Greens $7 billion ‘welfare entitlement’ to slug Australian businesses and taxpayers

Thieving Labor has just undemocratically gifted $400,000 of Australian taxpayers’ money to Papua New Guinea politicians unconditionally for no workable solution to boat illegals.

Labor’s New Right Kev has gone Swan Lite on us – a ‘why bother‘ product.

ChocoNot one Choco yet sent to Manus!

The Liberals remain stubbornly committed to thieving $4.3 billion of taxpayers’ money and business income to fund parental welfare, so that wealthy mothers earning up to $150,000 get 6 months paid leave.  The Liberals try to brand themselves a ‘coalition‘ only to appeal to middle Australia, but what do the Nationals stand for these days but sidekicks to bolster Liberal multinational policy and power grab?

Today, the welfarist Green Left have also sided as Liberal sidekicks by releasing a policy for parental welfare entitlement of 6 months paid leave to thieve $7 billion from working Australia over the next four years and beyond.

Who pays?  Working Australia again – businesses and income earning taxpayers!

Left Welfare StateLeftist bloody Welfare State

And since Green Labor of Kevin’07, the Green Left has leeched from Australian taxpayers the tune of $5.7 billion so they can welcome nearly 50,000 illegal foreigners by boat to push aside Traditional Australia.

In July 2012, Labor’s Bob Carr undemocratically gifted $1 billion of Australian taxpayers’s money to corrupt Afghanistan.  In November 2010, Labor’s Julia Gillard undemocratically gifted $500,000 to Indonesian Muslim schools.

Green Left has become arrogantly deceitful and criminally negligent towards ordinary Traditional Australians, making them irrelevant.


600,000 Traditional Australians remain homeless
Australian Families on the Margin Shunted behind illegal Boat Chocos who receive Centrelink, Medicare, housing, job training, all Taxpayer Gifted thanks to Labor deceit

Australia First Party pledges to place a 6 year moratorium on:

* All Australian foreign expenditure

* All immigration to Australia


Australia First for Australians