Weak populist Abbott caves into Left lobby by prioritising 12,000 Syrian Welfare Seekers

Tony Abbott must have real budgies in his smugglers, because as a conservative PM, the elitist ‘mad monk’ certainly lacks dinkum Aussie balls.

Blue Budgie AbbottWhose a pretty blue neo-liberal boy then?

The population of Arab World nation Syria is 23 million, close to the population of Australia.  Syria’s Arab World neighbours will take no Syrians, so why should a nation like Australia so far removed as to be almost on the other side of the planet, 12,000km away?

Reason?  Powerful Leftist propaganda infiltration Australian politics including Labor’s Mark’s Scott’s ABC national media saturation, coupled with a weak Prime Minister in Liberal Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott Trust DeficitTony Abbott’s blue-tie trust deficit

Within days of fabricated propaganda images of a drowned Syrian Toddler on a Greek beach by so-called ‘refugee advocates’, weak kneed Abbott succumbed to populist 24/7 media politics.  Abbott’s feebleness shows he’s no leader, no different to his communist predecessor, Labor’s populist addict PM Kevin Rudd.

Abbott last week unilaterally imposed 12,000 Syrian economic migrants on Australian taxpayers funded by our taxpayer welfare.

Look out congested Sydney and Melbourne, yet again!  That’s why Abbott is building his Bradfield Immigration Airport on outer western Sydney farmland.

So what do 12,000 Syrian welfare migrants look like?

Adelaide Entertainment Centre holds 12000 Syrian Welfare SeekersAdelaide’s Entertainment Centre’s capacity is 12,000

Abbott’s captain’s pick is over and above Australia’s current annual humanitarian intake of 13,750 refugees year on year. Our smarter neighbour, New Zealand’s is just 750 per year, and mainly from nearby South Pacific islands.

So yet again, foreigners are to be given priority over Australians in need.  12,000 Syrian Welfare Seekers will be gifted free flights to Australia costing Australian taxpayers how many millions? They will be fed, housed, clothed, given free medicals, taught English for free, handed Medicare cards, given bank accounts, handed CentreLink cash every fortnight, handed concession travel cards, and have access to free tertiary education, and baby bonuses to encourage ethnic breeding.

The economic cost of Australia catering for Third World welfare seekers is over $100,000 per person per year.  So Abbott’s 12,000 Syrians will burden Australia every year to the tune of over 1.2 billion.  Some response to the budget emergency.

Meanwhile, over 100,000 Aussies are homeless, including over 20,000 youth homeless.

CEO of Homelessness Australia, Glenda Stevens on June 25, 2015 said:

“It’s time governments got serious about ending homelessness in Australia.  More than 105,000 Australians are homeless on any given night, and we have strong indications from our members that each day this number is climbing, particularly due to the crisis in housing affordability, but still the Federal government appears to be distancing and disengaging themselves from homelessness.”

PM Tony Abbott was before his entry into politics committed to becoming a Catholic Priest.  So with such Church-State corruptible links, that Australia’s Catholic bishops Social Justice Statement 2015-2016, entitled “For Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas: Justice for Refugees and Asylum Seekers” supports Abbot’s 12,000 migrant Arabs as a humanitarian gesture.

It is set to burden Australian taxpayers for the life of the welfare illegals to tune of $5 billion.

Weak Abbott prioritizes Arab Syrians over our homegrown Aborigines living in Third World squalor, our growing homeless nation wide, Australia’s aged, our under-privileged, our disabled.

It is all because of one lying Leftist propaganda photo of a drowned 3-year-old son of a Syrian father because he wanted to have dentures fitted in Greece.

Abbott:  “Priority for resettlement in Australia will be given to no religious prerequisite.”  Muslims, jihadis, will not be subject to any criminal background checks.”

More than 1.4 million Syrian refugees have fled since the nation’s civil war began in 2011.  So what is Abbott contemplating for Australians?

Currently there are more than 4 million Syrian refugees housed in refugee camps or other accommodation in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon nations with a further 6 million displaced men women and children living in camps inside Syria’s borders.

Syrians Welfare Seekers invade HungaryEuropeans are shit scared about this Arab Spring frenzy migration to promised welfare in Leftist Germany and Sweden

No only is Abbott prioritising Syrian welfare seekers over Australia’s homeless, Aborigines and our under-privileged, Prime Minister Tony Abbott last week proclaimed that Australia will contribute an additional $44 million to the $230 million already given in financial aid to the UNHCR since 2011 to support the UN agency and to help it deal with the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.  In addition, the Prime Minister confirmed that Australia will expand its mission in Iraq to include airstrikes on carefully targeted Islamic State sites within Syria.  So driving many more Syrians to migrate to the honey pot of Western Welfare.

Australians have a democratic citizens’ right to resist such invasion.

True Blue Aussies Resist!

  • Pay cash to deny tax revenue to Abbott
  • Don’t borrow from the banks, save cash at home
  • Buy only from Australians
  • Buy only Australian-owned and made
  • Employ only Australians
  • Train only Australians
  • All others?  “Bugger Off!

Australia Forever