Turncoat Turnbull to name his first captain’s pic of Jap subs for Australia ‘HMAS Bullwinkle’

The Liberal Party will stoop to the lowest depths to sell out Ordinary Australians – Free Trade unemployment, mass immigration from the Middle East and foreign ownership of Australian farms, ports, infrastructure, property and wealth.

But the Liberal Party’s latest unelected PM is leftist/globalist Malcolm Turnbull, who has no lower moral limit of betrayal toward Ordinary Australians.

Mal met this month with Jap warmonger’s son now PM Shinzo Abe to shake hands on Australia surrendering to buying Jap subs and so scrap heap Australia’s Submarine Corporation.  Yet another home grown Aussie manufacturing industry to be scrapped by the Libs.  Abbott scrapped our automotive industry. Now Turnbull is set to scrap South Australia’s submarine building.  His talk of innovation is hollow.

No wonder Mal got Japanese red carpet treatment this month in the land of the rising sun.  Bit different to what 22,000 captured Australian servicemen copped from the Japs during World War II – our Army numbering 21,000, our Navy numbering 354, our Air Force numbering 373.

Japanese barbarism toward Australian POWs

On 12 February 1942 just before the capitulation at Singapore 65 Australian nurses embarked on the Vyner Brooke. On 14 February the Vyner Brooke was sunk just off Banka Island (Indonesian Sumatra).

Radji beach, Banka Island

22 nurses made it to land but were shot to death in the water by Japanese soldiers. The only nurse to survive was Sister Vivian Bullwinkle; after ten days of freedom she was captured and imprisoned at Muntok.


Japanese War AtrocityRead More:  http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/47725185


Australian Army Lieutenant Colonel Vivian BullwinkleAustralia’s Lieutenant Colonel Vivien Bullwinkle (1915-2000)


The nurses were moved from Muntok to Palembang , then to Muntok again and finally Lubuk Linggau. At the end of the war, only 24 nurses returned to Australia, the rest having died in captivity.

Matron Vivian Bullwinkle was a nursing sister who served with 8th Division, 2/13th Australian General Hospital. Bullwinkle was a survivor of the Banka Island massacre. Matron Bullwinkel is depicted wearing a her grey nurses uniform, red cape and sisters veil. She is also wearing the Florence Nightingale Medal that she was awarded for her service in the AANS.

So PM Turnbull this month ignores Australian history and sacrifice, and turns a blind eye to Japanese imperial brutality.

PM Turnbull TurncoatFilthy unforgivable betrayal of massacred Australians


Soon the Turncoat is to scrap ASC and launch his first Jap sub on Australians

PM Turnbull's HMAS Bullwinkle deal with the JapsAn Australian crew forever cursed by our forebears massacred and tortured at the hands of the Japanese

The Australian ArmyLest We Forget