Poor Australians at risk of dying of cold from The Coalition of the Freezing

It’s a leftard coalition of hateful anti-Australians putting globalist ideology before life’s basic necessities like heating in winter.  The Climate Hoax Cult justifies some nonsensical notion that naturally occurring carbon dioxide (CO2) is somehow as bad as carbon monoxide (CO).  So the exhaling phobia is wrongly taxing CO2, making energy unaffordable and forcing poor Australians to freeze to death in their own homes.

Since The wacky Greens abandoned tree-hugging for rapefugee-hugging and climate-alarmism, Di Natali in his mafiosi maiden speech back in November 2015 declared he wanted all Australia’s coal mines shut and Australia 90% renewable by 2030.  And he admitted he didn’t care if it cost the nation billions in the process, while hypocritically bleating on about some “economic imperative”.

Skivvies “belong somewhere in the last century”

What does this doctor know about economics – macro, micro or even home economics?  He’s been on the public purse reaping bulk billing rebates from the government all his life living on his elitist hobby farm in Victoria’s leafy Otway Ranges. Here he is on his fossil fueled quady at his million dollar retreat.

The Greens are supported by Labor who have a 50% renewable target by 2030 at any cost, and PM Turnbull not wanting to be unpopular with his coalition team of leftards is set on 23.5% by 2020.  Turnbull’s leftist renewable populism just to retain The Lodge elitism, is set to kill poor Australians who can’t afford to pay for essential power – all artificially inflated for greedy multi-nationals export price gouging Aussie energy to foreign markets.

It’s all arbitrary and pointless because carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, the planet is not warming (except in summer), and no amount of Australia’s piddly emission reductions will make one iota of difference anyhow.  Meanwhile the Lib/Lab/Greens/Nationals coalition of the blind ignore the weekly train loads of coal and gas exported to the Third World so countries like India and China can pollute all they want and have cheap energy instead of Australia.

Australian coal exports off to Japan, China, South Korea and India so they can pollute instead of us – Same Carbon Difference.

Dumb bastards or is Canberra really just a foreign satellite, so unaligned with Australia’s national interests?  Go figure.

Canberra’s Mid-Winter Ball:  “More champas darling.  I wonder what the plebs are doing this evening?”

So outside the sheltered ideological workshop that is Canberra, Ordinary Australians are suffering from escalating electricity and gas multinationals.

Domestic gas prices are set to double because Canberra is letting them.  It’s some crap about export prices being more important for multinationals than ‘domestic users’ – aka us Aussies, and cause to shut down what’s left of Australian manufacturing..

Australian Gas exports from Gladstone off to Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, India


Australian commercial and industrial gas users on Australia’s eastern sea board (where the gas is produced) are charged more for Australian gas than the export prices charged to their Japanese competitors 7000km away.   The multinationals have hikes prices from $3/gigajoule to $16/gigajoule, whereas Japanese are charged less than $9/gigajoule.  Domestic Australian users are being charged between $10/gigajoule and $14/gigajoule.

Meanwhile, this month Craig Kelly MP member for Hughes in New South Wales told the inconvenient truth.  Craig Kelly is notably chair of a backbench energy committee, recognises that Ordinary Australians unable to pay escalating electricity bills will die of cold because renewable energy drives up fuel prices.

He’s the only Canberra politician one who travels outside elitist Canberra who actually gives a toss.

Is Craig Kelly Australia’s only representative left in Canberra? 

He just shakes his head over this cult lunacy.  The Parliament has taken this leftist this carbon hoax, hook line and sinker – must be a full moon.

Craig Kelly spoke ahead of a meeting of state and federal energy ministers to discuss the clean energy target (CET) proposed in the Finkel Review.  Renewable energy will kill people this winter, Craig Kelly warned.  He said the deaths would be caused by people not being able to afford to heat their homes in winter. He blamed rising fuel costs on the government’s renewable energy target.

“People will die.” he warned on ABC radio Thursday July 13 2017, as Australians in the southern states are heading into the depth of winter under the publicised industry threat of colluded domestic electricity price hikes.

Kelly has cited recent reports that one-in-four Australian households this winter will be frightened to turn on the heater due to high power prices. He also said the World Health Organisation has made it clear that winter mortality rates increase if people can’t afford to heat their homes.

Many, so desperately cold with the electricity and gas cut off, are resorting to lighting fires inside their house, so embracing a Third World Australia.

“Pass me ya gruel will ya”


With tragic consequences…

“Another one, went to sleep with da BBQ on in the lounge room”


Most of that research, however, was done in Europe, where winters can be much colder. Some work done in Australia by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare found that at least some of the excess deaths in winter in Australia were caused by heating.  “There are $3bn this year being paid in subsidies for renewable energy, that pushes up the price of electricity to the consumer,” Kelly said.

Yet not published as a national cumulative statistic is that around 1200 Australian a year die of the cold in one way or another.  Many needy Australians live in substandard housing such as flimsy timber cottages, mobile home or even caravans out of dire necessity.  These are typically poorly insulated and let in freezing drafts.   It only takes a cold snap to become deadly when they can’t afford heating, especially for the elderly, infants, the disabled and the sick.  With looming power price hikes, this Australian tragedy is only set to worsen.


And that fat globetrotting charlatan Al-armist Gore needs to jetset back to his carbon-promiscuous lifestyle.

Ideological killer of folks