‘Klub Koup’ aiming at Senator Anning?

by Dr. Jim Saleam and others.

Two weeks ago, the ABC’s Background Briefing program identified a group of people whom they call ‘Alt Right’ within the office and organisation of Senator Anning. They linked this group to the ‘former’ Klub Nation and suggested an infiltration was going on. But the story has pathways the ABC did not touch and because these matters are relevant to all nationalists and other patriotic people, we are obliged to say what needs to be said.

Klub Nation – The Toxic Game

We would continue on from the ABC’s essential point that a group of persons from the (officially disbanded) ‘Klub Nation‘ (KN) group – and in tandem with some more recent recruits – has engaged in what amounts to a silent coup – the ‘Klub Koup’ – that will put them in charge of Senator Anning’s database and contact records (if it has not already done so).

If events follow a pattern, we would say Klub Nation members generally hope the Anning connection will gloss them with a plausible ‘respectability’ so they can claim to be all sorts of good things in the next round of political contest after the election. We note at the start they are not ‘Alt Right’, but have allowed that label to be given them, as it serves as an ‘asset’ in their peculiar fight.

For all nationalists and other patriotic people, it all sums to an unfortunate development.

Now, we say ‘Koup’ because the Klub Nation historically has always had a fascination with other people’s assets. Many KN members were associated with the attempt to take over the British Israel World Federation (1999-2002) to acquire about $600,000 in property and funds, then the Humanist Society (2005 – 2009) to acquire over $1.1 million in property (the ABC mentions that but says $600,000) , then the Mechanics Institute (goals mixed).

Earlier, the Theosophical Society, the Henry George League and the Australians Against Further Immigration party, also figured on the radar of some of KN participants. Some KN leaders may have operated the infiltration program so they would hopefully become ‘something’ politically from other people’s labours. Indeed, a KN speaker once referred to the group as “the General Staff” for a movement of all sorts of patriots to be put under their charge by any means necessary.  Yet, some former participants in the KN group and other commentators too, say that the Klub Nation thing was never really political, or not so at least in so far as the stated ideas and goals of the group – were actually its politics!

Neo-nazism and variants of pseudo ‘white’ nationalism and survivalism were often put out there, but the group had definite links to Liberal Party conservatives and other forces. Of course, the real ‘politics’ of the group may well have been ‘someone else’s politics’ and in that way appearances are more than deceptive.

Some KN leaders had long-time links to political police agencies and its later leader tried to gain personal funding in one of his early incarnations through Australia’s leading Zionist (see long letter below). Could we say darkly that KN was a black op? Decidedly, this whole subject was ignored by the ABC.

Indeed, the idea of a black op makes sense. KN was founded in 2005 out of a group of people called by nationalists ‘the Palmer-Coleman gang’. This gang came into being in 1988-89 led by David Palmer and Peter Coleman, two Sydney men with actual and self-confessed links to political police agencies. The gang went through many names and forms while people came and went, but some things stayed the same.

As always, nationalists and other patriotic people were its targets for harassment or takeover, while they sought to manipulate their way into the assets of a range of community and political groups.  Although the KN group appears to have disbanded at some point after 2012, it continued to exist as an informal association and it certainly gained other contacts. We maintain that, to all intents and purposes, Klub Nation still exists as an informal network – an entity for covert actions.

Targeting Anning

Senator Fraser Anning has made controversial comments in and out of Federal parliament. On some points, we agree with him and cannot question his basic patriotism. His immediate electoral fate is now in the hands of Queensland voters.

However, the fate of his legacy is no longer in his hands alone, given the arrival in his ranks of the Klub.

Last September, I contacted Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) to provide information that a defined group was attempting to infiltrate its office staff and some branches. At that time Senator Anning was a member of KAP.   After some investigation, KAP advised that “some of your information checked out” and that the focus was on Senator Anning’s office.

When Katter severed his link with Anning, the group was able to acquire control over the communications emanating from the Senator’s office and when he opted to found a ‘party’ to assist him gain re-election to the Senate, with some already playing major roles.  Was this all part of a plan?

It was established by nationalists that a special meeting took place in Sydney at a hotel near Rozelle in October last year. Attendees included four denizens of the former Klub Nation, an activist from the now-defunct Party For Freedom and another person with ‘conservative’ links. We know that the group discussed Australia First Party and the Lads Society (each targeted in different ways by the group), but did they discuss Senator Anning?

A new source confirms they did.  Whereas various people with Klub links had been busy in the office and in the following of Senator Anning for some months, the affair seemed thereafter to gain momentum.

Does the Senator understand this?  Was this connected to the pub meet?   Two names that came up straight away in regard to Senator Anning are Andrew Wilson and Radomir Kobryn-Coletti, each named by the ABC. Both were also subjects of an extensive expose in February by the leftist anti-fascist (sic) group – White Rose Society.  I shall not repeat anything from that source, but I would advise it be read (very) critically by all.

The Court Case That Died

From early 2018, I was the target of a series of court manoeuvres from the Klub.  Four prominent members threatened actions for defamation.

Two actions were each the subject of a ‘Concerns Notice’ (the first phase of a defamation action), but were not proceeded with to the filing of a suit. These actions were courtesy of Peter Coleman (co-founder of the Palmer-Coleman gang) and Jason Rafty, the usual leader of Klub Nation.

Another action was commenced, but discontinued last September. The last one died through want of prosecution in March this year. This one was the province of Andrew Wilson, who appeared with Senator Anning at a rally at St. Kilda Beach on Australia Day (see photo).

