Jim Saleam: Open Letter to Aunty Jenny, Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Eora Redfern

Dated:  July 11, 2015

“Dear Jenny Munro,

Last year you and I had a brief correspondence after some person displayed a poster in Redfern calling upon Aborigines to resist Chinese property purchase.

The authorship of that poster is still in dispute, although I affirmed to you then the basic accuracy of its content. You eventually said I was “racist” and ended our correspondence.

It was not long after that the housing company taking over the Block was exposed for telling clients that the Aborigines were being moved out of the area – which made the purchase of a nice home unit a good investment.

Chinese Promotion:  “New beginning for The Block, with chopsticks”

Chinese Pemulwuy Project for Redfern AboriginesRacist Chinese property developers know what’s best for Redfern’s Eora Aborigines

..the artist impression even imposed the Aboriginal flag to presume Chinese legitimacy over Black Fella.


Is this China-connected corporation – racist?

You and I are both aware that the Block will become another overseas student community and that these overseas students are not going to be white fellas like me.

I have said to you that the problem with many of our Aboriginal spokespeople is that they are lost in an anti racist chatter invented, not by them, but by white liberals.

It is very tempting to talk about racism and demand rights and talk about changing racist laws and racist practises and all the rest of that. A lot of whites who are ‘liberals’ or ‘socialists’ or ‘anarchists’ and so on will come down to the Block to tell you they support you.

Peter Boyle Socialist Alliance with morbidly obeseBut Chinese Socialist Alliance still know what’s best for Redfern’s Eora Aborigines

In point, these people simply hate themselves for being white. They hate their own identity, don’t want one and only seem to want to use you, if they can, for some agenda that isn’t yours.

I would say to you that they intend to wipe Australia off the map with a population of a hundred million (or more perhaps?) and rather than our place being a happy land full of harmony-people, it will be reduced to an urban nightmare and a mining quarry.

No Land Rights there!

You are quoted as saying of the Block: “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land”.

I have seen that slogan used by these same whites too. If that is so: then why would they seek to flood Australia with so-called refugees and contract labourers and new migrants from Asia, particularly in the north of Australia where they will push Aborigines off their land so it can be mining leases or big plantations?

Obviously, it’s Aboriginal land only till they give it away?

Did any Aborigine give them permission, or even a nod to push for that?

A new player is in town. It is Asia and particularly – China.

Redfern ChineseSpot the Aborigine at the Redfern Legal Centre!

Talking ‘racism’ to these folks ain’t going to cut it, because they just don’t care. They intend to run over the Block like a bulldozer.


Clover Moore's Redfern Housing minus Aboriginal AustraliansClover Moore and her Racist Chinese property developers know what’s best for Redfern’s Eora Aborigines

(Spot the Aboriginal Australian?)

We whites have our collaborators with this sort of thing too. We call them ‘politicians’ as a general rule. You have the Aboriginal Housing Corporation. Call them what you want.

I think a whole new discussion has to be held. I have been told that you want Aboriginal families to live in the Block, that you want to clean the area up of criminal elements from times past and make a go of inner city living. However, you have run foul of a new enemy, a real one.

I prefer the Block is Aboriginal and not Chinese and certainly not sold off to overseas student interlopers.

I am an Australian Nationalist. I uphold the Australian Nation and its European Heritage. As the first nationalist political programme I subscribed to, written in 1978, said: there are two basic races for the Continent living out a destiny – Aboriginal and European.

Hard as it might be for a ready acceptance, this truth has now come to you, whether it pleases you or whether it doesn’t.

It is time for this revolutionary dialogue.”

Dr Jim Saleam.