Facebook bans White Content to appease Zio-Zuckerberg’s exploitation of ignorants

Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish, no?  Zuckerberg copies Coke no?

Does that have anything to do with his selfish quest for mass influence and wallet control?

Facebook has caved-into what Motherboard describes nebulously as a “civil rights backlash” and will now censor all pro-White content which under advice from “experts” it lumps together under the White Supremacist banner.

Considered “the world’s biggest social media network” according to Motherboard, Facebook “banned white nationalism and white separatism on its platform [on] Tuesday. Facebook will also begin directing users who try to post content associated with those ideologies to a non-profit [group] that helps people leave hate groups.”

This all means, any post and its associated page that fits the criteria of “hate speech” by highlighting the de-Europeanisation of formerly White countries, will be redirected to the “non-profit” site Hope Not Hate — a group instigated by Britain’s Special Branch — where brainwashed ex-White Power patsies will provide re-education into globalism.


Hope Not Hate programs nervous and susceptible individuals to loathe and revile themselves and denounce their former beliefs in front of the very invaders they once railed against; kind of like thought criminals in George Orwell’s 1984.

Nobody should be surprised at Facebook’s ruling.



The Friday 15th Mosque Shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand have, as many Nationalists feared, triggered a witch-hunt against opponents of immigration-led globalisation. However, it is becoming clear that these shootings were either devised as or provided the necessary justification for beginning the path to outlawing any form of White Nationalism under the one umbrella.

United Nationalists Australia ran an investigation into media coverage of and the principle-articles of evidence and motive disseminated by the alleged killer, Brenton Tarrant, 28 — his manifesto and a video recording of a livestream of the shootings at the Al Noor mosque he made to Facebook.

Facebook Live condones murder:


Yet, while distancing proper White Nationalism from Tarrant’s alleged actions the article raised suspicions about glaring incongruities in media reportage of the attacks such as, police response times, irregularities in the video, the disjointed nature of the alleged killer’s understanding of White Nationalism, and his shady background, which included a lengthy visit to any number of red-flag countries that could very well have provided him with terrorist training.

It had intended to run an investigate line of the “fallout” of the shootings when UNA’s editor-in-chief was arrested in a dawn raidby detectives from Newtown Police and subjected to dubious charges relating to a matter he is gagged from discussing, and which was used as a bogus pretext for a joint media-operation tantamount to political persecution. In fact, the persecution of UNA’s editor-in-chief has been years in the making and has involved persons that today are given great support in the other groups.

The choice of turquoise tie is not coincidental – it symbolised the Jewish tekheleth worn by Rabbis.

Facebook banned the personal accounts of both him and another leading nationalist figure hours prior to the arrest. Thereafter, WordPress removed UNA’s blog for a “breach of terms of service” all too well-timed to coincide with events.

Facebook also removed a slew of Patriot and anti-Islamic pages targeting groups like the True Blue Crew and the entrepreneurial Future Now. We understand despite a lengthy chat between the Lads Society and ASIO their page has also been shafted.

It appears the definitions of White Nationalism and White Separatism had been regarded as separate categories by Facebook prior to the shootings but following a meeting which included “experts” and civil rights (i.e., anti-White agitators) spokespeople they’ve decided to ban all three.

Motherboard reports that Facebook “will now ban content that includes explicit praise, support, or representation of white nationalism or separatism. Phrases such as ‘I am a proud white nationalist’ and ‘Immigration is tearing this country apart; white separatism is the only answer’ will now be banned, according to the company.”

Any search for groups that espouse such content will result in a popup that redirects the user to the website Hope Not Hate.

However, far from trepidation, Australian Nationalists should view this as a positive motivation to get them out of Facebook lethargy. The site has been a toxic cesspool for Australian Nationalists from the get-go: it has allowed counter-groups to flourish; inexperienced wannabe leaders to stake a platform among the young and redirect ‘the movement’ into the wrong territory, and has caused to be doxed innumerable WN. Also, it means the countless antifascist pages will dry up and blow away like atrophied dog faeces.

Until there is a move in parliament to create legislation affirming the outlawing of the section of civic dialogue which Australian Nationalism relies on – and proscribe those groups promoting it – then we shall use more traditional methods such as street activism to spread our message.

This is not the end, because Facebook was always an illusion that never in actuality provided the support it appeared to promise. Yes, far from the end, this is just the beginning. They’re only making us stronger since only the cowards will run.

Facebook has unilaterally bannd White expression from its social media platform,including Instagram whihc Zuckerberg owns and controls.

“The policy will be put in place starting next week and will affect all of Facebook’s nearly 2 billion-wide user base, in addition to Instagram, the firm announced.  It’s clear that these concepts are deeply linked to organized hate groups and have no place on our services”. – the Zuckergberger.