Stalinist Greens lure dumb doctors and ethnics as seat warming candidates

If you’ve got a doctorate in any obscure thing and you do as you’re told, then The Greens are on the lookout for seat warming Doc candidates.

If you’ve scammed a doctorate in meths, Islam, asylum seeking, Chinese solar and wind farms, multiculturalism, young people, climate engineering, gender fluidity or anti-vax then you’re hot property when it comes to neo-Greens-Leftist politics.

Doc Bob Brown initiated the candidature strategy.  As a young man he was true blue but then politics corrupted him.

He lost his soul to vote-desperate electioneering ‘mainstreaming’, prescribing his disciples grab any doctor to emulate Doc Bob’s proven polly success. To dress it up in a suit so to presentably front before the media for prime TV audiences and ‘Whala!’

Bluffed impressionable punters shall be but hoodwinked and so auto-vote you in on the trust of the established ‘doc’ Hippocratic Oath of do no harm.  But shame Bob.  Desperate as you must have felt, lowering Australia’s heritage cause was an abuse,and abuse of your apolitical medical profession.

What have you seeded Australia to Bob Brown?


  • Doc Richardo di Natali (Greens current head surgeon)
  • Doc Bob Brown (ousted for being too environmentally focused and not mainstream enough)
  • Doc Mehreen Saeed Faruqi (PC imported Paki muzzie)
  • Doc Tim Read (PC Brunswick deviant demographic appeal)
  • Doc Samantha Ratnam (scammed PhD in ‘young people’)
  • Doc Amanda Cohn (fake refugee hugger)
  • Doc Saan Ecker (climate alarmist credentials)
  • Doc Penny Kyburz (video gaming addict – young people appeal)
  • Doc Sam Long (vet and compliant Green seat warmer)
  • Doc Deb Foskey (United Nations agent)
  • Doc Geoff Couser (Tassie tree-hugger mate of Bob, so never a di Natali hopeful)
  • Doc Kerryn Phelps (fake refugee hugger and stooge Green)
  • Even if you’re a wannabe Doc like Robert Oakeshott who’s just enrolled in a course in spin doctoring


If you’re young and dumb enough to stethoscope yourself before the media outside Parliament on demand for any Greens cause, well that’ll get you greenie points.

Trainee stethoscopes sadly blank-faced zombies to platitude Greens agenda – hopeful youngsters abused

Just realise you are signing up to a blinkered toxic cult.  So you better not have your own views, nor look sideways nor dare question the supreme leader.  Ask Lee Rhiannon (too much leadership), Alex Bhathal (not snowflake enough) ,Jeremy Buckingham (too environmental), indeed Scott Ludlam (too Kiwi) and Larissa Waters (too Canadian).

“Jawohl, mein Führer!”

Have you observed that Greens policy is typically mandatory?  On social media “mandatory” has become The Greens buzz word.

Greens Mandatory Manifesto:

  • Mandatory 100 percent renewables by next week – Paris Stone Age or bust!
  • Mandatory transfer of detained offshore illegals to Australia, yesterday
  • Mandatory 100 percent electric cars by 2030  (UN deadline)
  • Mandatory shut down of all base load power by 2030 again (“we seize the means of production“)
  • Mandatory 100 percent legalisation of all narcotics
  • Mandatory shut down of all animal husbandry – conversion to vegan substitutes
  • Genocidal overrun of White Australians through Third World mass immigration
  • Mouth ‘environmentalism’ to maintain Bob Brown’s flock, while head-long globalist towards Rudd’s ‘Big Australia’ Armageddon

“It’s gotta be mandatory, otherwise we’re committed to grassroots democracy.”


Consistent with anti-nationalist dogma, the Greens are hell-bent on degrading Australian sovereignty, wealth and First World standards to that of the dumbed down Third World.

Greens Day of Reddening: 6 May 2015

Herr di Natali of Sicilian mafiosi lineage, upon assuming Greens Godfather status on May 6 2015, immediately redirected the party’s conservation and environmental focus long championed by Tasmanians Bob Brown and Christine Milne, to One World globalism as leftist agents for United Nations.

Adhering to classic Stalinism, di Greens Godfather Natali supplanted the party’s tree-hugging ideals with Third World bottom-feeding.  The Greens these days opt for NFI ethnics who know no different, who don’t talk back and who are frankly so desperate to work for pittance just to secure their Australian residency and ultimately our citizenship holy grail.

It’s Greens zombyism.  Greens electioneering candidates are now recruited from a strictly non-traditional Australian cohort, increasingly ethnics, more recent arriving and ignorant of Australia the better, and who must be absolutely compliant.  Ordinary Aussie environmentalists are excluded.

So it comes as no surprise that di Greens Godfather’s pick as candidate for the New South Wales seat of Blue Mountains is a Chinese, one Kingsley Liu (his Anglicized name).

