Don’t Come Monday Mal

A last desperate leftie hurrah, as PM Mal is set to be toppled.

The night prior at 1:45am da CFMMMMEU sends in two of its new Negro refugee members to hammer and brick the glass windows of Peter Dutton’s Brisbane electoral office once the Eleven Rooftop Bar closed.  It’s some sort of unionist initiation ritual.

Ged Kearney:  “Wasn’t me, no sickle!”


Mal still hangs on demanding his Schindler’s List of Conservative Libs in triplicate and phones disconnected, to finally dawn on him he has no more friends left, except in banking.  Tony and Cory just smirk.

Mal’s Labor Lite Guillotine Speech:

To my wonderful 58 PM office staff on $200,000 salary each plus perks: “Please relocate by files back to my old employer in waiting Goldman Sachs in Sydney at Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place.  I gift you all leave for 6 months wherever you and your friends wish to go – while I am still prime munster for indulgence.


Now you may have picked up on my hinted next move.  Lucy’s Hong Kong Asianisation of Sydney.  Well I may just be her polly lobbyist.


Commence the Deportations