MOSSAD (Jewish Gestapo) murder rampage out of control

Israel’s President Netanyahu’s personal Gestapo MOSSAD is out of control globally. It roams the world on counterfeit passports of citizens of its allies, like Australia, to murder any one it chooses with impunity.

On Tuesday February 12, 2013 MOSSAD murdered Iran’s General Hassan Shateri along the main road between Damascus in civil war-torn Syria and Beirut, capital of neighbouring Lebanon.

The Lebanese newspaper As-Safir said General Shateri was ”in Aleppo to study projects to reconstruct the city”.

It is one thing for Israel to maintain close tabs on its border with Syria, it is another thing to assassinate one of Iran’s senior generals.

Last week Netanyahu ordered Israeli jets to bomb a military base on the outskirts of Damascus inside Syria.

Netanyahu MOSSAD's Obergruppenführer
Uncle Benjamin, MOSSAD’s Obergruppenführer ensures immunity and impunity for murder


Israel’s Likud Party’s global murderous rampage has become practically weekly.

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Australia must hold to account and boycott pariah States like Israel.

How many MOSSAD thugs roam Australia with personal handguns approved by David Irvine, Director General of ASIO?