealth.

Yet the Liberal Party’s own are currently calling for a repeat of Rudd’s 50,000 on the basis of propaganda from one deceptive and staged Leftist image of a drowned toddler.

Tony Abbott’s Liberals controlling Townsville in Far North Queensland are demanding the Abbott Liberal Government accepts 50,000 Syrian muslims with no background checks and no allegiance to our values to plonk probably in already overcrowded and under-resourced Sydney and Melbourne – where their ethnic cuz have long set themselves up nicely on CentreLink and baby bonuses.

Abbott’s Liberal Federal Member for Herbert (Townsville) Ewen Jones has come out: “I think if we’re going to play in that space we should have a significant number, somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 people,” he told the ABC’s 7.30 program.  “This is something that we could do effectively and we could absorb relatively quickly into our country.”

Liberal Ewen JonesEwen Jones (Mr 50,000 Syrians) wants to cost us $10 billion like before under Rudd’s Boats

Mr Jones said his Queensland electorate..”would be willing to take asylum seekers”.

At the same time Townsville’s tragic story of its growing homeless women and children numbers continue to rise.  Service providers say women and children make a large number of Townsville’s homeless, due to fleeing domestic violence.

Townsville HomelessAustralian politicians are ignoring our own refugees, like this girl in Townsville

Homelessness Australia chairwoman Pauline Woodbridge says “Certainly the rates of domestic violence are increasing, so many of the victims of domestic violence have to leave their homes and domestic violence is one of the largest drivers of homelessness in Australia.”
Figures show more than 1000 domestic violence protection orders were made in Townsville courts from July last year to February this year.

Ms Woodbridge said couch-surfing or staying in shelters was a more common form of homelessness in Townsville than sleeping rough.

“There is a bit of a stereotype that there’s the homeless drunk with a brown paper bag sleeping on a park bench or in our case, in our parks and gardens, which is the visible bit, but they’re only a very small group, actually, and also people aren’t homeless all the time,” she said. “You move in and out of homelessness as your circumstances change.”

Family Emergency Accommodation Townsville helped 495 families last year, with numbers on track for a similar figure this year.

Manager Ruth Stainbrook said homeless children were a big problem in Townsville.  “I was talking to a woman the other day who has 15 children under 10 in one house because she had taken in a couple of families,” she said. “They are homeless staying in someone else’s house or under their house or staying in a tent or caravan in the backyard.”

Access street van co-ordinator Trudy Lightfoot said their service provided lunch to the homeless or people at risk of homelessness on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and saw about 100 to 120 people a day. “Some of the people we can see several times a week but they really need it,” she said.

Australia First Party demands Australia stay out of world policing and world charity.  Zero Syrians!  Zero Illegal Immigrants.  Withdraw Australia from the United Nations communism.  Withdraw from the 1951 Refugee Convention for Europe. Australia is not Europe, not Asia.

Charity begins at home, downunder with our own Third Worlders.

Abbott Lie to AboriginesAbbott’s lie to Australia’s own Third World Aborigines