Dan Andrew’s $1.6B horror elevated rail out beyond ethnic Dandenong to fuel high-rised Third World ghettos

Labor’s accidental Premier in Victoria, Daniel Andrews, is a political puppet of powerful vested interests and an arrogant wasteful spender of other people’s money.

The bolt head wants to build an elevated rail line costing taxpayers $1.6 billion to drive massive high-rise development through south-east Melbourne out to ethnic outer Melbourne.  It is to supply millions of ethnics from Asia, Africa and India all the way out to black zombie Dandenong – now an incubator for the cocooned offspring of Third World refugee terrorists and Apex Gang rioters.

Daniel Andrews Monster RailDaniel Andrews:  Melbourne’s Frankenstein, a wretched creation of Trades Hall who monster-walked to Spring Street

Local Melbourne residents along the rail route in Carnegie, Heatherton and Murrumbeena are all fuming.  An affected local Ms Browning, who lives one metre from the existing railway corridor, said at least 200 houses in just her neighbourhood would be affected by the proposal.

Labor Party:  Under mass immigration, Melburnians have no right to their backyard. Labor is modernising Melbourne to the Asian high-rise century, and even if you voted for us, the Libs would have bullied on you the same bad globalist infrastructure demands.  If your home fails to generate a tax revenue rate of return, such draconian Melburnians shall be deemed to lack growth value comparable to Sydney, and so you shall be deemed unfit for the Liberal donors’ Hong Kong 21st Century profit model.

Daniel Andrews hates backyardsNo say mere earthling, Davros has spoken!


“The thing that no one has talked about so far is … that there could be a freight-train derailment,” she said. “We are talking 80,000 tonnes of fully laden freight potentially falling from a 9m high elevated lines onto homes.”

Dan Andrews Monster Elevated RailDan Andrew’s proposed Classic Horror Rail through Melburnian backyards

Trades Hall created their fiendish monster to prey upon the good burghers of Melbourne.  The people protest the horror to no avail.


It’s the sort of dictator impost that Australians in New South Wales have become familiar with in the Liberals Mike Baird over his forced local council amalgamations.

No public consultation by Daniel Andrews of course.  It’s mass immigration and mass sprawl and high-rise for more ethnics to make Melbourne not marvellous but monstrous like Brazil’s crime ridden Sao Paulo.

Dandenong Gang Violence

Ms Browning said, “You’ll directly look from top of this 9 metre horror structure into my swimming pool, where my children and my family play in the backyard.  “I am worried about the safety and privacy of my children, that they are not going to be preyed upon by paedophiles looking into the pool when they are swimming.”

She also feared that the current rail line would be turned into graffiti car parks, rather than the promised parks.

“I want [Dan Andrews] to take it back to public consultation on whether we want an above-ground or below-ground [train],” she said.

Murrumbeena Resident Skyrail Protest

Daniel Andrews came to power and immediately gifted $339 million of taxpayers’ money to scrap the East West Link road tunnel contract.  The Libs were set to spend $17 billion on it before losing office.  Lend Lease got much of the payout for doing stuff all.  It paid no tax in 2013-14, despite reaping billions in revenue from lucrative government state and territory government contracts in major capital cities like Melbourne’s Tullamarine Freeway upgrade, Packers Barangaroo Casino build in Sydney, Brisbane’s Gateway Upgrade North motorway, and Darwin’s  Palmerston Regional Hospital.

Victoria’s accidental Premier Daniel Andrews is to now gift Lend Lease the contract for this ugly expensive sky rail thing so more ethnics can train it from their ghettos into Melbourne’s CBD.  Is Andrew’s scared of going underground or something? He’s not just an accidental Premier from left field; he’s a monster-walking accident.

Mass Third World immigration fostered under Labor and Liberals is congesting once livable Melbourne into an ugly noisy contemporary equivalent of an Industrial Revolution slum city of Third World overcrowding, squalor and diseases.

Melbourne Immigration Overcrowding

Melbourne’s going back to 20th Century Chicago. Recall Elwood’s apartment scene in The Blues Brothers set in 1970s Chicago next to the elevated rail.



The new train stations will be longer to accommodate longer trains and will be accompanied by signalling upgrades that will carry an extra 11,000 ethnics daily.

Black Zombie Melbourne

It smells corrupt.  Which corporate developers will gain from the land sales along the Dandenong rail corridor and which donated to Labor and the Libs?

Turnbull’s ABCC is a tinkering fraud.  It’s a bandaid on the wrong sore.  Only a national permanent and independent court of justice with Royal Commission powers can properly deal with all forms of corruption like what is going down in infrastructure builds by corporate donors to political parties.