Civil War all but over in Syria so Syrians can return home

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad with his loyal Syrian Army and the critical support of Russia have succeeded in crushing ISIS and the insurgents of the Syrian nation.

The long Syrian Civil War is all but won and over. All Syrian refugees and asylum seekers are invited to return home to Syria.

Without strategic Russian air force support, the Syrian Civil War would be seeing ISIS and its islamic evil and terror still growing.

Mr Assad has also accused Western nations like Australia of doing deals “under the table” with his country.

“They attack us politically and they send us officials to deal with us under the table — including your government, they all do the same. They don’t want to upset the US. Actually most of the Western officials, they only repeat what the US want them to say.”

But Bashar al-Assad was always confident that saving his country from treachery, foreign terrorists and invasion was achievable with loyal commitment.  He has asked Western nations, including Australia, to help Syrian refugees ‘stay in their country’ Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has also welcomed the humanitarian actions taken by Australia and other countries, now that the civil war is coming to an end, he would like refugees who have sought temporary asylum in these countries to now return to Syria.

“There’s something more humanitarian and less costly … help [refugees] stay in their country, help them going back, by helping the stability in Syria — not giving any umbrella or support to the terrorists,” he said.

Watch this interview from July 2016.


Syrians, your plight was never about invading First World to exploit and thieve dishonourable welfare from European Christian Samaritans.

Loyal Syrians, your Islamic nation calls upon you.

Syrians who refuse the call can only be traitor migrants seeking welfare leeching from the First World.

Leave Australia alone!  PM Tony Abbott was subjected to leftist duress, making his decision voidable.

You will never assimilate, it is proven.

As exploitative migrants exploiting welfare, you shall never be regarded as deserving citizens of our Good Samaritan First World, when all we do is offer temporary humanitarian sanctuary in good faith.

Go back to Syrian and commit to an honourable future for your children!

But over staying your humanitarian sanctuary is shameful.