Borroloola Bonehead Peter Garrett’s eco-spun sins visited upon voters – hoodwinked by Labor

So Midnight Oil is going back on the road, to regurgitate Peter Garrett’s politics.  It must be the showman’s manic phase kicking in.

Too many roos in da spotlight to launch in Borroloola.  Sellout means sellout and signing a desperate trust deed with corporate cash to avoid embarrassment in front of Black Fella?

Darwin, Cairns, Rocky, Sunshine Coast, Coffs Harbour, Hunter Valley, Canberra, Adelaide, da Big Pineapple and black dog estates?

Conning lyrics: “Black Sky Mining “, “Bugger any Borderline”, “Bondi Gonski”, “Labor & Union Passion”, “U.N. Forces”, “When Rudd Talks”, “Borroloola Heart”, “ Forced Ta Be Da One”,  “Jack Green’s Bed’s Burning”, “Corrupted Years”.

Fact Check:  Rudd Labor’s eco-Garrett in 2009 signed of approval of foreign mining coroprate Glencore to divert a section of the McArthur River in the Gulf of Carpentaria near Borroloola to allow it to expand a zinc mine.  The decision was opposed by many Aboriginal people in the area, including local senior elder and artist Jack Green.

Jack says he has now finished a painting entitled ‘Beds Are Burning/Mine On Fire’, which he is to send to to showman.

“I want to say to Peter Garrett that he should recognise this country has been damaged,” Mr Green said. “We told him, ‘if you do this it’s going to agree to this diversion, it’s going to create a lot of problems. Fish are going to be damaged, the country’s not going to be good.  He should have been ashamed of what he done to Aboriginal people in Borroloola.”