Against Same Sex (Deviant) Marriage – The Six Point Case

by Frank Turek, Compliments of Correct, not Politically Correct

‘Each of these six points against same-sex (deviant) marriage will be explained in detail in the following articles.

  1. Natural marriage is the foundation of a civilized society.
  2. Homosexual behavior is inherently destructive.
  3. The law is a great teacher, and it encourages or discourages behavior.
  4. Government-backed same-sex marriage would encourage and normalize homosexual behavior, and it would harm natural marriage, children, adults, and homosexuals themselves.
  5. The law should promote behaviors that are beneficial and prohibit (or at least not endorse) those that are destructive.
  6. Therefore, the law should promote natural marriage, and it should provide no option for government-backed same-sex marriage or civil unions.


Against Same-Sex (Deviant) Marriage – Executive Summary

Same-sex marriage is a very emotional issue for many people. However, when one separates emotions from facts, it is clear that the state has compelling reasons to endorse natural marriage and not same-sex marriage or civil unions.

  1. Natural marriage is the immune system of civilization. When our marriages are strong, our civilization is strong; when they are weak, individuals and communities suffer.
  2. Legal endorsement of same-sex marriage would destroy the institution of marriage, resulting in negative effects on children, crime rates, health and health-care costs, tax rates, and religious freedom.
  3. Same-sex marriage activists want to redefine marriage as simply a personal relationship between two committed parties, but marriage is much larger than the two parties involved in a marriage.
    • Marriage is a social institution of long-established rules (based on the natural design of the human body) that provides society with the very foundation of civilization—the procreating family unit. That is, marriage is fundamentally about children and the civilization of society both now and for the future.
    • Only natural marriage can procreate and consistently provide a nurturing and stable environment for the growth and maturation of children. In this sense, the most basic and effective “form of government” is the natural two-parent family.
    • Statistically, children and adults inside of natural marriage are much better off socially, physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally than those outside of natural marriage.
    • Those outside of natural marriage are not only worse off personally by those measures, but they cost society billions of dollars in social welfare and law-enforcement expenses.
  4. The law is a great teacher—it encourages or discourages behavior.
  5. Since the law is a great teacher, government-backed same-sex marriage or civil unions would put society’s stamp of approval on same-sex relationships and behavior. This endorsement would fundamentally change the institution of marriage to our detriment. It would do the following:
    • Equate same-sex marriage with natural marriage, thereby teaching citizens the socially disastrous ideas that natural marriage is no better than any other relationship and that marriage is not a prerequisite for children.
    • Disconnect marriage from childbearing by making marriage just about coupling. This will result in soaring cohabitation and illegitimacy and painful costs to children and society.
    • Encourage more homosexual behavior (sodomy and orifice abuse), which is medically destructive to those who engage in it and financially burdensome to the public in general.
    • Result in higher medical, health insurance, and tax costs to the general public.
    • Provide legal grounds to restrict or prohibit religious freedom and free speech.
  6. Much of this is already happening in countries that have government-backed same-sex marriage. Natural marriage is weakest and illegitimacy strongest where same-sex marriage is legal.
  7. Most homosexuals are not interested in marriage—approximately 96 percent of homosexuals in countries with same-sex marriage do not get married. They want government-backed same-sex marriage because it would validate and normalize homosexuality throughout society. (Homosexuals can already marry privately and many of them do—what they want is government endorsement.)
  8. Some homosexual activists admit that they would like to destroy natural marriage by legalizing same-sex marriage. Since they refuse to live by society’s standards, they will only feel validated if they beat down those standards to the level of their own behavior. If they succeed, everyone in our country will be harmed in some way.
  9. All common objections—including those that cite “discrimination” or “equal rights”—are fallacious.

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