Labor Party union boss Paul Howes wants Australian soil settled by aliens: ‘Super-City Plan’

The following report appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on August 7, 2010:

 ‘A crazy 1930’s plan for a Jewish State in the Kimberleys has been revived – but this time as another Multifunction Polis idea. This traitor class representative, Paul Howes, can see masses of aliens planted on Australian soil to serve the giant mining companies that brought Julia Gillard to government. This man is an enemy of the Nation and of the working people who uphold it.

AUSTRALIA should revive the pre-war Jewish dream of a desert Pilbara city to house up to 200,000 people, Australian Workers Union boss Paul Howes says.

Mr Howes said yesterday he would push a re-elected Gillard government for a study on a remote West Australian city and said ”key people” in the government agreed with him.

He said a Pilbara city could be modelled on Israeli city Beersheba and could service Australia’s trading partners to the north, as well as a number of industries. Mr Howes is on a panel advising the government on sustainable population.

He said the city would end the ”harsh, family-destroying” practice of mining companies flying workers in and out to remote areas, which was ”bad for almost everyone concerned, except the shareholders”.

Speaking in Sydney to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Mr Howes invoked a 1930s plan for a Jewish state in Western Australia’s northern region for his plan.’


OneWorldist Howes is one to watch out for.