Restore Australian Nationalism culturally, economically, fairly – it’s our year-round mission

by Dr. Jim Saleam

President,  Australia First Party


‘Through Australia First Party’s communications, I have recently received various emails and calls from younger Australians involved in different groups. Their genuine enquiries reasonably ask about Australia First Party’s strategy and tactics:

  1. Whether our contesting elections suggest we might be ‘electoralists’ – considered dead-end like cross-bench and single issue parties
  2. Whether we might offer hope and direction for patriots, and even better, committed Australian Nationalists.

Answer to Q1:

Australia First is not ‘electoralist’ – meaning short-term vote grabbing, just to preference deal the major Laboral parties.

No, instead we refer to our timeless political strategies:

The Three Tier Method

Party Of The Nation Strategy

Answer to Q2:

The documents above deal with this question also . But further, of late, Australia First has also discussed addressing the desire on the part of younger persons not to restrict themselves to serving in an ideological movement only, or in a group that may do community level activism only, or as members of a ‘club’ which does not intersect with politics.

In the near future, I will be authoring a short item that will develop parts of Party Of The Nation and Civil Dissent. My new pamphlet will deal with ‘political guerrilla activism’. I regard this as a valid extension of the three tier method.

I must go back into history and offer to my enquirers today an article on the organisation ‘National Action’ which I co-directed 1982-1991.

This article by Troy Whitford has some minor errors of fact and in my view a couple of wrong interpretations, but that can all be left for another time. This article addresses some issues that arise from ‘political guerrilla’ methodology in the sphere of intelligence/counter-intelligence. It might also be useful to my enquirers in further appreciating the history of Australian Nationalism.

For my other readers now, apologies for this very particular item on our page, but restoring Australian Nationalism ideologically, politically and organizationally is an all-round task.’

POLICY:  ‘Australia First always preferences the sitting member last.’