Fairfax Smear Two: Another ‘Pocket Nazi’ to invent cover-line against Australia First

Fairax doesn’t quit. Twisted Tales should get its head around this one.

Today the Fairfax Sydney Morning Herald reported that Australia First Party “goon squad” activists had hijacked the Homeless Sleep-out organized in Brisbane last weekend by Mission Australia. The demonstration took place outside a luxury motel being used to house so-called ‘asylum seekers’, something which rankles the liberal-minded (for the Herald, refugees are ‘good’). The party activists participated and built the demonstration.

Some money was raised and the newspaper suggests it was misappropriated by us. The paper says that “Jane Mengler”, organizer of the protest, said the money would be returned to Mission Australia.

The first ‘truth’ is that Australia First acted properly and no fraud was involved.

That the paper was telling porkies is suggested by its quoting of Jane Mengler.

Problem: the real Jane Mengler lives in Sydney, was the former wife of the NSW Chairman of the Australia First Party, Jim Saleam – and she has a serious complaint against the Sydney Morning Herald pending in the Australian Press Council. She was hardly at the protest in Brisbane and the Australia First Party organizer ‘Jane’ is an entirely different person.

Why the mistake?

This is where we get back to Dirty Tricks. The newspaper has, by suggesting fraudulent conduct by us against Mission Australia, tried to smear Jane Mengler, to discredit her in her challenge to its falsehoods in the Press Council. That is clear and certain.

But was the paper also ‘misinformed’ and did it care?

The real ‘Jane’ appears in voice only on a video available on the Australia First Queensland website; she discusses the homeless protest. The website also contains some articles written by her.

Australia First Party has been informed confidentially that another close associate of Robert Leys, Peter Coleman, listened to the voice on the video. He concluded in some way or other it was Jane Mengler and duly informed (sic) the Herald.

Peter Coleman is another Sydney Morning Herald pocket-Nazi. In 1999, he appeared in the fraudulent KKK-inside-One-Nation story. Last year, he like Mr. Leys, was used by the Sydney Morning Herald as an “anonymous source” to provide slander against the NSW Chairman of our party. He also provided libellous muck against Jane Mengler!!

A large volume of legal and academic material points to Mr. Coleman as a so-called neo-nazi who was an informant for the corrupt ‘Special Branch’ organisation. He was close to the “Nazi party” of David Palmer over a twenty year period. His identity as an informant was covered by a Code – “CC18” – during the New South Wales Police Royal Commission.

The Twisted Tale of Sydney Morning Herald falsehood is one of the real Dirty Tricks of this election campaign.

Australia First will continue its protests this weekend with Queensland’s homeless. Our organisation will grow across Australia.