Bill Shorten no right to surrender Australian Day for more Chinese

It seems that Labor’s Bill Shorten in Melbourne today is more vocal and supportive of some primitive Chinese superstition about a rooster.  While just two days ago on our national contemporary Australia Day, Billy was decidedly missing-in-action.

It was conspicuous of Billy, a globalist advocate for mass immigration and multiculturalism, chose not to mix it with ordinary Australians for the celebrations in any traditional Aussie way.

Because he’s sold Aussies out.

Bill Shorten at Australia Day 2017

Instead Billy went his leftist politically correct way by going ethnic. He melted out of the lime light into Melbourne’s full-blown outer enclave sprawl of Brimbank to mix it with foreigners from 40 countries.

Because Bill has caught he Canberran polly bug. He has come to relish his regular foreign trips trying the foreign exotic delights.  The Aussie taxpayer collects the tab for him and his family, all business class return thank you very much.


Well Brimbank is in Bill’s safe migrant electorate, one increasingly Asian, Middle Eastern and African.  Brimbank is Melbourne’s outer western suburb of St Albans. St Albans got re-badged as Brimbank in 1994 by fellow globalist Jeff Kennett who sold off and profited from the sale and wholesale development of arable pasture. Kennett then earmarked the land for Third World immigrants.

Brimbank sounded better than St Albans which had got a bad reputation.

Sure enough, Brimbank has since become another Third World enclave around Melbourne’s poverty outer fringe.  It is characterised by Third World family litters dependent on Aussie welfare auto-deposits, by chronic unemployment and migrant gang crime.  It is serviced by three KFC Type 2 outlets.

The White Australians have all but moved away, yet the street signage is still in English. Dame Edna wouldn’t recognise Moonee Ponds these days. So Brimbank has a different bad reputation.

“Do you renounce your unAustralian ways, swear allegiance to Australia, speak English and forsake all contradictory cultural practices?  What was Bradman’s batting average to two decimal places?”


And what was Billy’s uniting celebratory message on Australia Day to Australians as he tucked into a wonton?

“Whatever one’s view … I think we can all agree that we should remember our first Australians for whom this day actually carries some sadness.  Too many long years of injuries and indignities, great and small. So today, on Australia Day we honour them – and every day – the guardians of this ancient continent, the keepers of the world’s oldest living culture, our first Australians.”

“Right you mob, end of savagery, time to get civilized, else the French will do it.”


Freshly back from his enlightenment tour of Jerusalem (a trip jointly funded by the Zionist lobby and the good old Australian taxpayer) Billy Shorten weighed into the “invasion day” divisive hate speech, trying to undermine our Australia Day factual history, struggles and achievements.  He’s of course pandering to nostalgic Aborigines still in denial about losing Australia’s Frontier Wars.

The settlement ceremony on January 26, 1788 at 2pm was when England officially and internationally transitioned a lost 40,000 year old hunter-gathering primitive society to a First World one. By 1934 the Frontier Wars were all over dudes!  White Australia won and you lost.  If White Australia with Aboriginal help hadn’t fought in the world wars, black Australians may well be speaking Japanese or German.

If Aborigines want to know what real invasion is like, ask the Manchurians and Singaporean. Think about it. Australia was going to be “discovered” eventually. The English were probably their lucky option, now knowing what French colonists did in Africa.

Bill Shorten on Chinese Rooster Day

This year for Bill, his Chinese celebrations began well before the Chinese version of New Year and even before Australia Day.

Something about a loony new year, dangerous fireworks and a symbolic rooster that is supposed to mean something and boost barber business for a mad rush on Chinese haircuts.

Whatever.  Chinese voodoo cult stuff.

Back on January 20, 2017 Bill flew up to Sydney specially for the Opening of the 2017 Chinese New Year Lantern Festival in Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbour.  It was all dolled up to look Chinese and even the PM was there too.

Bigger than Australia Day for Bill, just as it is for all the banks competing for their share of the Chinese wallet.

Billy does it every year. Last year he opened the Year of the Monkey citing it as “an opportunity to continue to champion the benefits of a diverse and vibrant multicultural Australia.”

“I’m for the wonton.”  Billy prefers his Chinese. 

He’s had trips to dragon land – not as many as Bobby Carr or Bobby Hawke, but he’s woking on it.


Bill turned up today in Melbourne to bleat and encourage more Chinese to arrive in Australia, saying “Australia has nothing to fear about the rise of China.”

  • How about urban overcrowding and ugly highrise?
  • How about unaffordable housing in our capital cities?
  • How about Chinese taking our jobs and Chinese employers preferencing Chinese workers instead of local Australians?
  • How about all the Chinese criminals and drug cartels operating in Australia and clogging up our prisons?
  • How about Chinese wealth bribing Australia politicians and political parties?  (Sam Dastyari, Andrew Robb, Ernest Wong, Huang Xiangmo)
  • How about Australia’s rich resources, agri-food wealth and land owned and controlled by the Communist Party of China? (Landbridge, White Horse Group, Shanghai Zhongfu, Dakang, Yancoal, Moon Lake Investments, Minmetals, Xingfa Ma, Lu Xianfeng, Chau Chak Wing, Gui Guojies, Zeng Wei, Xu Rongmao, Jason Chang, Ye Lipei, Shi Zhengrong, Wang Yang)
  • How about China blocking our trade routes through the South China Sea?
  • How about Chinese taking over territory in Antarctica for exploration and drilling?
  • How about China’s economy dragging Australia’s down because we are so stupidly overdependent on it?
  • How about Chinese infiltrating Australia’s strategic and sensitive industries and cyber spying?
  • How about Chinese trawlers fishing out Australia’s Southern Ocean fisheries?


There are a million Chinese in Australia currently.  By 2020 both Labor, Liberals and The Greens want that to be approaching 3 million.

But Billy luvs his Chinese. Billy has lost his Australian culture.  He can’t even remember how to hoe into a sausage roll (with sauce and onion) at a sausage sizzle.

From the side? No Billy.