Tax Ruling 2017/05 Siphoning Cash Scheme to maintain Canberran lifestyle

This private ruling outlines the tax avoidance scheme by which a Tax Commissioner can siphon off vast sums of cash from employee withholding taxes in order to lubricate one’s own bank account instead of the Tax Office.


It is expressly approved by the Deputy Tax Commissioner in his considered fat-cat opinion about the way in which a relevant provision applies in relation to a specified scheme of a family member, by champas-inebriated proclamation of da Gough Order of Canberran Fat Cat Public Purse Society Inc.

One deems it not assessable under section whatever because one bloody says so and comes into force immediately.

It’s a Canberran fat cat thing.

Signed, Adam Cranston Son of Deputy Commissioner of Taxation.


What more justifies the Cash Economy?

Always pay cash, no receipts.  Don’t encourage Canberra.