Leftard queen pineapple Angus Campbell inflicts early onset on Australian Army

With islamic terror still running riot through our civilized First World in Toronto, there’s no place for leftard poncy dictats telling our Army warriors what patches they can and can’t wear in battle against this vicious enemy.

Yet Australia’s Chief of Army Lieutenant General Angus Campbell at his plush desk job in Canberra HQ has issued a blanket ban on Army patches and badges that are not friendly looking.  He’s had complaints from the latest round of poncy recruits more interested in ADF funded sex change than firing a rifle.

Here’s Angus’ Scary Symbols Minute to Australian Army troop commanders on April 17:

He must have early onset, dispatching this in the lead up to ANZAC Day.  What timing?  Hasn’t Angus got more important things to do with his time these days?  Clearly he’s busy in Canberra.

So it’s no more skulls and crossbones (reminds Angus of naughty maritime outlaws and murderers), no more phantom or punisher symbols (reminds Angus of vigilantes), no more Spartans (reminds Angus of extreme militarism) or the Grim Reaper (reminds Angus of the bringer of death and haunts faggots of the AIDS campaign.  Scary masks and badges might upset the enemy, like islamic terrorists before they slit your throat.

It’s ok for islamic terrorists and anarcho to wear masks, but not us as guests as we frolick in the lands which are supposedly merry.


This should bandaid combat morale.


Oh, and no more bayonet practice.  It’s not very nice to sand bags.

The snowflake is following his leftard predecessors General David Morrison, and Captain Malcolm McGregor who now goes by the name ‘Cate’ in a frock and eye shadow.   Recall Morrison’s YouTube no more teasing ultimatum to the Jedi Council on June 12 back in 2013:

“There is no place for you amongst this band of brothers and sisters..If that does not suit you….then get out!!”


So old cross-eyed Angus has a message for scary mask and badge wearers in this man’s Army:

“It is always ill-considered and implicitly encourages the inculcation of an arrogant hubris and general disregard for the most serious responsibility of our profession; the legitimate and discriminate taking of life,.. so pack your shite and go!”

Brodericked Bad

Clearly, cross-eyed’s no longer a leader but has become a follower mixing it with all the leftard pogues and pollies in Canberra, following that leftard bitch Elizabeth Broderick and her gender quota ideology.  Broderick is an agent and saboteur of cultural Marxism, marching through Australian institutions demoralising the Australian Federal Police, Australian Rugby Union, Australian Football League, and the Australian Defence Force.

The Enemy Within

Early onset Angus has forgotten he’s a soldier and a bloke.  Queen pineapple’s on hormone replacement phase heading towards a sex change and renaming from Angus to Angie.

Australia’s Defence capability has just taken another morale dive against our enemies.  We are less and less capable of taking the war to our enemies with the leftard likes of Angie-to-be running the shop and that useless fat bitch World of Payne in Canberra.  They both deserve to be pineappled.

 Angus Dictat Farcical

Afghanistan war veteran, and Medal of Gallantry recipient, former Army 2RAR Platoon Sergeant Justin Huggett has penned a scathing open letter blasting the Angus dictat as “so left of field and farcical”.  He said that any respect General Campbell was hoping to garner from the enlisted men and women of the army would collapse with this decision and he doubts General Campbell would ‘ever get it back.’




Thanks to the ‘digger net’, I have read with great disappointment the message and direction you have recently released with regards to what most diggers and veterans would describe as a ‘soft politically correct militarily’ stance on the wearing of what you call death iconology (on platoon PT gear, apparel etc). As a soldier that served under you at the 2nd Battalion, it only disappointments me even further to read of this.

Going the next step, the fact you yourself are an Infantry Soldier…my head spins with confusion!

I have read your statement multiple times to try make some sense of it. I found it so left of field and farcical; I thought it was actually a hoax? But now, I am just left wondering as to the levels of stupidity that this order can be interpreted or enforced. Humour me for a minute Sir, and let’s use the 2nd Battalion as an example. You’re calling these images death iconology. I ask you to consider the following. Have you seen the movie Jaws, based on a big nasty evil killer shark indiscriminately eating everyone in its path? Does the proud heritage of the Bravo Company Men and their Company logo of a Circling Shark disappear forever? I was a proud member of the Zulu’s whilst I served in Delta Company and in Afghanistan.

