Lalor’s Werribee Train Line overcrowded by flood of migrants

Werribee train line is the worst in Melbourne for overcrowding. (November 20, 2015, Wyndham Leader).

So to fix the political cause of the problem, vote for Susan Jakobi, Australia First Party.

A recent Public Transport Victoria report has shown that 40% of Melbourne’s morning peak commuters and 60% of Melbourne’s evening peak commuters are substandardly squeezed on to “overloaded” trains.

Werribee Train Overcrowded


  1. Imposed Mass Immigration on Melbourne
  2. Imposed Immigration Sprawl across outer Melbourne

The unrelenting geographic sprawl growth that’s been inflicted upon outer Melbourne’s rural countryside like around Werribee, has become the driver of Unsustainable Migrant Demand for commuting – by rail and road.  Canberran immigration policy from Labor and Liberal federal governments has undemocratically ensured that Melburnians have no escape from its imposed migrant congestion!

Melbourne Population GrowthGlobalisation Melburnians! Cop it sweet!

Think Economic Growth, you mere local pawns!


So who’s caused it?

Well, the Liberals are globalist and so besotted with mass immigration to fuel its vested interested ‘jobs and growth‘ sloganeering – foreign jobs, high-rise growth. So go thank Gayle Murphy (Liberal candidate for the Federal Seat of Lalor). The Napthine Libs unilaterally sold off vast swathes of public land to their corporate developer mates who donated to the Liberal Party.

And Labor’s similarly globalistly besotted with mass immigration, especially the Chinese, plus 50,000 Third World 457 visa scabs every year.  Labor’s inviting 100,000 Chinese students as backdoor visa migrants to set up in a gated community next to Werribee.  Labor Premier Dan Andrews (da union slush-funded Frankenstein of Spring Street) is happy to flog off the rural countryside for them – 775 hectares for Chinese-only (onry) housing.

So go thank Labor’s witch Joanne Ryan, sitting and rorting Labor MP for the Federal Seat of Lalor.

Australian Education City - chinese onryAustralian Education City (chinese onry)…right next to Werribee railway station. Nice.


The Greens are besotted with mass immigration even more and they want to up it to 100,000 Third Worlders every year going on taxpayer welfare packages – free humanitarian everything!.  So go thank Daniel Sova (Greens candidate for the Federal Seat of Lalor).

Then there’s Rise Up Australia Party, the fake patriots.  They espouse an immigration policy.  “Rise Up Australia welcomes people from other nations” it declares on its website.  Rise Up Australia also encourages multiculturalism – more muslims, more Africans.  On its website its states: “We rejoice that people who come here from other nations are free to celebrate their own diverse backgrounds.”

So thank Marion Vale, Rise Up Australia’s opportunistic candidate for Federal Seat of Lalor.

The city of Wyndham in Melbourne West is not just the fastest growing municipality in Australia, it is also home to increasingly more African-Australians. The suburbs of Tarneit, Truganina, Hoppers crossing and the surrounding areas now have one of highest concentrations of African-Australian homeowners in Melbourne and probably in the whole of Australia. It’s an encouraging sign for this new and emerging group of the Australian population whose members have often come from quite challenging backgrounds.

Moses,  a South-Sudanese Australian resident of Tarneit since 2008 says that “African-Australians are moving in  the Wyndham area in big numbers and they are not just renting, they are buying houses because there are more affordable house and land packages that are made available here compared to other areas of Melbourne and beyond”.

Whilst there are no official statistics about home ownership within African-Australian communities, anecdotal evidence suggests that the percentage of Africans now living in their own mortgaged properties is probably the highest it has ever been since Africans started entering Australia en masse, approximately 30 years ago. The city of Wyndham in  Melbourne West and the city of Greater Dandenong in South-East, as well as Whittlesea in the North of Melbourne are the main areas where many Africans are now buying houses in big numbers.

What about the locals of old Werribee and of old Hoppers Crossing who’ve lived in the area all their lives?  Why do they have to cope with the migrant overcrowding, the migrant gridlock traffic, the shortage of public services going to blow-ins and all the harm being caused by imposed mass immigration?  Where’s the democracy?

