ABC troughwoman cracks DNI whip through Ultimo upper floors

Midnight feng shui renos at Ultimo?


ABC parachuted chief Michelle Guthrie is as livid with Senator Pauline Hanson’s empty threats of $600m in funding cuts as she is with any ABC staff not complying with her Leftist ‘Get Trump’ agenda.  And just as she is with all the experienced Australians she passes in the ABC’s corridors at Ultimo.

“Is this Australia?  Too many Aussie!  How undiverse?  How noninclusive? We need DNI quota!”

Spigelman’s Guthrie Dynasty

Resigning ABC Chairman James Spigelman on Monday May 2, 2016, replaced resigning (pushed) leftist Mark Scott for Michelle Guthrie to maintain the leftist status quo, albeit more ethnic. Scott had commenced targeted redundancies dubbed ‘The Hunger Games’ in 2014, outing 180 staff and pitting another 330 into redundancy pools to compete with each other for jobs, like a Herbert Spencer experiment.

Scott lost his ABC salary of $1 million a year to go to $620,000 as Mike Baird’s then new secretary for education.

Enter slash and burn of ABC Aussies by the Troughwoman*.

On May 18 she yellow-slipped 14 senior ABC staff from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and  Brisbane.  No reassignment, just out on the street like Fairfax does – redundant and roles obsolete. Then on March 7, 2017, seventy Aussies got whipped from television and news divisions.  Guthrie don’t read news.  What’s journalism?  Aussie broadcaster Natasha Exelby was sacked by Troughwoman for not being a robot.

Troughwoman declared another 200 managers would be “let go” to free up $50 million in play money.  She’s already started swing her redundancy DNI whip through Ultimo, outing another nine radio staff, three in television and two in the regional TV division. Troughwoman has the entire staff list and a red pen with her up on the 14 floor, as she lies up there in the dark, plotting.

The remainder of her sacrificial 200 will disappear during Sydney’s Livid Festival. It’s all part of her cultural revolution of the digital landscape, whatever that means.

And she’s livid with Quadrant online editor Roger Franklin who dared criticise ABC’s leftist flagship Q&Anarchy.

Franklin wrote:

“had there been a shred of justice, that blast would have detonated in an Ultimo TV studio…none of the (Q&Anarchy) panel’s likely casualties would have represented the slightest reduction in humanity’s intelligence, decency, empathy or honesty.”

Truth hurts.  Q&Anarchy has always held the baton of the “new low in Australian public debate” since its 2008 launch during the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Era.

Hiring a fellow feminazi Judith Whelan is part of the new ‘diversity and inclusion’ regime.  Of course it is payback for Aussie complaints about Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s ANZAC hate.  The muzzie negroid has become Guthrie’s first DNI experiment victim.  Yet, Magpie was never about Australia-wide – more a Sudan-wide gig imagining diversity and inclusion utopia.

Pure Leftism; just indulgent leftism.

Safe are ABC cultural leftists Jon Faine, Tony Jones, Emma Alberici , Barrie Cassidy, Niki Savva, Waleed Ali, Sarah Ferguson, Ali Moore, Wendy Harmer, Chas Licciardello, Paul Barry, and Amanda Vanstone.

If you’re White and have balls you are on notice. Safe are Kumi Taguchi, Jeremy Fernandez, Waleed Aly, Anh Do, and enter fellow Asians John Luc and Ronny Chieng.

ABC’s new quota of Diversity and Inclusion…aka ‘Spot the Aussie’ 


If you think you’re watching SBS, well that’s the whole point of Troughwoman’s new diversity and inclusion quota.  As she puts it: “thought-provoking shows for audiences from all walks of life.”   So more ongoing leftism, more deviance in ya face, more Islam thrust down ya throat and more Third World heartstrings pulling.  Odds are Ian Thorpe will get an Ultimo gig ahead of Margaret Court.  May be the negro Apex Gang will get their own ABC mini series.  The ABC will claim it as local content.

Beware Troughwoman’s red pen strikeout followed by the yellow envelope in the Ultimo corridor or executive car park.

Since when could blond Asians be trusted?

ABC now hiring ‘digital staff’:   “Think uber-digital, like driverless trucks”


Troughwoman hates classical music, science, rural Australia – which she is yet to see.  But hey, SBS now has a new Arab Channel, so perhaps ABC will get a new LGBTI channel and call it ‘ABzie’?  ABC culture of entitlement?  Who’s the one “sick and unhinged”.

Just wait for Troughwoman’s roll out of her $50 million ‘Great Ideas Grant’ to compete digitally with commercial media so they go broke.

Confucius say:

“When those in power lose their sense of justice, the people will scatter from them, and it will be a long time before they return. When you are aware of their suffering, then you should be sorrowful, never joyful.” [Zi Zhang, 19:19] 

*Origins of ABC Troughwoman