Manchester attack was ‘blowback’ and the Australian government knows it

by Dr. Jim Saleam, President of Australia First Party
May 24, 2017 


The Islamist killer Salman Abedi who murdered at least twenty-two people and injured scores of others in Manchester – was just one more darling of the Intelligence apparatus and the criminal foreign policy options of the British government.

In 2011, Britain participated in the mad overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan strongman. Gaddafi was pledged to stop the ‘refugee’ flow across the Mediterranean Sea and to fight Islamist terrorism. By overthrowing Gaddafi, Britain nurtured terrorist forces in Libya. Gaddafi predicted all this in taped telephone conversations with former British PM, Tony Blair.

Misguided Muslim Moderation

However, Britain had already let in ‘refugees’ from Libya and Abedi’s family were among them. Such refugees were often Islamists who rejected Gaddafi’s secular rule. They festered in their Islamist hatreds. It is no wonder that young Abedi then fought in Syria against the secular government of President Assad, another war in which Britain has sided with the terrorists at different points to achieve yet another mad objective paraded as the ‘clever’ removal of a supposed dictator..

Salman Abedi was blowback.

That means if you support a criminal enterprise for some objective, the impact of that comes back upon the organizers.

Did British Intelligence really not understand that these Islamist terrorists would not turn their violence back upon the host society?

Our Australian politicians know how terrorism has been assisted to grow to achieve supposedly ‘clever’ aims. It just isn’t really clever and ordinary people pay the price!

Who are the Syrian ‘refugees’ who have supposedly fled in mortal fear of President Assad? Islamists? And when a group blowback upon our clever government, who is really to blame?

The mainstream press cannot suppress beyond limits the idea of ‘blowback’ in relation to the Manchester Islamist terrorist attack three days ago.

It is more than obvious that Salman Abedi was part of those networks in the community in Britain favoured by foreign policy makers and the intelligence apparatus. His family ‘fled’ the Libyan Arab government of Colonel Gaddafi. Who would flee (sic) such a government – except those immersed in Islam, or Islamists? Abedi grew up in Britain nursing hatreds in a family dreaming of the day Gaddafi would be overturned.

The debate has now shifted to the foreign policy decision in 2011 to overthrow the Libyan government of Colonel Gaddafi, an action that created that country as a base for Islamist terrorism. More and more Brits can see that it was their own government which fostered strong communities of Islamists in Britain while they simultaneously worked to overthrew Gaddafi. It seems too that Abedi served in Syria with Islamists terrorists supported at various points by Britain and other Western powers.

Misguided Muslim Moderation


The Abedi attack should now be taken up by all British patriots and nationalists to demand a change in their country’s Middle East policy.

Australians also need to look at the Australian government and how it has allowed the immigration of Islamists who have ‘fled’ the secular regime of President Assad.

The bomb is ticking!

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The Manchester Attack – A Blowback From Britain’s Terror Support In Its Wars On Libya And Syria

Source:  Moon of Alabama, May 24, 2017,


“When I first learned of yesterday’s terror incident in Manchester, UK I twat:

“So another heroic “Syrian rebel” – which the British government avidly supports – blew himself up. But why in #Manchester?”

Moon of Alabama‏ @MoonofA, 6:26 AM – 23 May 2017.

Several people attacked me over that tweet.  How would I know it was a “Syrian rebel” who blew himself up in the Manchester Arena?

Well, how would you know that any of the Takfiri “Syrian rebels” the UK, the U.S. and their Gulf proxies support in Syria are from Syria? Many are definitely not.

Then news appeared that the attacker’s name was Salman Abedi and that he hailed from an anti-Ghaddafi tribe in eastern Libya. It was eastern Libya from where in March 2011 a tribal insurrection to overthrow the Libyan government was initiated.

Weapons were flown in from Qatar and handed out to Jihadists. British special forces were on the ground to help the takfiris of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in their attacks towards the Libyan capital in western Libya. The leader of the eastern front was Abdelhakim Belhadj, a long time al-Qaeda member, After Ghaddafi was overthrown with British help al-Qaeda’s flag went up over the court house of the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi.

