Don’t trust a Chinese as far as you can spit

Imperialist globalist China needs to be contained and resisted.

China is a self-centred, serial invader. In 1950-51 China invaded North Korea, South Korea and Tibet.  Then China tries to reinvent history to suit the Communist Party’s ‘One Belt,One Road’ empirical quest for world domination.

China has militarily annexed the South China Sea and has liens on many nations across South East Asia, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, Africa, the Americas and even into Europe.

But Chinks have no bloody right being in Oceania nor our precious Antarctica.

China dumps products on the Australian market to kill our local businesses and industry.

China buys up Australian property, farmland, industry and real estate.

China dispatches its millions to colonise countries like Australia and New Zealand.

China spies and cyberattacks Australian companies and government.

In Australia, Chinese only employ Chinese.

Beijing agents bribe, extort and intimidate.

Treacherous corrupt imports like this need to be deported.

Deport traitor MP Sam Dastyari back to his Iranian homeland

China End Game?   To colonise the planet.

Since the 1850s, Australians have been a wake up to this Yellow Peril.

Don’t trust the Chinese as far as you can spit.

The Australian War Memorial has defended accepting cash from a controversial Chinese-Australian businessman and arms manufacturers

The Australian War Memorial has accepting cash bribe from a controversial Chinese-Australian billionaire and arms manufacturer Dr Chau Chak Wing, a card-carrying member of the Chinese Communist Party. Memorial director Brendan Nelson accepted Yuan from Wing.

Liberal MP Andrew Hastie used parliamentary privilege to expose Dr Chau’s bribery of a senior United Nations official.

Dr Nelson actually invited Dr Chau to provide $60,000 funding to produce an ANZAC diversity education project -some multiculti propaganda by Dr Nelson to brainwash Australians in an attmpt to re-write history about migrants who had served Australia’s defence force overseas.

But Dr Chau went further, gifting $500,000, but with secret strings attached.

Dr Nelson confirmed the memorial was so starved of funding that he was actively seeking around $500 million over seven years.

China is a wake up and on to the desperation.

It is understood that Dr Brendon is set to retire and could be seeking a Chinese replacement to run the AWM.

Dr Chau’s proposed addition on Lake Burley Griffin…

Chinese God of War statue, Guan Yu