All convicted immigrants need to be auto deported

Decades of tribal exodus by Pacific Islanders from Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia have invaded New Zealand.   Like most immigrants they have concentrated their numbers into urban enclaves.  They have degraded urban South Auckland into one of the most dangerous gangland crime cites in this part of the world.

With no education and no prospects of employment, many ‘Islanders‘ arrive by plane into Auckland and set about linking up with their unemployed ‘cousins‘. They remain tribal and don’t assimilate.  Their poor education and low employment have created a foreign underclass, inflating Auckland’s crime rate and inflicted a drain on the New Zealand’s already fragile economy and society.  (Economist Greg Clydesdale, Massey University)

Not a week passes in Auckland without local news reporting beatings, rapes, home invasions, muggings – many committed by unassimilated Pacific Islanders.  Over the past ten years, Pacific Islanders have opted to switch their exodus target to Australia and particularly to Brisbane’s Logan City enclave and Sydney’s infamous south-western suburbs around Campbelltown and Mount Druitt.

Pacific Islander, William Ngati, was jailed in May 2012 for at least 14 years after killing toddler Sky Sassine as part of dangerous high speed driving in Sydney. Ngati pleaded guilty to the 19-month-old’s manslaughter last year as well as a string of robberies and high speed dangerous driving. Judge Frearson said Ngati had been “reprehensively irresponsible” and his decision to flee police showed “an atrocious piece of driving and atrocious conduct“. Ngati had committed two armed robberies in Sydney suburbs the day before the car chase.  Following the crash Ngati tried to carjack a car with five people inside, but police arrested him at gunpoint before he could take control of the car.

The court heard that he has a long criminal record having been jailed for car theft in 2004, drug supply in 2006, for having a mobile phone card in rison and possessing ammunition.  He also has past convictions for assault and dishonesty.  Judge Frearson found Ngati had shown no remorse for the “shocking and senseless tragedy

This foreign criminal needs to be immediately deported back to his Pacific island home.

It is about time Islanders sorted out their own criminals, instead of the Australian taxpayer slugged for to cost and burden prison food and board for foreign criminals.  Australian gaols are already overcrowed – and dominated by unassimilated ethnics – recently arrived Pacific Islanders, Middle Easterners, Africans, Asians!

Take out all the ethnics from Aussie gaols and how many Aussies would be left?

Gillard’s Foreign Labor Government won’t reveal such statistics to the Australian public. Wonder why?

ANY immigrants who is subsequently convicted of serious crime has forefeited his/her right of residency/citizenship and so deservces to be rightly and automatically deported back to their country of origin.

But no special rules for Australian criminals overseas.  Bring ’em back home!  Convicted Australian-born drug trafficker Shapelle Corby should have been auto-deported back to Australia immediately upon her conviction in Indonesia on 27th May 2005.