Emperor Gonski’s new con for edu-welfare

Canberra’s national education budget of $18.6 billion, is duplicated at state level with more billions thrown at schools.  Gonski round 2.0 recommends yet another curriculum overhaul.  We’ve had how many re-engineered curricula in how many years?  More review and more reports.  Gonski the man and Gonski the agenda, are nothing but leftie cons that do nothing to improve the standard of education for Ordinary Australian school students.

What Gonski really is a fraud and another taxpayer burden of Canberra’s imposed mass immigration of Third Worlders who’s offspring can’t speak English.

  • Students can’t read, or write, or add up, or think independently – mostly the non-English speaking migrants of course
  • So why can 8-year-olds recite global warming stats, explain deviant genders and convey a hateful attitude to non-left political personalities?
  • Australia’s school academic ATAR scores have been handicapped by Third World migrants
  • Learning in schools has been ideologically supplanted by Naplan scoreboarding – imposed by da Julia Gillard in 2008
  • More reviews recommending reviews – Gonski 1.0, 2.0, 3.0…20


Gonski is a Canberran leftie, implanted by da Gillard AC

Australia has been ranked 39 out of 41 high-and middle-income countries in achieving quality education by the United Nations, with only Romania and Turkey ranked below Australia in education standards.


Third World immigrants are dragging us down.


Gonski school dogma is a leftie ponzi welfare scheme designed only to benefit the offspring of Third World immigrants, ignoring the needs of Aussie kids right to thrive.  Non-Australians are defined as having the special “need” or low socio-economic status (SES) in the allocation of the taxpayer billions.

This has been all socially engineered by neo-communist Julia Gillard – Australian wealth distribution from White Australian taxpayers to prop up Third World migrants by the millions – 250,000 year on year, and their breeding brood.

It belies the true cost burden of Canberra’s mass immigration policy impost.  All consistent with complying with the United Nations Agenda 21 new world order of relocating over breeding Third Worlders to the First World.

So what are children taught in Australian schools these days?

Subliminal Buddhism inculcated in Australian schools

Conspicuously absent are proficiency standards in English Literacy – spelling, phonetics, grammar, syntax, punctuation, reading skills, comprehension, critical thinking, writing skills, vocabulary and word choice, as well as literature and the creative exploration of the many literary genres.

How demeaning for an English Commonwealth nation like Australia?

Also conspicuously absent are proficiency standards in Basic Numeracy – arithmetic, rote learning the times table, algebra, geometry, calculus, and introductions to the many branches of mathematics and its applications.

The same goes for the humanities, notably history – especially Australian and Oceania History, introductory sciences, and the many precursory skills vital to enable kids evaluate their potential vocations.

The third-rate leftard teachers don’t comprehend know what all that is.

Instead, kids are being indoctrinated by irrelevant absolutist ideologies and leftard propaganda:

  • Anti-capitalism
  • Anarchism
  • Climate Alarmism
  • Feminazism
  • White Guilt
  • Totalitarian Censorship of Free Speech (disguised as ‘political correctness’)
  • Progressive Liberalism (abandoning ethics, tolerating crime)
  • Anti-Australian Multiculturalism
  • Environmentalism
  • New World Order and Globalist Dependencies
  • Disarmament and Pacifism
  • Sexual Deviance
  • Anti-Christ Islamism, Buddhism and Atheism

It’s all inappropriate university politics inculcated in primary and secondary schooling, with no time left for the life-preparing basics.

..and all social re-engineering brainwashing, no doubt to engender young converts to voting Greens-Labor.

No wonder the Greens want to lower the voting age in Australia from adult 18 to sweet 16.  Bloody pedos!

Gillard’s Education Devolution

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