F35 Joint Strike Fighter: Wanted! kamikaze females to fly Abbott’s blind faith little turd

The designer of the F-16, Pierre Sprey, confirms the F-35 was always a lemon.

Australia’s former Liberal PM Tony Abbott was a blind faith fool, who wasted more taxpayer wealth than his predecessor PM Kevin Rudd on buying 58 more dud lemon F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) white elephant project to prop up Lockheed Martin corruption.

Gambled cost? $12,000,000,000.  That’s $200 million for each unit (including onroads), but not including training.  That this stack of cash times two for each plane, and there are no cash discounts.  And the price keeps going up like a ponzi scheme.

Billions Wasted
It can’t fly far, can’t bomb much, can’t dog fight, can’t stealth, can’t support troops for long, can’t stay cool. Can be hacked by kids with remotes. Pilots weighting 75kg have their heads ripped off when ejecting – that means most female pilots.

And anyway, existing enemy aircraft like the MiG-29, Su-27, J-16, PAK FA easily outperform the F35.   Even the Pentagon admitted that after dogfight testing in 2015 against an old 1974 F16, the F-35 JSF lost because of a failure in so-called ‘stealth’ and the maneuverability of a whale.

The Joint Strike Fighter has been plagued by problems, but The Liberal Party still wants Australia to buy 72 of the steaming turds?

But then the Liberal Party can’t even budget.  It can’t even call a double dissolution to get its bills passed.

Lockheed Martin’s 5th gen F-35 was supposed to be ready in 2012, but they are still drawing plans at Fort Worth in Texas.  Let the fur grow on them.

The former head of test and evaluation for the Australian Defence Force, Dr Keith Joiner, says when it comes to the Joint Strike Fighter jet, our most expensive defence acquisition ever, yet Australia does not participate in the testing.  There was never any tender process. He says the JSF is a completely software-driven aircraft, but is yet to be properly tested. “(The aircraft) hasn’t done any cybersecurity testing yet. The only system that has done cyber-security vulnerability and penetration testing is the logistics software, so ordering spares. And it didn’t go very well.”

Even a kid could hack it, like hacking the software for a remote model aircraft.

The latest US test reports describe a litany of problems. For instance, at temperatures of 32 degrees or higher, when internal stores are loaded, the JSF has to open its weapons bay doors every 10 minutes on the ground, and sometimes in the air, to prevent overheating.

Chris Mills, a former wing commander with the RAAF, says this causes real problems.  ‘When they open the weapons bay doors, it loses its stealth capability, ‘so (the enemy) gets a great big flare saying “Oh, guess what, we’ve got a JSF here.”

So much for being 5th gen.

‘In addition, every time you open the weapons bay doors you heat and cool the weapons, and electronics hates that, so you get a very high failure rate.’


Wanted! Kamikaze Female Pilots to fly the F-35

The ejection seat on the F-35 has an acceleration force of 18Gs for a light weight pilot (75 kg like most female pilots).  And Lockheed says with its software-heavy helmet weighing 2.5kg there’s a one in four chance, the pilot will snap his/her neck and kill them.

“Mmm, do I crash and burn or do I snap me neck?”

F-35 ejector seat testingA Martin-Baker F-35 ejection seat test

Mills says the JSF has a nickname among the top guns of the US Air Force: ‘the little turd’.

F35 Joint Strike Fighter the little turd

US allies, Canada and Israel, have both already called it a dud, cut their losses and withdrawn from Lockheed’s ponzi white elephant programme.

Abbott, you were a blind faith fool with Australia’s wealth.
F35 Joint Strike Fighter is the little turd