Liberals and their Toxic Waste rightly rejected by Penrith people

So New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell is pushing ahead with the Liberals’ arranged toxic dumping on Penrith?

How hollow was John Howard’s ‘battler’ electoral spin?

How useless has Liberal Stuart Ayres been since leveraging in on the electorate rebound of toxic Labor Karyn Paluzzano?  See his prominent Labor office propped up in Penrith High Street.  But what has the Labor faceless Sussex Street puppet done to improve the lives and work prospects of ordinary workers and businesses of Penrith Valley?

More likely, what has he done to improve his political career?

Now Liberal Barry O’Farrell and his mentor (past Liberal NSW premier Nick Greiner) are behind the scenes conniving to legislate the callous carting of hazardous radioactive waste fromt the dodgy former Hunters Hill Uranium Smelter (shifted to Lidcombe in the Seat of Reid, to Kemps Creek in the beautiful Penrith Valley.

Liberals shit on western Sydney in spite toward ordinary struggling workers of western Sydney. This they do because it doesn’t suit to prop up any sympathetic snob elitist Liberal puppets funded by corporate donor bribes.

Still Penrith faith remains true to its core worker values.

As these LibLabs parties float over trying to use and abuse, Penrith holds solid and unconvinced by vote seeking LibLab spin.

Enough said here.

So where is Kemps Creek?  Well that’s south west of Penrith, next to Badgerys Creek, you know where Labor Infrastructure all-promise-and-no-delivery Gillard Labor man Anthony Albanese. ‘Elbow’ convenienty wants his political second Sydney Airport dumped on Penrith Valley.

So Labor (the Labs) are vying for an airport in Penrith on the one hand, while Liberals (the Libs) are vying for a toxic uranium waste dump on the other.


Special sealed trucks are set to begin rolling across the city from Lidcombe (dirty contaminated old industrial NSW Seat of Reid) to Kemps Creek waste site.

Toxic is toxic, no matter where they try to dump and hide it


Cartage contractor SITA whiich happens to also be the private owner of the Kemps Creek waste site, is all set to be paid by NSW taxpayers $3.5 million to cart 5830 tonnes of LibLab awkward Hunters Hill  Radioactive Soil Waste/Sludge.

LibLabs dump on Penrith Valley to reflect how they think of the people there.  So, Penrith/Lindsay as a joint voting electorate of real people who matter deserve to become a swinging seat and tell the LibLab dumpers where to get off.

One must agree with NSW opposition environment spokesman Luke Foley: who has correctly stated that the Liberal Government is “condemning the people of western Sydney to 300 years of risk from radioactive material sitting within metres from streets and homes”.

Why don’t O’Farrell and Greiner, who both Liberal buddies held the safe Liberal NSW Seat of Ku-ring-gai, find a dump for toxic waste in their familiar neighbourhood.  Smells of Liberal aristocracy all this. Let the peasants eat bread!


Penrith People (in the know) are rightly pissed off

Last night, over 200 people attended a public meeting on the issue in Penrith. Local people and councillors made their concerns known.

As many as 13,000 community signatures have been gathered opposing the proposal to shift the waste to Penrith.

Still Kemps Creek waste facility is still set to receive O’Farrell’s waste.  To locals this is another slap in the face by the Liberals.

And what Fukishima promise is it that Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) would be on site to oversee remediation activities and that, if found, any hazardous radioactive would be taken to the Lidcombe facility.

Good one Bazza!

Wher the toxic crap came from in Nelson Parade Hunters Hill, there were 37 samples on the site registering greater than 100 becquerels per gram of radioactivity, classifying it as hazardous waste.

It is spread right across the area, from the foreshore to the upper areas of the site. The highest individual reading is 787.43 becquerels a gram. However, one piece of radioactive slag has also been found, which recorded more than 7400 becquerels per kilogram of uranium, along with very high levels of thorium, in an area at No.1 Nelsons Parade, Hunters Hill. That is several lots away from the remediation site, which is centred on Nos. 7,9 and 11 Nelson Parade.

Hunters Hill Uranium Smelter from 1910


So sensibly those in Penrith don’t want to inherit the radioactive contaminated toxin from properties in Nelson Parade, Hunters Hill.

Plus,  the Lidcombe facility has been receiving all radioactive material from hospitals, for over 20 years.

Based on a series of tests by ANSTO, government and independent scientists, the detection of some hazardous radioactive material seems likely.  And a 2008 inquiry into the site found ”significantly elevated concentrations of radionuclides at the site, some at hazardous levels”.

The place will be nice and buzzing.

But Fazza’s propaganda consultants advise him that radioactive waste can be reclassifying as ”restricted solid waste”, and so legally permit it to be carted trucked to Kemps Creek.

And the savvy consultants have advised to do the public consultation thing over Christmas when most are on holiday, designed to minimise community objection.  Ask O’Farrell how much kick back the secret consulting firm is extracting in all this and if they are on a success bonus?

Hunters Hill residents have suffered, but Hunters Hill elites are important Liberal safe seaters of the NSW Lane Cove electorate.  Best to keep them happy. Remember Kerry Chikarovski, it’s all connected.

True to form the Lib faction blames the Lab faction for the previous mess.

Yeah, yeah, heard it all before.  Liberal’s incumbent Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, has come out:  ”There can be no better example of the Liberal-National government cleaning up the mess left behind by the previous Labor government.”

So shift the toxic shit to a Labor Seat, Greg?

The toxic shit deserves to carted back to whence it came (like the invading boat illegals) to Olympic Dam uranium mine site in South Australia. They dug up the shit.  They can have it back!

Labor shat on Penrith for years, now the Liberals have turned on the septic tap. The Greens have set up shop on Christmas Island.  Tell ’em all where to get off.

Vote Australia First Party, and keep voting for us until we all discard their illegitimate selfish rabble.