Are these vicious killer savages too much to handle for the precious modern day Army? The popular TV show, Game of Thrones features fire breathing dragons that kill small children. Are the Charlie Company men and their Company Image of a Dragon going to give you nightmares? What about the2/4RAR Delta Company Road Runner? He without remorse affected the murdered of Wiley Coyote multiple times. Is this feathered beast from the depths of hell a concern to you and the public? Are you starting see the point here Sir? Even if we duck over the road to our brothers in arms at the 1st Battalion. They proudly have The Immortals, The Rebels, The Body Snatchers, The Dirty Dozen and The Morticians.

Let’s not forget my beloved Mortar Platoon, the most senior Platoon in the Battalion. Our emblem is the Grim Reaper, with the words “Dealers in Death”. I can tell you this with great certainty…the 1000s MAGGOTS that served in that Platoon will hand over their Reaper Shirts the day the Devil snowboards down the slopes of hell. Years of pride and history, gone because it’s allegedly offensive? Other than you Sir, offensive to who? Name the offended people or the group? I will bet you every cent I own the offended are the minority! Sounds much like modern day society to me?

Finally Sir, I draw your attention to the most feared emblem of violence, death, terror and war that’s currently used in the military. It just so happens to be the most revered and coveted of them all as well! You wear it; I am very fortune along with 1000s of others to have the honour and privilege of wearing it, The Infantry Combat Badge (ICB). A badge based around the bayonet, the most feared and gruesome up close and personal weapon on the battlefield. An emblem or icon that is matched by no other and has no other purpose in its existence other than inflicting extreme pain, bone chilling physical and psychological fear in your enemy and of course horrific death. Yet as Infantrymen, not only do we wear it with pride, it’s worn as the centre of importance above our medals on our ceremonial uniforms and suits! Men have it tattooed on them, flags of it fly in man caves and sheds, shirts and hats are emblazoned proudly with it. Are you going to ask the RSM Ceremonial to ban the ICB? This is the most violent emblem of death there is in our Military? Are you getting it yet, Sir?

The Army, in particular the Infantry, are a fighting force designed to kill! We are not and never should be a reflection of society, we are trained and programmed that way. Although it seems every effort is being made at the top levels to denigrate combat effectiveness, but that’s a discussion for another time. Colonel Tim Collins, a former CO of The Royal Irish has summed it up best for me…“The Army has been taken over by the PC Brigade and it is putting lives at risk!”

Any decision you make Sir that denigrates the morale of the enlisted, flows on and denigrates combat power! A fighting unit with low morale and less than effective combat power…I don’t need to paint that picture for you. But it goes hand in hand with writing heart breaking letters to families! At present Sir, this decision is the most talked about thing in veteran forums at the moment…and in no way have I seen any remotely close to positive feedback, either on the decision itself or you personally. Any respect you wish to garner or grow of the enlisted men and women during your tenure as CDF is gone with this terrible idea. I doubt you will ever get it back.

I have no idea if this open letter will reach you. If it does, good. I do genuinely hope my comments are not taken in offense, as that has not been my intent at all. During my service I was never known for tact or manners. I was respected by my peers and subordinates for my brutal honesty and my willingness to call a spade a spade and if needed, to call it a useless bloody shovel!

Kind Regards,

Justin Huggett MGFormer 2RAR Platoon Sgt.”


Digger Comments:

Lee:  “30 years of achievement down the toilet with one stupid decision.”  (try 119 years since the Boer War).

Kould B, Victoria:  “The age of idiocracy is upon us. Soon, soldiers won’t be allowed to carry guns because it might offend someone.”

Mabate, Perth:   “Army Chief Campbell will no doubt issue front line troops with a powder puff.The Royal Lancers who’s cap badge have a skull and cross-bones have as their Honorary Colonel no less a figure than Queen Elizabeth.  If its OK with her I would say Campbell should have another look at his very poor decision. What about the Desert Rats ? should they also be taken out of history, all ancient Warriors used war paint to put fear into the enemy. A bad Move !!!!!”

Stingray123, Perth:  “Iraqi forces in Mosul against IS, also wore such masks to good effect.”

Big Dan_1, Sydney:  “Another PC general in charge. Maybe he should get out of his armchair spend some time at the front line.”

Plum82, Sydney:  “It’s easy for people in armchairs to talk about hearts and minds because they don’t have to do the killing. You cannot seriously say that to soldiers who have had to kill based on their country’s orders. It’s farcical.”

Rockets, Melbourne:  “Seems Lieutenant General Campbell has being saying yes to everything to get to his current position, he doesn’t know when to say no.”

Sydneysider58, Now living in Taree:  “The army has recently become super politically correct with so many absurd things like this latest edict. I despise this correctness and just hope I live long enough to see it die out and be replaced with common sense.”