“Just smile for the media Lui, if you know what’s good for you.”

Leftist Lui’s globalist credentials:

  • Chinese with Chinese allegiances
  • Qualified taxi driver
  • Human rights lawyer (non-Whites only, prefers Chinese)
  • Vice president of the Chinese Community Council of Australia (oxymoron)
  • Principal of The People’s Solicitors, representing the survivors of the 2010 Christmas Island boat tragedy in which 48 of the 89 asylum seekers died (thanks to Greens-Labor no-borders boats policy)
  • Carbon Dioxide Alarmist and so profiteer in renewables – investor in Chinese wind farms to be built across NSW’s Coolah district.  He thus backs Greens policy for 100 percent renewables by 2030, Stone Age blackouts or bust!
  • Mantra:  “We need to look after one another and the rest of the natural world” – Lui’s an advocate for the globalist Rights of Nature movement to change the legal status of nature from human property to living communities that exist in their own right. (This is likely to get Lui into conflict with di Godfather’s mass immigration policy).
  • Past Campaign:  Represented residents of Badgerys Creek forcibly evicted by Liberals/Nationals for the construction of the Western Sydney Airport (This is likely to get Lui into conflict with di Godfather’s mass immigration policy).

‘No Dams’ is now a betrayed and so tarnished unworthy logo for true environmentalists of faith in Bob’s grassroots Greens.  Di Natali should be honest by reverting to the hammer and sickle and in doing so distance his globalist politics and so honour Bob’s No Dams grassroots Tasmanian legacy.

Of course di Greens Godfather Kingsley Liu is seconded to be a Greens convenient and passive parliamentary seat warmer.  Should Lui dare open his mouth on any topic, he’ll be sure as shit shafted by di Greens Godfather.

Just like Greens candidate in Melbourne Alex Bhathal who quit citing organisational bullying.

Bhathal’s exit interview stated:

“I have lost faith in the party’s governance and I can no longer remain silent about the abuses of power and process that seem to be endemic within the organisation.  I believe that the Greens are failing the most basic standards of transparency, due process and good governance and that these failures can weaponise grievance processes, enabling them to be used for political ends.  I feel that I am effectively being bullied out of the party.”

Pre-ousted: Alex Bhathal tolerates di Godfather polly neck-sniffing support before media cameras

Indeed, booted out of The Greens for not being Stalinist-compliant enough has seen much candidate carnage.  It emulates One Pauline’s fiefdom – Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Joanna Nilson, Lee Rhiannon, Jeremy Buckingham, etc…

Jeremy Buckingham in New South Wales being a normal born White Aussie Male, was destined to conflict with any Greens betraying Australia for di foreign globalist dogma – feminazism (man hate), sexual deviance, no borderism, pro-Third World illegals, foreign ownership, climate alarmism (shut down of energy, industry and agriculture), Chinese mining of Australia, etc.

For starters, Mr Buckingham is of Tasmanian rural heritage stock and actually gives as shit about the environment, especially protesting against Coal Seam Gas multinationals.

Compare Jenny Leong (her Anglicised name) a Chinese lesbian of inner Sydney who’s never known life beyond urban concrete and the multicultural spicy sheltered workshop.  That’s why she resides in Sydney’s inner deviant ‘spot-the-straight’ suburb of Newtown. She’s a hyper-ethnic crusader having served five years with Amnesty International.  Leong holds no affiliation or loyalty to Australia or to Australians, save but the practical financial and social benefits of citizenship.

Leong is a desperate seat warmer for The Greens, because as an ethnic she is mindful they hold her papers.

‘Madam Mao’ of di Natali Greens prosecuting White Australian genocide. 

Check da Mao suit, attitude and red pearls – how Commo can ya get?


Understandably in December 2018, Greens Jeremy Buckingham MP quit the ‘toxic’ Greens to run as an “independent real Green.”


“I’m ripping up my membership after 16 years of the toxic NSW Greens party. The NSW Greens is a party that has abandoned the important principles of justice and democracy, is dominated by an extreme left faction and has lost its focus on the environment.  I will roll out policies that will challenge the NSW Greens’ Marxist agenda and represent a more genuine green platform aimed at real results rather than posturing.”

NSW upper house Greens MPs Cate Faehrmann and Justin Field – Mr Buckingham’s factional allies – threatening to quit the party unless a “democratic recount” of the pre-selection was held.

Di Godfather said no.


This harks to Australia’s traditional conservationism, not the globalist warming excuse shite, but the pragmatic defence of Australia’s natural heritage.  This noble ideology is what di Natali’s current leftist crop have abandoned to be agents of the United Nation to facilitate the redistribution of millions of Third Worlder überbreeders.