Melbourne’s Moomba birdman rally lures Africans, so be baseball bat ready!

It’s either them or us. Melburnians ought brace themselves for another violent Moomba Festival, given last year’s Sudanese rioting.  Negros and Islanders about.

Do not approach unless prepared


So where’s Dandenong’s Negro Apex Gang?  All let in by Canberran Immigration with no background checks and dumped on innocent Melbourne.  Are Victoria Police monitoring their activities or just excusing the black bastards again?

Hundreds of them went of a wild rampage through Federation Square during Moomba this time last year, terrorising patrons with machetes, bats, iron bars and knives.  Police were not to be seen.

Until the damage was done.

African-Islander Invasion of Melbourne

Ever since the Moomba Riot of March 2016, Negro gangs fully-imported from Sudan, and New Zealand’s Pacific Islander transit rejects have been criminalising Melbourne streets and neighbourhoods.

  • Muggings – by stick insect males of ‘African appearance’
  • Violent Home Invasions – by stick insect males of ‘African appearance’
  • Burglaries – by stick insect males of ‘African appearance’
  • Violent Car Jackings – by stick insect males of ‘African appearance’
  • Street Fights -by stick insect males of ‘African appearance’
  • Rapes – by stick insect males of ‘African appearance’
  • Wearing loud Nike runners – by stick insect males of ‘African appearance’

The only thing they wear that is white, so they can see their feet.

This African invasion has destroyed Melbourne’s reputation as being anything but “liveable”, save except now competing with Johannesburg.

Yet Labor’s useless premier Dan the Meek and Victoria PC (Police Commissioner) Graham Ashton sit on their politically correct hands.

“They are very black aren’t they?”  


If Melburnians think they can trust the Victorian government and Victoria Police to protect them under Graham Ashton’s Circus, think again.

Dan the Meek:  “We will always look to do more and invest more.”

On January 14, 2017 a Toorak jewellery store was targeted by a group men armed with a gun of the same African appearance for a second time in three months.  The Dandenong Apex Gang is suspected, which is named after a local street in Dandenong North.  So how hard is it to nab these coons?

Can’t be too difficult to find them.

Or just wait outside any McDonald’s around sunset – just like waiting for black wilderbeest at an African watering hole.

Negro Crime Wave

They broke into the IMP Jewellery store in Toorak Road store just before 1pm on the Saturday, where they struck a staff member on the head with the butt of a firearm.  The men, described as being of African appearance, fled into a nearby car, where a getaway driver was waiting.  PC Police gave chase but abandoned the pursuit a short time later.  Commissioner Ashton didn’t want to upset Sudanese community relations.

“Sudan is that way isn’t it?  They’ve become regulars these black stick insects, like a plague of new arrivals.”


Imported Negros and Coconuts also committed an overnight robbery at McDonald’s outlet in southeast Melbourne.  Maccas seems to be their favourite fast food target followed by KFC and Hungry Jacks, because it’s all monkey comfort food.  They usually grab nuggets while their at it.

Last month, a woman riding her bicycle in Melbourne’s inner north was slashed in the face with a box-cutter by three youths who stole her mobile phone.

In April last year, a group of teens stormed an Ormond home, hitting Chinese students with hammers and ordering two of them to perform sexual acts on each other.

In November, gangs of up to 15 youths stormed four Officeworks stores to steal Dr Dre headphones, cheering and waving the stolen goods above their heads as they calmly left each store.

And last month, a former Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner told how four “aggressive” men of African appearance brandished a tomahawk in an attempted carjacking on the Princes Freeway.

Two Negro teens were arrested and charged over a terrifying armed robbery in Canterbury last Thursday, while earlier in January, three people used a machete and gun to terrorise bystanders in Elsternwick before making off with $150,000 worth of jewellery.

What is the point of calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, when they are just a politically correct as Daniel Andrews. Bit late when your daughter has been brutalised just walking down the street, going to the beach or having a night of fun!

  COMMENT by Damien
 “If the Government, the Police and the Courts won’t keep the community safe, eventually the community will find ways to keep itself safe.”
 Yes, we encourage this approach. Your family’s life may depend on it, especially in Melbourne.

Last November  2016, Apex Negro gang members brutally bashed a woman when she tried to help another female they were attacking on Chelsea Beach in Melbourne.

Tayla, a Melbourne woman (21) suffered spinal injuries and another (18) received minor injuries after an attack involving up to 10 men of Sudanese appearance.  The gang was trying for a brazen gang rape of a White woman, before her friend intervened.

Tayla said she was thrown out of the way when the gang realised her friend was calling the police.  “They bashed (my friend’s) phone in her ear and stole her phone and then that’s when the person that is in a (serious) condition jumped in to help, that’s when I jumped in and they threw me out.”

The ‘Sudanese men’ immediately ran off, avoiding arrests after they heard the sirens.  No men have been arrested over the incident.  Nothing will happen. We are all forced to live with this because the lefties won’t lift a finger to help Australians. Get rid of these animals!