CaptainZ, Brisbane:  “Angus wants them to wear spidey and miss piggy masks instead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sydneysider58, Now in Nambour Qld:  “Totally agree, 100% Political correctness is going through the Australian Army right now like a dose of salts. In the past ~2 years there has been one PC change after another. Nothing to improve military efficiency or discipline, but to conform to the Lefts views that we must all think the sane good thoughts. And do not DARE allow anyone to opt out. One day PC will die, and I truly hope I am here to cheer when it does.”

The Joker222, Canberra:  “I really don’t know how some of these people ever got to be general officers in the Australian Armed Forces. They are an embarrassment. The job of the Armed Forces is to defeat the enemy. Kill them if necessary. To do this effectively they need to be led by men and women who understand this and who are not crippled by left-wing politically correct ideology. Get rid of Campbell. He has been promoted beyond his competence level.”

DJ 2 timing timmy: “Good on him, pc is weeping into everything these days and eroding effectiveness, all for the sake of not upsetting a few snowflakes.”

Annette:  “What’s 35 Squadron going to do? They operate C-27J Spartan aircraft and have a huge Spartan symbol on the side of their hangar?”

Andrew:  “Ffs, the armed forces are their to kill people, what sort of start is this when the new chief is all wound up about badges. Might want to look at lack of fuel reserves, low stocks of missiles, non functioning landing ships and helicopters first.”

Damien:   “I think he must’ve seen the Mitchell & Webb ‘Are We the Baddies?’ comedy clip… Just as long as the Western armed forces tradition (back to WWII at least) of cheeky pin-up girl ‘nose art’ on aircraft is left alone – just make sure to call it burlesque to reinforce the idea you’re being deeply ironic and hip in your depiction of T & A and you might just get away with it.”

Nathan:   “When will the safe space policy be implemented for minority soldiers?”


Sending in da Tranny Brigade.  Shiver in ya boots ISIS!

(The ADF has spent $1 million treating ‘gender dysphoria’, including 27 sex change operations)


David:  “And will the general follow his own rule and remove the swords from the rank insignia he wears on his shoulders?
PC snowflake. I had hoped for better from him. More fool me.”

Ben:  “More P.C. nonsense from Canberra. What is wrong with having a death’s head emblem on the turret of a tank? A tank is designed for one purpose and that is to eliminate a nations enemies in battle. Given that in some one party states and dictatorships tanks have been used to eliminate enemies of the party or dictator.”

Jeremy:   “Australian Armed Forces Mark II…………..off to battle with feather dusters and handbags.”

Ted:   “What next? Rainbow camo for tanks and APC’s?  That should enhance the Esprit de Corps and freighter the enemy to death!
What a bunch of snowflakes our High Command has become.”

Roger:  “Oh dear. This does not look good. First Morrison and now Campbell.”

Bernie:  “They were together as a team.  CA and DCA. For quite some time.  Only their mother could tell them apart.”

Stephen:  “Perhaps our soldiers should be encouraged to “use their words” instead of their guns. I am sure the enemy would be more than obliging. They seem like a reasonable bunch of chaps over there in I.S.”

Bernie:  “Of course he’s Morrison Mk 2. He was Morrison’s offsider – he was Deputy Chief of Army. Morrison taught him everything he knows.”

Rob:  “What a joke. He does understand that the whole point of soldiers is killing people doesn’t he?
But its all a left-wing media beat up anyway because if you look at the uniforms in the pictures the soldiers are actually Iraqis not Australians.
The decree says a lot about his misplaced priorities as a leader though. Looks like we’ve got another Morrison!”

Peter:  “The media reports are all showing specific photographs of this so-called iconography, however, in every instance it is not being worn by an ADF member, but an Afghanistani or Iraqi member. How about some genuine appreciation if the situation, hey?”

Edgar:  “How about identifying the photos – I suspect none of these pictures are of Australian defence personnel. You are insulting our people by implication.”

Morris:   “Nonsense.  The deterrent effect of an armed formation comes from the enemy knowing that it is ready, willing and able to wreak destruction on their enemies. They “win hearts and minds” by demonstrating that they will kill those that oppose them, and protect those that support them.  If the enemy knows that the namby-pambies will only shower them with puppies and kisses, then there is no deterrent effect. The soldiers are totally useless and may just as well stay home and hide under their beds.”

Peter:  “The first order from the new guy and he spits in the eyes of our troops. A win for the PC Left that hate our soldiers and want to see us under the thumb of Marxism.”