Fumigate Dan Andrews crime plague terrorising Victorians

Victorians are living in a state of fear.  Under the socialist state of Dan Andrews Labor, roaming Sudanese gangs rule Melbourne streets with impunity.  Andrews disarms Victoria Police to just watch on.

Dan’s Keystone Cops – PC chick-quota’d

Carjackings, machete home invasions, muggings, burglaries, gate crashing and riots by mobs of youths of ‘African Appearance‘ have become all too common daily news reports across Melbourne.

Such migrant contempt for Australian police warrants auto-deportation, with the full cost deducted from Australia’s foreign aid budget


Dan Andrews Labor sides with African criminals in his anarchist state of Victoria.

“I just luv me Sudanese halah sheep hoof on a bed of chickpea porridge washed down with hibiscus tea”


But on Saturday November 24, local Victorians will have their chance to evict Andrews and his spate of anarchist crime wave at the Victorian state election.