Fraser Anning with Andrew Wilson


I shall not refer to the defamation action per the ‘truth’ or otherwise of the claims made by either side, but only suggest it functioned as a manoeuvre to (‘hopefully’ from the Klub’s point of view) waste my time and resources. In that regard, it is expected that, after the issue of a costs order, a letter of demand will issue to Mr. Wilson for about $3000. It is not expected this money will be paid.

Sources in Perth maintain that Mr. Wilson left there owing money to various persons and it has not been paid. Given he has no fixed address, it may be that there are no assets against which to collect it.   It is simply noted that the Wilson case went into early limbo around the time the move into KAP by the Klub was deepening.

Would a court process (which I was quite prepared to fight) have been a publicity problem?

That the defamation affair was some sort of political machination may have been confirmed in a confrontation I had with a KN participant, Mark Pavic, a delightful chap imprisoned in the 1980s for killing his mother. Pavic kept frenziedly repeating: “you’re going to be sued”.

Indeed, a phone call to my office number in January 2018 from Andrew Wilson and from his number, said I was “selling” my property and that he wanted to “buy” it. Was he imagining he would get a court judgement against me to pay money for defaming (sic) him?   One thing I have learned about Klub Nation is that every operation is multipronged. Sidetracking KN’s most continuous critic and watchman (me) may have had a real purpose?

Jason Rafty Moves To Action

Just recently, Jason Rafty, the leader of the old KN, sent out a raft of text messages which were intercepted by friendly people. One said that I am :

.”…. the most dangerous person in history, nobody comes close.”


Of course, he didn’t mean I was akin to Pol Pot. His messages to others referred at different points to ‘doxxing’ (a contemporary term for defamation), so I assume he meant that I had said bad things about him and his group and that’s what made me dangerous.

I might say that my comments on KN were truthful and otherwise fair comment. Even so, given the sort of stuff some KN travellers had engaged in, and given the offensive nature of the earlier phase of the Palmer-Coleman entity directed at me (see letter below about killing me, as just one example), my commentaries might pale to insignificance against the hate from Klub Nation.

There is also another thought. Was Rafty buying insurance with those who might later challenge him with information launched by me, so he got in first to tell folks what a bad chap I am?

Then Rafty dropped the ‘truth’ bomb: “Andrew and Rad need candidates for FACNP”.

Who are Andrew and Radomir to “need” candidates for Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationals Party? Is Rafty suggesting they are major players? That he is helping them? That he is reaching out to the usual pools of suspects to dredge up people to reinvent themselves as Fraser Anning’s candidates? Would that not be a deception of Mr. Anning?

This cannot be allowed to pass!

Over the last few years, Jason Rafty has been in the shadows, but other Klub Nation supporters made efforts lately in Sydney to organize an Anning meeting and did so in conjunction with others. Now actually we find an Anning candidate was found for ‘Lindsay’ electorate, where I am a candidate, one whose appearance will splinter any vote of a ‘nationalist’ type.

It is necessary to understand better this KN leader. So, I have left readers with Rafty’s long letter to Zionist Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council leader Jeremy Jones, published here in full for the first time. Does it detail his essential political character?

I leave the reader to interpret it and then consider its relevance to the present.  You decide!

Combat 18 At Bay In The Fray

The Rozelle pub meeting established that the Lads Society was also a ‘target’ of Klub Nation. Target means not just an object for harassment, but for takeover.

It is well known too that a smelly neo-nazi frat called Combat 18 (its British grandparent was a honey-trap run political police) muscled in on the Brisbane Lads Society. It was also used in Perth to threaten and intimidate some young members of the Alt-Right. It seems that two home invasions were carried out there and were actually the subjects of police reports. It is well known inside Lads and the Alt-Right who led these ‘raids’.

Trace information suggests that Lads has had to contend with this attempt at takeover in Brisbane, while a source also revealed that Combat 18 members may have threatened some Sydney Lads. However, it appears too that some of these people may have turned up as members (sic) of the Fraser Anning party. Does the Senator know any of this? I doubt it.

Sources inside Lads have told me that they regard this Combat 18 as linked to some members of Klub Nation.

Mark McDonald now runs Sydney Lads Society, but liaised closely with Andrew
Wilson and KN members in 2014 at the same time his group received money from
Liberal Howard Crawford.

Any Klub Nation effort to coordinate other supposed neo-nazis bodes badly for the Anning party, but is bad news for all nationalist and patriotic people.


What Can Fraser Anning Now Do?

The first rule is – get all Klub Nation and Combat 18 people out of Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationals party.  Out, sacked, gone!

Data from computers and other records needs to be audited in case any Klub Nation operative has slipped in.

Whatever Fraser Anning’s future may be, whether or not his organisation mutates beyond conservatism and starts off down the nationalist road – he does not have any comity of interest with any of the Klub Nation krew.  They’ve run an effort against him and they should not be rewarded.

The Struggle To Cleanse The Ranks…

At different times in 2018 and 2019, Australia First Party has called upon the Alt-Right and patriot groups to cleanse their ranks of alien ideas and forces. We have made that call in their interest, and yes, in ours too.  It is their interest to be true to themselves and perhaps to seek out and find their way to nationalist politics. It is our interest that they do this and that frictions amongst us are minimised along the path.

Klub Nation is a player against all nationalist and patriotic groups. It is a parasitical force; small yet persistent.  Is it supported from behind the scenes?  Perhaps.

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Just a few days ago, notorious Liberal Party operative Howard Crawford, who was run against Australia First Party a few years ago, implied online that he was ‘supporting’ Fraser Anning’s party.  I may address that issue another time, but raise it in conclusion as a matter of warning to Senator Anning and other patriotic people.

Australia First Party will do whatever it can for Fraser Anning and for all genuine people to be free of the Klub Nation pestilence once and for all!