Bashing Chinese in the face as much fun as Aussie national sport of bank bashing

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Chinese go home.  Imperialist corrupt wonton culture not welcome!

The increasing influence of China imperialism over Australia continues to cause tensions for the local globalists who wish to manage the relationship – think Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party generally.  Treacherous Australians just want Chinese money – yuan. They want to integrate the economies. However, they are also loyal to the New World Order system out of Washington/New York. China’s agenda is to supplant that old imperialism with their own.

For Australian nationalists, there is the question of Australian independence. When the superpowers clash – and they will – only armed neutrality would save our country from warfare on our soil, occupation – and worse.  Think Ireland and Switzerland and how so financially well they have benefited from armed neutrality.

Australia’s sovereignty is a risk.  Australia is way over-exposed to China and it’s not just that every product in Big-W is bloody well ‘Made in China’.  Australia’s foreign trade, our national economy and private and public debt all hang on the Chinese teat.

And the leeches take our baby milk formula

There are too many Chinese in Australia.  Frankly one is too many.  They own and control Australian wealth, our strategic assets, prime real estate, agricultural land and take for their own kind – shipping all produce back to the china homeland tax free. The Chinese diaspora is imperialist, directed out of Peking’s elite – they trade with their own kind, employ their own kind, usurp the host nationals in every country they colonise. Ask South East Asian nations what they think of the invading elitist Chinese.

Recent statistics reveal that the number of Chinese students studying downunder is actually rising, even though most can’t speak Engrish and end us staying after paying top yuan for a cheated degree.   Then they invite their village.

Before Dictator Xi threatens Australia with a trade war, Australia seriously needs to diversify its trade links well away from China.

Bugger the trust thing.  Trust a Chinese?  Since when?

Turncoat should be unapologetic about Chinese interference nd yuan donations to Australian traitor politicians to bride influence.  Look at Labor’s the Shanghai Sam bribe case. Chinese monitor Australian defence exercises from vessels sitting off our coastline.  They cyber attack Australian government departments and strategic organisations like the Chinese attacks on Newsat in 2013, on the Bureau of Meteorology in 2015,as well as Austrade, Defence Science Technology Group, the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation, the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals Group.  And these are just the ones we know about.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) has long installed substantial covert informant networks inside Australia’s leading universities, notably the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney.  What do you think the Chinese Culture Society and da Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) respectively get up to?

They blatantly spying on us.

And what about all the CCP funded Confucius Institutes embedded at various universities around Australia.  They’re not exactly teaching Cantonese cuisine recipes after hours…

Confucius Institute at The University of Western Australia


Signed on Mar 15, 2005
Our new premises at the historic Claremont Campus were opened on 26 June 2006.
Contact:Vada Siok Teng Ng

Confucius Institute at The University of Melbourne

CI Melbourne

Signed on Jul 06, 2005
The Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne was established in partnership with Nanjing University.
Contact: Barbara Hilder

Confucius Institute at The University Adelaide

Adelaide CI

Signed on Nov 10, 2006
Contact:Mobo Gao

Confucius Institue at The University of Queensland


Signed on Aug 09, 2007
Foreign Cooperative School: University of Queensland
Contact:Ping Chen
Tel: 0061-7-33651972

Confucius Institute at The University of Sydney

Confucius Institute at The University of Sydney

Signed on Oct.19, 2007
The University of Sydney Confucius Institute is the first to be established in New South Wales.
Contact:Hans Hendrischke
Tel: 0061-2-91140760

Confucius Institute at the University of New South Wales


Signed on Dec 11 2007
Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the Chinese partner for UNSW Confucius Institute on the UNSW Kensington campus in Sydney.
Contact:Benedict Porter

Confucius Institute at Queensland University of Technology


Signed on Jun 16, 2008
Contact:Bob Elliott

Confucius Institute at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


Signed on Oct 03, 2008
Contact:Charlie Xue

Confucius Institute at the University of Newcastle

CI New

Signed on Oct 16, 2008
Location: Newcastle
Chinese Partner: Central China Normal University
Contact:Rhys Palmer
Tel:0061-2 4985 4360

Confucius Institute at the NSW Department of Education


Signed 2011
The NSW DET Confucius Institute’s role is to deliver high level
support for Chinese language and cultural education.
Contact:Shuangyuan Shi
Tel:0061 2 9886 7316

Australia’s proposed new national laws to ban foreign political donations will strengthen Australia’s criminal code to prevent foreign interference in Australian politics and government.  The laws will mandate a new register of foreign agents so that lobbyists will have to declare if they are acting on behalf of a foreign power to influence Australian politics.

