‘Rural Australians for Refugees’ (RAR) a Leftie front for Third World muslim invasion into Australia since 2001

Few Ordinary Australians are aware of what has been going on behind the scenes to bring in thousands of Third World Islamics into Australia on full welfare, funded secretly out of Australian taxpayer wealth.

Illegals on LesbosAsk the locals of Lesbos what they think of the refugees – lesbians overrun by muslim male rapists


Rural Australians for Refugees‘ (RAR) is a treacherous political migration agency, which is no more than a Leftie front for illegal Third World muslim invasion into Australia since 2001.  But its players have operated under various charity guises competing for funding to the Third World ahead of Australians in need since the 1980s.

Rural Australians for Refugees

While hundreds of thousands of needy Australians are being ignored and many are homeless on our streets in our own country, retired public servants, many well-to-do living in exclusive regions like the Southern Highlands, advocate and channel public moneys to encourage Third World immigrants to settle in Australia – many black and many muslim.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of all homeless Australians are under the age of 18.

More than a quarter of all homeless Australians are under the age of 18

‘Rural Australians for Refugees’ is an internal enemy cult of Australia’s common wealth.  It’s motto should read “Charity does not begin at home but with the breeding millions in Africa“, or some such crap.   On its website the RAR Cult says its activities serve to…

  • Garner Australian public sympathy for Third World illegals, while actively contacting Third Worlders overseas enticing them about the good life in Australia, then spruiking the demand as a fraudulent “refugee crisis” to Australians.  The cult’s as big as Global Warming.
  • Pressure Australian politicians to the point of public embarrassment and intimidation to get money and resources for their illegal Third World illegals, ahead of Australians, especially ahead of Aboriginal Australians
  • Divert welfare and housing away from needy Australians to foreign Third World illegals already in Australia
  • Compete with Australian charities that support Australians in need, to divert fundraising to aid and abet as foreign illegals to come into Australia – just like Angela Merkel has done to Germany and just like how Islamic halal funds Islamic causes.


The RAR Cult is a Third World-only immigration scam.  With connections in high places and much pillow talk, they have secured extensive cells across rural Australia.  With their coalitions of refugee advocacy groups they influence and infiltrate student groups, campuses, schools, unions, political parties, media organisations, banks, business groups, immigration agencies and ethnic communities.  RAR’s tentacled network of  influence is powerful, pervasive and highly active, just like Islamic cells are now right across Australia.

Consider the likes of:

  • The Refugee Council of Australia
  • Refugee Action Coalition
  • Refugee Action Committee
  • Refugee Advocacy Network
  • Refugee Rights Network
  • The Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Coalition
  • Refugee Rights Action Network
  • Doctors for Refugees
  • Amnesty International Australia’s National Refugee Team
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Australian Refugee Association
  • RISE: Refugees Survivours and Ex-detainees
  • The Centre for Asylum Seekers Refugees and Detainees (CARAD)
  • Mission Australia’s Welcome to Australia.
  • and many others.

Each of these groups has multiple branches and run joint rolling campaigns so that illegals are in our face 24/7.


RAR Propaganda in BowralA cult for Third World Illegals to invade Australian rural communities and create slums

RAR’s Scary Ten Point Plan on its website:

  1. To maximise the flow of illegals into Australia, and justify this by public promotion of the 1951 Convention on Refugees as some guilt trip down the throats of uninformed Australians
  2. To close all off-shore and remote detention centres so that illegals unidentified can flood into Australian communities – just like as what is happening across Europe
  3. To bully Australian politicians publicly to rescind all current legislation that protects Australia’s borders
  4. To propagate misinformation about the plight of asylum seeker issues and to circulate myths to embarrass Australians into accepting as many illegals as possible.
  5. To provide orientation, training and support to urban and rural communities willing to assist refugees with accommodation and jobs ahead of needy Australians – aka foreign scab labour
  6. To invite our Asia-Pacific neighbours to send all their refugees as an open flow into Australia – encourage backdoor illegals and people smugglers
  7. To ensure that countries currently hosting disproportionate numbers of refugees are allowed to hand them on to Australia
  8. Agenda 21: That Australia uses its influence on the United Nations Security Council to maximise Third World migration to the First World West
  9. Agenda 21: That Australia uses its influence on the United Nations Security Council to seek a massive First World increase in aid for the Third World
  10. Agenda 21: That Australia uses its influence on the United Nations Security Council to naively influence oppressive governments across the Middle East, Africa and Asia who are persecuting their minority groups.

Secret illegal workers in NhillSecret illegal scab labour in Nhill, north-western Victoria, where no-one can see them

Theses Lefties in various reincarnations have had an ear with Canberran pollies since Bob Hawke’s 1980s Leftie Labor and even well before under Leftie Fraser and Comrade Whitlam.

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