Hey Greens, suck on this!

Smoke out climate alarmists.  Canberra’s exporting Oz Coal to polluting China and India anyway, dumb dudes.

Totalitarian Greens are demanding Australians must convert to electric cars by 2030. They’re on hooch in inner Sydney Marrickville.

How much do they cost?  $60K each?   And plug ’em in where, dumb di Natali?

It’s just another Greens fruit loop policy after another all-night session on the weed down in the Otways.

Greens want to tax punish any Australian who is non compliant with their global warming CO2 cult.

Farmers are next – no farms and no meat – because cattle, sheep and pigs exhale CO2.

The Greens”  “Individually owned cars are underutilised and costly.”   “The vast majority of trips around Australia are less than 30 kilometres.”

(The Greens neverget out of Marrickville).

“We don’t make anything that we sell as a motorcar in Australia anymore.”

(Yeah, because leftist globalists destroyed Australia’s proud automotive industry.

And if you recruit foreign scab labour…


Resist the Climate Cult – it’s designed to shut down Australia to Third World Stone Age, like 60,000 years ago.