Did ya hear the one about Muslims praying for rain?

Yesterday, Lakemba mosque boss mufti in Sydney’s little Beirut conjured up a PC PR campaign showcasing fake urban muzzie support for Aussie farmers stricken by the drought.

Da Islamic final solution?  Pray to Allah for rain. That’ll do it.

So takeover street prayers got PC staged by Sydney’s Auburn Islamic Community Centre, all led by grand mufti poobahs Sheikh Abdel Aziem and Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohamad – both full-blown Egyptian imports on welfare.  After 20 years here, neither will speak English.

“See no female genital mutilation, hear no pedo rape, speak no jihad outside mosque”


Reckons Ahmad Malas, director of the Lebanese Muslim Association:   “We felt that due to the meaning of this celebration which is about sacrifice, that we come together as a community and pray to god so that he can bring down rain.

Da Muzzie Con:

Ibrahim, Abdel and Ahmad, do youse think we came down in the last friggen shower?

You lot were going to pray en mass anyway because yesterday August 21 was your global Islamic Muzzie Easter (‘Eid al-Adha’ prayer festival).  That translates from Arabic as ‘Feast of the Sacrifice‘.

It’s some Arabic desert cult celebration of ancient Islamic Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his own son to prove obedience to Allah’s command.  Nice religion.

The mass street prayer thing, had stuff all to do with Aussie farmers.  It brought no rain.  It made no bloody difference to our drought striken farmers and grazers.  It was just an excuse to take over the entire bloody road in Lakemba which the 30,000 smelly mat kissers threatened authorities they were going to do anyway. All the mass muzzie prayer thing did was reinforce the invading Islamic lobby call for more mosques in Australia.

There’s not enough room in the mosque for the growing uber-breeding Arabs.   It’s part of their publicity campaign to build a string of mosques.


“Get outa the way, so the hay runners can pass!”


What’s even more a muzzie con is that this ‘salat al-istisqa’ crap, so-called ‘rain prayer’, is a centuries old Islamic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad prayed at times of minimal rainfall and drought.

Why?  Because Muhammad lived in the Middle Eastern bloody desert in some cave, where it never rains.  Hello!

Arab muzzies can’t even say a pray for rain; rather they say “salat al-istisqa” because most of them here can’t even speak English.

Even this would have more of a chance:

This one’s obviously getting cold:


Perhaps a haka with feathers could be the go:


Better still, how about Australia finish Queensland’s Nathan Dam and New South Wales Tillegra Dam?

Another Canberran artist’s impression of Australian national leadership

Yesterday’s mass mat kissing ritual was also an excuse to reverberate chanting of Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar by tens of thousands and using loud halers.  And they started at dawn, causing all the neighbourhood dogs to bark.

Ahmad Malas reckoned in is media statement to none other than ethnic SBS:  “Whatever happens to the wider Australia community, it directly affects the wider Muslim community…when it comes to issues like this, we stand in solidarity to support those in need.”

Yeah right.

If those of the Islamic faith were loyal to Australian values and culture and genuine in becoming Aussie, they would decommission their 340 imposed mosques around Australia, sell off the land, donate the takings to rural Australia and convert to an Aussie Christian faith or else become agnostic at their choice.

Even better, return to the Middle East!

NSW Labor’s islamic MP for Lakemba Jihad Dib (speaker below outside mosque) couldn’t help himself yesterday by using the occasion to get stuck into outspoken Aussie Fraser Anning:

“For all those voices of hate, what I’d suggest to them is actually come down and spend time with people a little bit different to them and understand our Australia story is made up of 25 million different stories from all parts of the world.  Don’t just go out spewing your bile, get to know people, get to understand where they’re coming from. And you’ll see is that they are really proud Australians but they’re also not going to forget their heritage and I think that’s what really strengthens us as a nation.”

It’s what Aussies cop these days when they vote LibLab, especially from Labor recruited Third Worlders – Muzzies, Chinese, Asians, Negros, Islanders, Curries.

Aussie Payback

The Islamic story goes that before Abraham could sacrifice his son, Allah provided a sheep to be sacrificed instead.

But this year that will piss off all them blood butchering muzzies back in the dry Middle East.

The very same day, August 21, halal certified LiveCorp chair David Galvin and Nicholas Daws of halal sheep exporter Emanuel Exports had their Islamic trade license cancelled. Live stewed lamb during shipping was not consistent with Australian Department of Agriculture standards.

The lamb’s quite off on arrival weeks later in the 40+ Celsius Middle Eastern heat, and the fly blown maggots are well fattened by then.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud also imposed stricter conditions on the live export trade, including permitting fewer sheep on voyages and increasing the space they must be allowed while at sea, as a result, the export industry has all but dried up.

Selling discounted Aussie lamb and mutton to the Australian domestic market is recommended.

So 2018 is set to be a lamb drought for Middle Eastern muzzies.  No lamb Kebab, Kibbeh, Kofta, Machboos this year.  Just round up the muzzies and Awassi Express them live export back to the Middle East.


Or hey, opportunity to convert to Pork dudes:

Watch this Beirut kibbutz training film from 1961 proposing Israel engage Palestinians to roll out a chain of hog farming across the Negev Desert.  עסן אַרויף