Sydney’s first Muslim beheading, Nice.

Australians should be very wary about the dangers of continuing government policy allowing the mass immigration of Muslims into Australia.

Australians need to look at the socially corrosive European experiences of Britain, Holland, Germany, Spain, France and elsewhere across Western Europe, and be very, VERY afraid.

Under Islam, there is no room for any pluralism except orthodox Islam, period!

Australian women beware!  Under Islamic Law you do not only lose any right to wear the pants, you must completely drape your entire being head to toe in cloth, especially your face with the orthodox Nijab; else under Islamic Law you shall be condemned as a blasphemer of the Prophet and so stoned to death in public by the public.  Nice.

NijabThe Female-only Nijab
Males wear the pants under Islamic Law
Aussie chicks, sorry no bikinis, no skirts, no clothing showing you to be female in public, ever

In societies today where Islam is dominant and prominent, any non-Islamic person – Muslim apostate, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, an aetheist, ANY female or anyone critical of Islam even a journalist – must be under Islamic dogma, punished.  All too frequently still in the 21st Century this commands death by stoning, multiple whipping, or else decades in Slave Third World 40+C degree desert Gulags.

So Leftists, visit Saudia Arabia, try playing up ordinarily as a Westerner, only to end up incarcerated and begging Julia Gillard for mercy.  Family and friends, don’t hold your breath.  Australians don’t know how lucky we are here in Australia.

Australians need only recall the recent infamous beheading placard in Sydney back on September 15, 2012 that incited Jihadi violence.

It read: “Behead all those who insult the prophet”

Sydney Muslims beheading incitement2012 Muslim Riot in Sydney


Typically, patsy governments of New South Wales and Australia did nothing during or after the riot.

All rioters involved should be expelled from Australia back to from whence they came.  They have chosen to ignore and breach Australian laws and our social values.  They treat Australians with contempt.  Piss ’em off!  What is the legal hurdle?  Change it!

Extremist Muslims and Islamists are not welcome in Australia or any civil Western society.  Violent extremists are social vermin, pestilence and plague.

Sydney’s First Beheading

So yesterday, just five months on, Sydney experienced its first Muslim beheading.  Nice.

Not unsurprisingly it occurred in a Muslim household deep in the Muslim ethnic south west Sydney enclave of Arab Bankstown.  Once working class Aussie Bankstown in living memory was famously former PM Paul Keatings old Labor Heartland electorate seat; but since the ethnicity, Keating has long fled the place – too many Arabs and unreadable shop signs!

In Stacey Street Bankstown, in the Muslim family home, full-blown Muslim Khoder Zahab attacked his 69 year old father with a brick and knife in the early hours of Valentines Day (not that he would be aware of the day’s Western significance) and proceeded to hack off his father’s head with same knife in his parents bedroom.


Muslim extremists of BankstownBankstown’s House of Beheading

Khoder’s mother watched on helplessly.  Really Nice.

Toufic Zahab
Toufic Zahab, then still with his head


Khoder Zahab, if convicted of this gruesome murder, must be automatically and permanently expelled from Australia to his country of ethnicity, even if he was born in Australia.

Khoder the Beheader has lost all rights to remain in Australian society.

Stupidly, the Australian media reported that “anyone with information about the man’s death has been urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000”.   How bureaucratically patsy?  Spend time in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel – you fools.

Should justice fail and Khoder be imprisoned in an Australian jail, he deserves to last a day. Send him to Barwon Prison to work out in their friendly gym.  Should do the trick.  Jihadis and violent Muslim criminals have no right luxuriating in Australian jails.

So this beheading is Sydney’s first.  All on Labor’s record flood gate immigration watch.  The Australian Labor Party is despicable.

Sydneysiders are of course shocked that it could happen their safe Western city in east coast Australia.  But then for over a decade, Australian LibLab governments under Howard, Rudd and Gillard have invited the Muslim scum in unchecked ‘as is’, encouraging desert rag heads to bring in their social barbarism just like the Taliban and Tuberculosis.

But then 9/11 New Yorkers said the same.

Australian would be wise to compare immigration treatment of Christians in Muslim countries and see how they fair.  For instance, a Moroccan citizen despite holding dual nationality, if convicted of a crime is auto-stripped of Moroccan nationality and sent immediately packing back to one’s country of origin.

Australian Governments need to start respecting our long held and prized Australian Christian values and to stop pretending to be naïve about the flood of incompatible alien cultures landing in the thousand at Sydney/Melbourne airports and by the hundred on boats off oure north-west coast.

These invaders go on to abnoxiously demand we Australians acquiesce.

Ask our Aussie forefathers at Lambing Flat what they would do!

Does Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her male-submissive naïve Labor Party, do you see the consequences of your open door immigration?  Probably not.  Gough Whitlam’s Ghettos of multiculturalist naïvety have festered into dysfunctional fly-blown enclaves of barbarism.  One wouldn’t dare drive through them at speed.

The dumb Welsh Witch Gillard can’t lead, can’t add up, can’t be trusted to keep a real job, can’t speak properly, can’t see failure staring in its face, hates Australians, let’s illegals invade Australia, lies and cheats Australians and robs Australians of our hard earned wealth.

Julia Gillard, the most unethical PM in Australia's history

In Henry VIII’s day, the red witch would be sent to the equivalent of Bankstown, with public invitations.  Gillard’s electoral Salem hour is nigh.