Ziopatriot lie factories in overdrive

by Dr. Jim Saleam and others.


Since Howard’s Last Supper has exposed the linkages between the Liberal Party’s dirty-tricks operative Howard Crawford and certain civic patriots, lies directed at nationalists and other genuine patriots have spewed across cyber-space and by text message.

Liberal Hatchet Howard Crawford

These assorted falsehoods come from those affected by our expose and they hold little back.  We do not bother to ‘answer’ them. Rather, we are preparing to follow on with further exposes.

One other thing we do find most significant. The Slackbastard Anarchist Network has been silent as to our revelations.

Slackbastard Anarchist Network

But they have been most expansive on the ‘information’ revealed by a defector from the United Patriots Front (UPF) to Slackbastard, Neil Erikson.

Neil Erikson

It allows plenty of drivel about “Nazis” taking over UPF, controlling Nationalist Alternative and in effect running amok across the nationalist and patriot scene.

That is to be expected. However, in one sense, the idea of a Liberal controlling various ‘extreme right’ groups should be of great interest to the anti fascists. It might also be a vindication of their theory that the extremists are just tools of the system’s men. Yet – silence prevails. Is it because the information comes from the nationalists? Is it that we can be ‘credited’ with nothing? Is it that they fear we are disinforming them? We think not. It is because in the belly of anti fascism there is linkage between it and the state. The linkage is ideological and political, making them as big a fraud as certain Sydney neo-nazis formerly controlled by Howard Crawford.

The game of anti fascism is played out for the idiots who make up its street army. They are not permitted to think outside of the game presented to them.

For our part today, we invite our Australia First members and other patriotic readers here, to inform themselves as to the games of those civic patriots now infecting cyber space against us. Read this guide (link below) to understand their methods.

The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spieshttp://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm

The current exposes will deepen. However, we must now use our contacts within the various patriot groups not only to expand our readership, but to unfold the campaign to push the civic patriot groups off the terrain they would occupy – not because all of it is definitely of political use to us, but because any base area left to these reactionaries permits them a secure base from which to attack the nationalists as we move forward in 2016.