Fake News ‘neo-Nazi terrorism’ extravaganza being brewed in the dark

by Dr Jim Saleam

In the lead-up to, and in the wake of, the St. Kilda Beach ‘African crime’ rally last weekend, media and its academic and political police ‘sources’, have been linking together as they prefer, terms and people they would characterise as ‘racist’, ‘far-right’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘radicalisation’, ‘terrorist’ – and of course, ‘neo-nazi’.

A few weeks ago, I referred to a fake-news-journalist who was fishing around to get a story together about neo-nazis and terrorism and I also commented on a gaggle of so-called neo-nazis who met in a Sydney hotel a couple of months back to discuss their two pet targets – Australia First Party and the Lads Society.

I added the dark opinion that the neo-nazis may have been communicating with the journalist in what would be a two-way street.

I originally told you that these so-called neo-nazis were major players in that mini-scene, but I now reveal that they were partnered at the hotel conflab with players in civic patriotism. It can be noted that on St. Kilda Beach persons from both those sectors assembled to lurk alongside other well-meaning people – and Senator Anning. I shall deal with this anomaly in a moment.

Now, there are suggestions in the ether that the tempo of the little neo-nazi conspiracy and its likely relationship with the fake-news-journalist – is gathering speed.

The word is that the neo-nazis are trying to ‘unite’ the twenty or so adherents of their ‘faith’ across the country and achieve a ‘link’ with the flavour-of-the-month in neo-nazism – the Antipodean Resistance.

Of course, it is unlikely any connection between them will ever be made, but it is the fact that an effort to talk was made, which could be the real point in the manufacture of fake news. In the interim as the hotel plot gestates, the Slackbastard network (Monash’s Rob Sparrow) and the media allege a ‘link’ between these Antipodeans and the Lads Society. It is noted that serious media efforts are being made to ‘connect’ the Antipodean group with overseas neo-nazis who have engaged in proven serious violence or who have conspired it. An international flavour adds to the cosmic drama of terror. Of course, whether or not the hotel crew ever succeed in their great unity drive might not even be the point either – just that the push for ‘unity’ is supposedly on and that a Fourth Reich Downunder is in the womb, and that it is trying to reach out across the globe.

The hotel neo-nazis have a very long history of provocation and a sure connection with political police agencies and with mass media, particularly Fairfax. They usually play up to a compliant media, which has always been willing to report their rampaging assertions.

Fairfax Troll Luke McMahon

As I said, and it may have sounded odd to the uninformed, they also maintain connections with civic patriots who appear to believe the exact opposite to them. One example will suffice: neo-nazis affect exaggerated anti-semitism, but civic patriots usually are supportive of Israel and Zionism and the most extreme of them are dubbed ‘Ziopatriots’ as a consequence. Yet, the neo-nazis and the civics bond together in opposition to the nationalists. One academic student of the subject put it to me that they connect at a deeper psychic level, where failure and impotence and desire for recognition are complemented by the desire to tear down anyone or anything which seems to steal the thunder from them, or which seems to them to have blocked their path to some type of personal satisfaction. But that is a subject for another time.

The ‘chatter’ which precedes a terrorist action is growing and that chatter is all sorts of conversations and signs. I have the deep concern that a violent act is in preparation, or more likely a conspiracy to commit one. That conspiracy might be one already known to the political police, if only because it is one never intended to proceed beyond the ‘planning’ stage and a conspiracy trial is far better for the authorities than a terrorist act which might harm someone and put too much heat on their network of pimps to explain how they failed to know in advance. The existence of a plan is enough to produce an arrest, as was noted in the Phil Galea affair and any trial is always good for the anti racist propaganda business.

A similar conspiracy was hatched in 2014 by a parasite who has now attached himself to the Lads Society; this conspiracy went a couple of stages, but its main purpose might have been to gather evidence (sic) for some other operation, perhaps one which would have had participants blackmailed until they performed functions suitable to the conspiracy’s main organizer. It is noted that this parasite has ‘links’ to some of the hotel plotters, an ominous fact.

The game goes round and round. And back to the fake-news-journalist, who may himself once have met the parasite in a hotel to gather intel, or possibly, even trade it. It is further rumoured the same journalist may have intersected with a major provocateur who attended the St. Kilda Beach rally. That would bring the whole story about violence even closer to some genuine participants.

A fake-news-journalist has the capacity to broad-brush-stroke the smear, naming this writer and other Australia First members, Lads leaders, other patriotic people as bad folk and then, to link us all via the most tendentious oral prattle from the hotel crew with anyone and anything involved in the plot. Fake news is so easy to write and through mass media outlets, easy to peddle. It is election year and all sorts of mischief can unfold. Further, the furore in the week after the St. Kilda Beach rally, should indicate that it is proof of the power of media to misinform and of the directions the media wishes to take the discussion – towards the ‘need’ for more police powers, anti racism campaigns and then to achieve the de-legitimisation of all patriotic and nationalist actors such that they are shunned by many ordinary people.

Of course, we are all now onto the game and forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes. I leave my readers with a video link to an old tune that contains a few lines that may be as apposite to the hotel crew as to the fake-news-journalist. I certainly do not give you the link because of any interest in the band or the tune, or worse – to waste your time!