Illegals stealing our wealth, infecting us with tuberculosis

A national government has a primary duty to uphold the territorial integrity of a nation’s sovereignty by protecting its borders from invasion, else the people have a right to take up arms and do the task themselves.

Australia’s Labor Government is failing to protect Australia’s borders since it came to power in 2007 from the now almost daily invasion of illegal boat arrivals to our north-west.

More than 33,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Australia since Labor came to power.  Just yesterday alone, ten illegal boats full of the Brown Scourge invaded Australia’s territorial waters.

Boat Illegals
Look at this Brown Scourge.   They want our jobs, our homes, our country.
Unarmed invasion is invasion no less.


These illegals arrive from mainly Sri Lanka by boat deliberately to avoid customs and immigration controls to get jobs, money and the good life in Australia.

They must be refused and expelled from Australia, the day they arrive.  They are illegal invaders.   Australia’s cost of returning them needs to be fully deducted from Australia’s foreign aid budget.

According to a recent Australian National Audit Office report, Australia’s cost of detaining asylum seekers blowing out by $1 billion, and that doesn’t include the capital costs setting up multi-million dollar detention infrastructure on Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island.  Nor does it include the costs of Australian Customs and Border Protection, or of the Royal Australian Navy, or the thousands of charter flights to relocate or repatriate the illegals, or the processing costs, or resettlement costs of those granted visas.

The five-year contract with the private firm Serco to run the majority of the country’s detention centres until 2014 has blown out by a further $700 million.  Contracts for providing public health services have also been revised up by $200 million and the cost of providing residential homes will rise by $50 million.

The total contract cost for Serco to just run the centres is now five times the estimate of the original contract of $279 million in 2009, which was last revised at the end of 2011 to $1.03 billion.

The cost for providing contracted health services to detention centres has been revalued up for the five years until 2014 from $70 million to $272 million.   Residential hosting contracts for the same period have also been revised up from $44 million to $93 million.

“As a result of the variations, the value of the (detention centres) contract has increased from $279.22 million to $1.67 billion,” the ANAO report said.

“Due to the rapid growth in the immigration detention program, many of the valuations were not executed until after the services were in place. These variations should have been formalised much earlier.  The figures contradict evidence this week to a senate estimates hearing in which Finance Department officials claimed that the annual budget costs for immigration would dramatically fall from the forecast $2.2 billion to $338 million by 2015.

In a desperate bid to limit further damage to the budget in an election year, it has based immigration budget forecasts on an assumption the government will stop boat arrivals.

Labor Mining Tax with need to be increased tenfold to pay for the cost of illegals here already, not including the ongoing flood.

And the bastards are bringing plagues with them.  Christmas Island detention centre has been infected with tuberculosis from the illegal boat arrivals.

So much for Chris Bowen’s public assurances of Border Control health checks!

Keep Tuberculosis out of Australia

One of Australia’s detention centre staff there was infected with high contagious tuberculosis two weeks ago after coming into contact with an illegal.   All an infected carrier has to do is cough for the deadly disease be spread.  The woman, who has not been named, was flown to Liverpool Hospital’s isolation ward in Sydney.

We do not need this problem in Australia.  If not treated, a person with TB infects an average of 10 to 15 new people each year, according to the World Health Organisation.  Sri Lanka, Iran and Afghanistan are all plagued by TB.    Historically, ‘consumption’ plagued Australia up until the mid 20th Century and has long been all but eradicated.  We don’t want it back.

These illegals are trying to not only take over Australia in the numbers but kill us with plague in the process.

Asylum Seekers with TB
Keep the infected Brown Scourge out of Australia

Don’t go near, or talk to, or trade with, or employ or train a Sri Lankan, else their numbers will soon make Australians a minority in our own nation.

Labor hates Australian so much, it is corroding our nation into a Third World status, just like Blair the Barbarian inflicted upon Britain.