Well hey, there’s an election coming to evict Gillard’s captain pick, rorting Joanne Ryan.  Don’t miss the opportunity by voting informal.

Train services are being constrained by the lack of capacity on the rail system in Melbourne, in the western suburbs, on the Third World Dandenong rail corridor, and all channelled into Melbourne’s chaotic City Loop.

Melbourne Overcrowded TrainsSpot the Aussie:  next time you’re on a crowded train count the Aussies – just two in this photo.


Public Transport Users Association spokesman Daniel Bowen said there had been a slight drop in the number of people using the Werribee line with some passengers moving to the new Tarneit and Wyndham Vale stations, but the reprieve wouldn’t last long.

“Given Wyndham is such a huge growth area, it’s only a matter of time before patronage rises again.”

For those who prefer to drive as far as the station, Werribee and Hoppers Crossing are usually full by 7:15am.

Werribee Railway Station OvercrowdedFull of migrant cars every weekday morning


Public Transport Users Association president Tony Morton said the train network continues to show signs of strain. One in two peak-hour commuters on the city’s worst affected lines forced to squeeze into overcrowded trains.

On Metro’s train network, peak-hour load standard breaches were most severe on the Dandenong and Werribee lines that service booming outer suburbs.

The Frankston, Sandringham, Craigieburn, Upfield, Sunbury and Werribee lines all grew by between 5 and 12 per cent in just a year.   In the worst case, on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines, trains built to carry just under 800 passengers are crammed with more than 1200 people before they reach the city.  Between May 2014 and May 2015, an extra 4500 migrant commuters joined the Dandenong rail corridor crush in the morning over a four-day survey period, but just one extra morning peak service a day was added to the timetable.

Melbourne’s rail system is failing to cope with passenger (migrant) growth.  Even Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan says even with the extra services added the system can’t cope.   An eight car train is considered full with 800 passengers, but on many lines that number reaches 1200 – Melbourne’s new Dhaka Third World standard.

Melbourne Train Load Standard‘ROOF CLASS’ – Melbourne’s New Train Load Standard


In 2015, 200 of a total 464 Melbourne rail services breached the safe load standard. About 10 per cent of those services carried more than 1000 passengers.  And the problem has been getting steadily worse for years, yet the state government just rips out train seats to squeeze more migrants let in by Canberra.

Wyndham Migration Population Growth

And you don’t to go far to identify the cause.  Just ask a local Melbourne rail commuter, who says it as it is:

“The politicians want high immigration levels and what do you know, not enough schools, a gridlocked road network and a new tunnel to relocate the traffic jam, crammed trains bypassing stations, trams so crowded people can’t swipe on or off losing millions of dollars of funding, hospitals bypassed to other hospitals that can’t cope with demand, a city being pulled down to build apartments that are snapped up by foreign investors whilst Australia’s lose hope of a home in their own country.

Some of the consequences of out of control immigration, and what do politicians want? More 457 visas to destroy Australian jobs and the prospects of Australians working, more “buy a visa” back door immigration, more, more, more people we can’t cope with any why?

To PROP up an economy that’s on the brink, and all we do is accelerate to the cliffs edge. The catastrophe of the death knell of manufacturing is yet to bite, couple this with the new owners of Australia wanting to import their own workers and what do we have? A COUNTRY SOLD OFF AND SOLD OUT, THAT’S WHAT BEING “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” REALLY MEANS.”

~ Neil Mitchell, Melbourne, September 18, 2014


Vote 1: Sue Jakobi (Australia First)

Susan Jakobi, Australia First Party Lalor

  • End Immigration

  • Default on Government Foreign Debt

  • Police da Gang Crime

  • Stop the Housing Sprawl

  • No Chinese Invasion Cities

  • Invest in Public Infrastructure

  • Act on the concerns of Aussie Locals

Join and Vote Australia First“Don’t vote informal. Someone’s got to stop the bastards!”


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