Billy tucking into wonton diplomacy

China is a threat to Australia, not an opportunity and Australian prejudice against an imperialist dictatorship like China is a healthy thing.

Labor’s Chinese spy Kevin Rudd of “Big Australia’ notoriety, is livid and reckons its about “bashing China in the face”.  If the shoe fits, then the corrupt Chinese deserve it.  Bashing China as much fun as bank bashing.

The ‘B-League’ – Australia’s national sport

The greedy corrupt banks deserve to be bashed – Which Bank money launders, Nabbed, ANZ people thieves, Westpac fraudsters and the Macquarie millionaires factory are all systemically corrupt and greedy.  They’ve been found out doing all the things the Mafia does, repossessing Aussie battler homes and farms, charging fees to dead Aussies, flogging shonky loans and scams, profiteering from bad advice, and causing suicides.  Multinational insurers are just as bad and once nationally entrusted insurer AMP has been caught out lying to the regulator ASIC.

The Royal Commission into the dodgy five banks has so far unearthed 80,000 bank customers have lost $5 billion.  Turncoat and Good Debt Scomo are in bed with the banks and have had to come kicking an screaming to set up the Royal Commission.

Third World’s China’s culture of bribery and corruption is up there with the criminal banks.  Read the 2010 book by Richard McGregor, ‘The Party: The Secret World Of China’s Communist Rulers‘.  He was the former bureau chief of the Financial Times in China so he ought know.

Last month, it was reported China had been deferring a range of visits in order to take a political stand against Australia.


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-run Global Times newspaper has described Australia’s behaviour in recent years as “baffling” and “repugnant”, accusing us of being an “anti-China pioneer in the last two years” and warning that Canberra “cannot afford worsening ties with China”.

Why not?  Fish and chips better than fortune cookie with wad of cash inside.

So today, Labor’s disgraced former PM Kevin Rudd reckons PM Malcolm Turnbull is publicly ‘punching’ the Chinese in the face with gratuitous insults to China and taking a flamethrower to Australia’s relationship with Peking.

The former Labor prime minister has accused Mr Turnbull of derailing the Australia-China relationship in favour of trade deals with Europe.

“(Mr Turnbull) seems to think to do that automatically means it’s a smart thing to then publicly punch the Chinese in the face, which is what he did with his extraordinarily ridiculous statement to Peking that the Australian people had finally ‘stood up’ to confront the Chinese,” Rudd frothed at the media today.

At least Europe is First World civilised where Australia is more likely to trade on a level playing field, unlike with the two-bit cheating Chinese.

And Mal’s polling has shown a boost, so may be he’s garnering local support, Kev.

Kev’s one for diplomacy.  At the 2009 climate change summit in Copenhagen, the Ruddbot told journalists “those Chinese rat f***ers are trying to ratf*** us”.  Clive Palmer similarly knows about dealing with the Chinese:

“The Chinese mongrels are communist, they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country.”

Too Right! – Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989

So how did Kev learn mandarin?  More importantly, why?  And why so many trips to Peking like Labor PMs Whitlam, Keating, Hawke, Rudd?

Yuan corruption.

In an interview with ABC, Kevin Rudd revealed that when he was 15 years old, he wrote a letter to the then Prime Minister of Australia Gough Whitlam on how he can become an Australian diplomat. The reply from the Prime Minister was that he recommended the young Kevin Rudd to go to university and also learn a foreign language. One can assume that he started learning mandarin at this time, if not earlier.

Later, Kevin Rudd went to the Australian National University, and graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies with First Class Honours, majoring Chinese language and Chinese history. His honours thesis was on the pro-democracy activist Wei Jingsheng, supervised by the late Pierre Ryckmans. It indicates that by then he was already rather proficient in mandarin.

Straight after graduation in 1981, he joined the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Australian Government, and underwent further language training at the National Taiwan Normal University. He was then posted to the Australian embassies in leftist Stockholm and Peking as a junior diplomat, before returning to Australia and became the chief of staff of the Queensland opposition leader Wayne Goss in 1988. One can assume that as a junior diplomat in Peking, Rudd was fully proficient in mandarin.

Rudd has continued to be a Chinese spy since 1981.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton).