CROWNBET: Blue Fish Point is Japanese sushi hub of rock fishing suicide

Gotcha!  North Head?  Big Swell?  Japs rock fishing?

China high rollers, place your bets!

Just 1km from Manly Hospital, kamakazi hero Japs thought it hero to rock fish in big swell at Blue Fish Point.  Life jackets for woosy LGBTI geishamen.

Blue Fish Point: One dead, two rescued after Japs have another crack at Sydney Harbour


Some Japanese types before Teriyaki brekkie think they get Blue Fish for sushi plate.

So go down to Manry rocks.  Can’t spell, big swell.  May be 1 metre. Looks good.  Big swell means big fish and so big hero Asian man potential.

Must follow old traditional Nippon rockfishing method – bare foot, cane rod, sushi roll lure – works every time back in Fukushima.

No Aussie lifejacket. No rogue wave insurance necessary.

Asian rock fishing fools walk right past the local fish ‘n chip shop !

Then, oh shit!  Big wave from nowhere. We all washed off rocks into water. We all in Manry ocean. Bugger!

Aphirat Nepang-san succumbs.  A report prepared for coroner.

“You look a bit effeminate. Haven’t got AIDS or anything have ya?”


Meanwhile, another angler was rescued after falling from rocks at Cape Solander near Kurnell about 7am – fish shop closed at time.

“No more fresh fish, any nuggets around with Teriyaki sauce?”