Adulterous Labor CONfidence comrades who betrayed Hazel, Merran and Australia


“I bet I’ve got more yuan financed investment properties than you”.

Ignoble Office – both men cheated on their wives.



Selected Comment:


“In classic Gareth Evans style, now the Australian National University chancellor, simply observes a well known problem with Chinese students/spies, and waffles about it as if he has no mechanism for dealing with it. Evans is in the driver’s seat to demonstrate how to deal successfully with the problem.”

Asian at ANU:

“Well this Aussie student just laid in, after da leftard lecturer preached pro-asian stats being good for Australia.  So the Aussie got out his handy anti-immigrant baseball bat and laid in.  He was pissed off being the only Aussie in class and had copped enough of anti-Aussie hate speech by the leftard teacher.”

Typical backdoor visa asians at ANU

Ordinary Aussie students at ANU feel justified registering an exclusive club ‘Spot the Aussie‘.



Blue Tie Bondage:   “Now Brian, we’re serving Gillard’s Asian Century…whatever it takes, so smile if you know what’s good for you.”