Canberra’s Addiction: hike taxes while pay-rising one’s public servant self

It’s July 1 2017, and at Canberra’s mid-winter ball it was decreed that public servants’ insatiable aristocratic spending needed topping up pronto.  And that was before Pyne’s boat races at the Cherry Bar.

Canberra’s infinite debt into the Never-Never requires tax hikes imposed on the remnant working Australian – found somewhere outside the Aristocratic Contemptuous Tomb (ACT).  So Lord Malcolm has dispatched his ‘go to’ Scomo to fund eccentricity incidentals.

Useless as tits on a bull

New South Wales

WALLERAWANG:  Paris Agenda 21 says shut it down, or we’ll point da carbon bone at you!


  • Origin Energy: Household electricity up 16.1%.  Business: up 18%.
  • Energy Australia: Household electricity up 19.6%, businesses up 9.9%
  • AGL: Household electricity up 16%


HAZELWOOD:  Paris Agenda 21 says shut it down, or we’ll point da carbon bone at you!

  • After already experiencing a price rise at the beginning of this year, households and businesses in Victoria have a reprieve until at least the end of the year, when new prices will be set.
  • Read that as no upper limit you poor bastards


Western Australia

  • Western Australian Treasurer and Energy Minister Ben Wyatt has announced an increase of $169 to the fixed charge component of electricity bills, or 10.9% for the ‘representative household’.



  • Origin Energy: Household electricity up 3.5%, businesses up 5.9%
  • Energy Australia: Household electricity up 7.3%, businesses up 11.3%
  • AGL: Unable to locate a % figure, but the company says average residential electricity bills will increase by $108 a year, but can vary rates as and when it pleases without notice


South Australia

PORT AUGUSTA:  Paris Agenda 21 says shut it down, or we’ll point da carbon bone at you!


  • Origin: Household electricity up 15.9%, Small businesses up 15.3%
  • Energy Australia: Households/small business electricity up 19.9%
  • AGL: Household electricity up 18%



  • Electricity increases of 15%

Northern Territory

  • In the dark  (NBN down again)

ACT (Polly Shangri La)

• AGL : Household electricity up 18.95%



Guess who owns most of the renewables? 


China, thanks Bob

“We’ll just bring the barby inside to keep warm.”

Polly Selfie Pay Rises

So just in time for the price hikes, pollies in Canberra awarded themselves a 2% pay rise effectively immediately (today) of course because it applies to themselves.

They try to distant themselves by claiming the decision was ‘independent’ by the Remuneration Tribunal.  Members of the tribunal are appointed by pollies and sycophant public officers. Anything set up by government to be independent is as ‘independent’ as Chinese split bribes to the Liberal and Labour parties.  That continues aplomb.

The Political Class, just like in feudal times


The standard tribunal excuse copy-paste year on year is

“It is important that the pay for parliamentarians and senior government officials is maintained at appropriate levels over the longer term to attract and retain people of the calibre required for these important high-level offices”.

What calibre?

Australian politicians have been handed a two per cent pay rise from next Saturday on top of their current $199,040 base salary.

“This represents an increase of 1.6 per cent per annum over the 18 months since the last general increase decided by the Tribunal, effective from 1 January 2016,” a statement from the Remuneration Tribunal read on Thursday.

So it’s an annual thing this selfie pay increase.

The rise will push ordinary members of parliament up by just under $4000 to $203,020 per annum.  The Prime Minister will get a $10,350 pay rise from $517,504 a year to $527,854.  Cabinet ministers, currently paid a base salary of $343,344, will get nearly $7000 extra and will now be paid $350,210 a year.

Shadow ministers, on $248,800 per year, will get bumped up to $253,776 a year.  The head of the Prime Minister’s department, Martin Parkinson, is to take home $878,000 a year.

It’s been labelled a sick joke.

In 2016, senators and members received an annual allowance by way of basic salary—$199,040 from 1 January 2016.

In 2014, senators and members received an annual allowance by way of basic salary—$195,130 from 1 July 2014.

In July 2013, Canberran pollies pocketed a 2.4% pay rise turning Prime Minister Kevin Rudd into Australia’s first political half-million dollar man.  It was the third pay rise for Federal MPs in the past 16 months, delivering a salary boost of $54,220 or more than $1000 a week since March 2012.  This increase in MP’s pay was in return for losing perks such as global study trips and the closing down of the Gold Pass for retired members.

Tax Policy: 

“How much do youse earn? …ok give it to us.”



Canberra Focus Group Message of Hope:

“Hope youse in the burbs and bush don’t go bankrupt on account of our sheltered lifestyle, none.”


Cash Economy. Stay Resilient. Time’s Ticking