The Manchester plot thickened.

Now we read this:

“The suicide bomber who killed 22 people and injured 59 more at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was a university dropout who may have made secret trips to Syria to train for the attack…UK police revealed, Mr Abedi was a 23-year-old British national of Libyan descent. He was born in Manchester and grew up alongside three siblings.

British intelligence agents are investigating reports the football-obsessed Abedi slipped into Syria while visiting relatives in Libya several times in recent years, The Sun (UK) reports….

Abedi born in Manchester and grew up in tight-knit Libyan community that was known for its strong opposition to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. He had become radicalised recently – it is not entirely clear when – and had worshipped at a local mosque that has, in the past, been accused of fund-raising for jihadists…

A group of Gaddafi dissidents, who were members of the outlawed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), lived within close proximity to Abedi in Whalley Range.”

The Islamic State, a splinter part of al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attack in Manchester. The LIFG was aligned with al-Qaeda.
Salman Abedi was in east-Libya when the UK bombed Libyan government troops to free the way for the onslaught of the Takfiris:

It goes on:

“A person who said they knew Abedi from school told the Manchester Evening News: “He was a outgoing fun guy but since he went to Libya in 2011 he came back a different guy.  He used to drink, smoke weed then all of a sudden he turned religious and I’ve not seen him since 2012…There was a black flag with Arabic writing on it on the roof [of Abedi’s house in Elsmore road] for a bit, a few years ago.”

It was under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that a pipeline of Takfiri Islamist and weapons from Libya to Syria was organized. The British government surely knew and helped with this.

It is fairly obvious that the Manchester attack is a blowback of the British wars on the independent Libya under Ghaddafi and on the independent Syria under Bashar Assad. In both cases the British government supports radical Islamist takfiris to fight against the secular governments it wants to overthrow. But such extremists can never be controlled by the “west”. They hate the “west” on ideological grounds and they hate what “we” do to their home countries. Any use of such forces abroad will blow back home.

I have seen suggestions that the attack in Manchester was initiated by “deep state” Gladio forces to help Theresa May win the British election. That is possible -British secret services knew the culprit well- but it is unlikely in my view. May is predicted to win by a wide margin and there is no need to take the risk such a plan would inevitably entail. A blowback from supporting takfiri terrorists in foreign countries is the much more likely explanation.

But don’t expect the government supporting main stream media to explicitly point out that obvious connection. They are all part of the campaigns for the Takfiris when these try to overthrow this or that secular government. They are all guilty themselves of causing the Manchester attack.”

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi played five-a-side football with fellow United supporting jihadis

Source: 29th May 2017, By Paul Harper, The Sun (UK),
“Manchester bomber Salman Abedi used to play football with two fellow United supporting Jihadis in the city, it has emerged.  The 22-year-old bomber would play five-a-side regularly with Khalif Shariff who died fighting for ISIS and an RAF convert Stephen Gray who was convicted of terror offences.

Abdalraouf Abdallah helped his brother Mohammed to get into Syria. Khalif Shariff is reported to have been killed after he fled to Syria in 2014 to fight for ISIS. They all played football with Abedi on astroturf pitches at Whalley Range High School and lived within a few miles of each other.

Meanwhile, Muslims who have invaded Manchester are in a tiz because they are offended by the logo showing a devil.

When in Manchester…


It has emerged more than a dozen jihadis who have either been killed or jailed since 2013 come from the area of South Manchester where Abedi lived.  Minutes after an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night, Abedi blew himself up killing 22 people in a devastating blast, while another 120 were injured.

United fan and former RAF gunner Stephen Gray, 33, was jailed at Woolwich Crown Court for five years in 2015 for trying to get to Syria.  Libyan refugee Abdalraouf Abdallah, 23, is serving a five and a half year sentence for helping Gray, and also knew Abedi.  Ibrahim Khan, 33, who would also play, told Mirror Online: “Abedi played five-a-side sometimes and played with Gray.  “They all met through Abdallah and were all United fans.”

Manchester has been Muslimed.  Abedi lived within a three-mile radius of 16 other jihadis. Moss Side has come to be known by some as Mosque Side