Julie Bishop abuses her taxpayer funded position as if an aristocrat with entitlement

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is in Los Angeles for ‘G’Day USA‘. Julie just had to be at LA Fashion Week – official taxpayer business she claims.

Julie’s official business justification why she just had to fly to LA?

“We have fashion designers from our country being seen in New York, London, Paris, New Delhi, Jakarta and now Los Angeles. Our designers, our stylists, our producers, our manufacturers, all of those who makes up a $12 billion business in Australia and employs 220,000 people.  So if we see fashion as an important part of our economic growth, what a brilliant way to showcase our Australian talent than here at LA fashion week.”

.. “well I’ve had another hashtag – #fashiondiplomacy’,” she smiled.

G’Day USA?  What an abusive rort. Julie just luvs da haute couture up and down da runway, mixing it with da Hollywood celebs.

Yet another taxpayer-funded overseas holiday!  Julie Bishop’s just no different from Bronwyn Bishop of ‘Choppergate’ notoriety.  Distinguish one Bishop’s Clifton Springs golf taxpayer rort from another Bishop’s Portsea polo $2,716 taxpayer rort!  Both Bishops, both taxpayer rorters.

Julie Bishop’s fashion hat addiction at Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival in 2015 cost taxpayers $4,345.  The year before she slugged taxpayers $2,361 so she could her hat thing dubbed the ‘Melbourne Cup Look’.

Partner David Panton is in on the rorts: “Where are we off to this weekend Jules?


Julie is all taxpayer dressed to the nines for Hollywood’s Oscars along with her welfare toy boy, all the while her trip is documented as being strictly as ‘official business’.  Julie emphasizes it is “the most important public diplomacy program promoting Australian capabilities in the US.”

Yeah right, like one commentator observed, “public diplomacy is just like how alcoholism is research”.

So pull the other one Julie!

Julie’s favourite holiday destination has been LA for years.  It’s her Hollywood indulgence that’s become her annual addiction – her upteenth First Class return trip – costing taxpayers a steal at just $32,000 for her and her toy boy return to Perth.

“Yes the surfboard is ours.”

Julie simply adores all the showbiz glitterati, the air-kissing, the big hat wearing, the red carpet walking, the ribbon-cutting, the name dropping, champas flowing – all while mixing it with the Hollywood celebs and millionaires.  She’s gone delusional, pretending she’s actually earned stardom because she’s an intellectual featherweight for foreign affairs.

Ponce-like she attends the unveiling of film director Brett Ratner’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with an opportune fraternizing session with lapdog smuggler Johnny Depp.   Her official busy itinerary has her attend the G’Day hors d’oeuvres.

The entire junket wasn’t official polly business, it was an indulgent romantic getaway on the taxpayer purse.

But her most aristocratic indulgence thus far was her charter of the Air Force’s nine-seater Challenger Jet from Canberra home to Perth in 2015 just because she chose to stay back for polly drinkie-poos and so miss the last commercial flight.

It costs up to $18,000 to fly an empty plane from Perth to Canberra, plus undisclosed RAAF crew costs.  Her Partner bummed the ride of course.

It’s scandalous, but she’s got PM Mal under her factional thumb.

Yeah, yeah yeah, hypocrite.