Melbourne Home Defence

Always carry a baseball bat for defence in Melbourne (but take serious lessons, and don’t travel alone).

Richa Walia (26) in Caroline Springs (outer ethnic Sunshine) now keeps a golf wood club by her bed, and her family have had their lives overturned by a home invasion by African teens in July 2016.  May we suggest a smaller steel 5 iron would be easier to swing in the narrow hallway, with professional training.

Richa was sleeping when the rear glass door of her family home exploded around 5am.  Four Apex gang thugs had hurled a rock through the door and charged into the house armed with baseball bats and metal poles.  They threatened her parents and ­demanded their car keys.

Police took 30 minutes to roll up, after she called Triple Zero – the same response as home delivery pizza.


Melburnians forced to do work of Police

This story, sadly, is no longer unusual. Caroline Springs, the suburb on Melbourne’s western fringes where this hardworking Indian Australian family lives, is now dubbed Criminal Springs by its rueful residents. Back in 2000 the development was marketed by tennis great John Newcombe in TV advertisements as a place where “the kids can have a lifestyle and we can let them go around the corner without being afraid”.

Better still, instead of a golf club, reliably a Smith & Wesson Model 638 works with regular range training plus professional home self-defence for women.

Smith & Wesson claims that this model has become the most popular small-frame personal defense revolver on the market. This reliable light-weight revolver is simple to use, and with its longer trigger pull, you’re less likely to have an accidental discharge. The Model 638 chambered in .38 Special is extremely popular. Many women find revolvers simple to use, requiring no fine motor skills to work a safety, making them a good choice for people with limited upper body strength.

For professional advice try contacting the Oakleigh Pistol Club and for integrated self-defence training try the nearby Caulfield Gym.  Former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier Avi Yemini teaches Israeli army combat techniques there to civilians including how to use firearms like snipers in the Israeli Defence Force and Israeli police and security services.  Participants have paid $599 for the one-day class, which will include use of a firearm and 250 rounds of ammunition. However, participants have been encouraged to bring their own equipment.

Queenslanders seem to have the balls to deal with these black bastards.   In 2009, Ipswich local Shannon Blake Bullock after having a few at his local Gatton pub, decided that he wasn’t to happy with the Sudanese stick insects using his favourite watering hole.  He lost it, went home, grabbed his handy samurai sword then banged on the door of the imported Sudanese next door and told them to bugger off.  The judge handed poor Shannon two years probation and suggested he “stay off the grog” and complete an anger management course.

Back in Melbourne carjackings are up 80 per cent across the past 12 months to March 2016 and home invasions where thieves steal a car more than doubled.  Burglaries and break and enter offences rose almost 13 per cent while robbery offences rose 14 per cent in the year to June 30, official figures show.

Richa Walia says the family has invested in new security systems and a guard dog (trained to go for blacks), but they still can’t get a decent night’s sleep as the shock of the home invasion has left them all in fear.

“It’s worse now than when it happened,” she says.

The Victorian government and police have done nothing to curb the rising spate of violent Negro gang crime across Melbourne. Conseqeuntly, vigilantism has become a new growth industry out of desperation and necessity.  As a result of the rise in violent home invasions in Melbourne, baseball bats are in short supply in sports stores – the cheap home defence of choice.
A baseball bat is a popular Christmas or birthday present to buy a loved one.

Several vigilante fathers’ groups have set up Neighbourhood Patrol Squads, in an ­effort to keep safe.  It’s like the old Neighbourhood Watch which Victoria Police mistakenly abandoned.  But the sqauds are a tad more proactive, mobile and indeed armed.  Patrols have sprung up in Caroline Springs, Brimbank, across Geelong and the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne and around Dandenong – where the shit happens.

A well-stocked storeroom inside the house.

A better one.


  Moomba has lost its Family Feel

Moomba used to be a fun event, safe for all the family to enjoy the festival and events around inner Melbourne into the night.

No longer, thanks to Canberran Immigration policy impost of dumping hundreds of violent Africans on the city from civil wars of Sudan and Somalia.  No-one asked Melburnians.  The Negro invasion was inflicted on White Australia.

Australia should have learnt from America’s experience

Now Moomba is full of police patrols.  It’s lost its local friendliness.  Melbourne City Council spend $3 million on the three-day festival, which generates nearly $30 million in economic activity.  But that has been lost to the $15 million to build a new police surveillance centre on Flinders Street.

Send the bloody bill to Canberran Immigration!

“This is a known Negro and Coon haunt – Hungry’s have a special on chicken nuggets.”


Someone needs to step up to the scourge.  Africans need to complete their own bloody anger and violence management courses and the rest of it.  Easier to just round them all up and deport the lot back to deepest darkest ASAP.  They are an African problem for Africa.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

Watch out for blacks about at Moomba.  Keep them away from the birdman rally.  They’s witchdoctors heard of da Birdman flying and they’re lured by all da witchdoctoring black magic.