We’re not endorsing any foreign candidate because we pledge Australia remains Australian

So as predicted, Liberal PM Scott Morrison has called the next federal election poll on Saturday May 18 in 2019.

Of course the major parties spruik anything and lure anyone to scam votes.  They seek out and recruit foreigners to appeal to a particular ethnic group – Muslim Arabs like Ed Husic, Mehreen Faruqi, Shaoquett Moselmane, Anne Azza Aly (her Anglicised name).  Jews like Mark Dreyfus, Michael Danby, Joshua Frydenberg.  Chinese imports like Pierre Yang, Ying-Yen (Penny) Wong, Ernest Wong (related?), Hong Lim, Pierre Shuai Yang (Francophiled), and Ian Goodenough (Anglicised).

And the Greens-Labor coalition, the Liberal-Gnats coalition, and One Pauline’s Shooters Party are all too happy to accept their foreign bribing mulla $$$.

Else the greedy and desperate pollies engage outright foreign lobbyist, communist agents and spies – Sheri Yan, Sam Dastyari (Iranian import), Monika Tu, Zeng Wei, Xu Rongmao, Ye Lipei, Shi Zhengrong, Hui Wing Mao, Wang Yang, Jason Chang, and notorious Chinese Communist Party-aligned billionaire Huang Xiangmo, just to name a few.

It seems Chinese billionaires in Australia like to hedge their bets and have a bet each way.  Chau Chak Wing has bankrolled $4 million to the Laborals.  And here’s Huang with Turncoat.

Here’s Huang with Short Shrift.

Billy received $55,000 in yuan into Labor’s coffers and then shortly afterwards had himself yum cha with Huang Xiangmo.  Billy even got invited to the Chinese billionaire’s daughter’s wedding as guest of honour in 2016 – wontons and fortune cookies all round!

Shanghai Sam Dastyari tried to pressure Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton fast track approval for Australian citizenship for Huang’s family.  Former Liberal minister Santo Santoro (a Sicilian import with many ‘connections’) arranged for Huang to shout Dutton runch in 2016.  In exchange Huang paid tens of thousands of yuan to Santoro.

Recall former Liberal Trade Minister Andrew Robb walked straight out of Parliament in 2016 into an $880,000-a-year job with Landbridge Group owned by Chinese a billionaire Ye Cheng, who is a member of President Xi Jinping’s advisory body Chinese People’s Consultative Committee.

Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald has also questioned Labor senator Penny Wong’s family ties to Huang during Senate Estimates hearings.  Huang is pronouced ‘Wong’ in the Middle Kingdom.

So it’s no wonder why ordinary Australian voters have become cynical about politics and the major parties.  They pork barrel promise then renege.  They align with foreigners.  They cheat Australians and they continue to undermine and ruin Australia.  They are all anti-Australian globalists.

The major parties – Liberal, Nationals, Labor, Greens spruik policies that are both anti-Australian and of no interest to Australians.

What’s Bill Shorten’s Labor electoral policy platform?  Mandatory Blackouts.  Mandatory 50 per cent renewables by 2030 to deny millions of ordinary Australians affordable electricity and condemned to a Greens blackout Stone Age.  Banning petrol diesel with mandatory electric buggies by 2030, and free MRI scans for anyone who wants one.    It all harks to Hawkies elusive goal “By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty“.  Yeah yeah, so Labor gifted Aussie billions to Third World breeders overseas.

Canberra’s de-industrializatin of Australia – a welfare-disability-led recovery


Whereas Australia First Party is the nation’s only Australian nationalist party.  We present no less than five committedly loyal Australian candidates across the nation.

  1. Susan Jakobi for Lalor in Victoria
  2. Jim Saleam for Lindsay in New South Wales
  3. Peter Schuback for Longman in Queensland
  4. Michael Chehoff for Swan in Western Australia
  5. John Kearney for Lingiari in the Northern Territory

Wouldn’t it be encouraging if the typical 15% informal voter losers became Aussie patriotic and instead properly voted for a political party to lead and manage Australia.  Informal voters need to be identified and opted out of Australian benefits like welfare.  If they don’t care why should responsible hard working Australians?

Remember that ‘independent’ candidates are typically agents for and funded by one of the major political parties.

Tony Abbott is a Liberal.  Zali Steggal is a fake independent – a stooge of Getup-Greens-Labor.

He’s an upfront hardcore globalist.  She’s a ring-in celebrity globalist.  Both anti-Australian in motives and policies.

So who’s got the back of Ordinary Australians?

BEWARE:   Foreign political candidates get selected to woo the foreign vote against White Australians, against our White Heritage, against our White Rights.