Bianca Hall of the Fairfax Age must be in bed with the Jolly Red Wart

So the Jolly Red Wart has run squealing “death threats by online trolls” to Victorian Police, lying to police, misleading police and wasting police time over his fabricated unprovable claim – just to slur Aussies trying to defend our own country.

Well feed the trolls meat!

City of Yarra Trotskyite councillor, Stephen Jolly (an ethnic) gets sadistic kicks from intimidating anyone who disagrees with, has revealed his insecurity problem.  “They’re all nazis.They’re all out to get me!” – as he squeezes his red wart.

Slackbastard must have jacked up his rates, so the Jolly Red Wart has suckered up to one of his media flings on the side, fellow leftist Bianca Hall.

Bianca Hall, a recently sacked Canberra Press Gallery journo, wrote trot trash propaganda for the Jolly Red Wart in the Fairfax Melbourne Age newspaper on Sunday (August 2, 2015) yesterday.  It was in full ‘struth’ tabloid melodrama headed: ‘Police investigate kill threats against Councillor Stephen Jolly!’

Jolly Red Wart co-opts FairfaxStay clear girlie!  His red wart’s got bigger luv!

It was pure defamatory bile to personally target one of the leaders of United Patriots’ Front, against whom the Jolly Red Wart lost out against on July 18 following his flock’s good soaking from Vic Police’s orange capsicum spray.

Lefty Anarchists forced back by Police

Seems Jolly wart of a girlie man can readily dish it out, but can’t take it.  He reads social media posts by anonymous online trolls that reads opponents are to “bring down” councillor Jolly.  Jolly boo hoo hoo!

Stephen Jolly a dangerous LeftyThis is the ugly face of Trotskyism

The Jolly Red Wart couldn’t handle the put down, so he has fumbled around for some image revenge, the sad bastard!  Bianca’s overpriced inner Melbourne bedsit is only a short cab ride for solace, pillow biting and a Ice-induced lefty psychotic fiction.

No wonder Fairfax media is bleeding readership and sacking its journos around Australia.  Spencer Street Soviet’s lease is up with its Australian landlords.

Go back to commo-Socialist Workers Party in Dublin West where you crawled out from, you dirty foreign accented trot!

But the Red Wart must be hard up sourcing residual Labor slush funds to pay for his whimsical Death Threat Campaign.  City of Yarra won’t let him indulge in councillor entitlements, especially dumpster rallies after his violent Black Bloc incident outside Richmond Town Hall last May.

Is Jolly doing a Bronwyn Bishop in claiming excessive rally expenses?

After read our last expose on him thus, ‘Stephen Jolly’s leftist propaganda against reclaim australia conned the media, police, and even celebrities‘, Jolly must have gone psychotic with dermatillomania, scratching frantically to remove his obsessive red wart.

Perhaps his red wart is now inflamed and infected from his grungy dumpster fingernail scratching. Perhaps the infection has spread commo-encephalitis to his brain?

Sad paranoid bastard.

Jolly Red WartI am not mad!  I have upper teeth!  I don’t wake up in a sweat!  But they are out to get me!

Stephen Jolly remains bludging as a extreme socialist councillor on Yarra Council.  Is mein kampf is Third World immigrant welfare rights from Zimbabwe and China.  He works in the construction industry (CFMEU) and is a member of the Socialist Party.  Cr Jolly can be contacted on 9205 5055 or 0437 856 713 or at

So send him your dearest luvs.

Bullshit Bianca can freelance leftist lies into Fairfax’s Melbourne Age with gay abandon.  Fairfax is up to its usual propaganda tricks aimed at the United Patriots Front (UPF).

Bianca Hall at Fairfax Leftist MediaBianca would luv ya feedback too!

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The article below is a classic of the genre.

Lie One: Readers are not told that Councillor Stephen Jolly who “co-organised” recent “anti racist rallies” against the UPF is in fact – the leader of a Trotskyite communist organisation called Socialist Party Australia.. The Age also said UPF demonstrated at Richmond Town Hall in May to “bring down” this (innocent) anti racist (sic). Exactly as we said: the media will cover over who these so-called “anti racist” people really are. The Age should also know that Councillor Jolly, the communist, was barking out orders during the street violence two weeks ago. What? No comment from The Age?

Lie Two: the Melbourne Age brushes aside Erikson’s clear denials of any connection to social media threats to Jolly in favour of giving Jolly paper space to make propaganda against the “breath taking” threats to an “elected councillor”.

Lie Three: the Melbourne Age has the means and the resources to establish pretty much by its own efforts that screen shots of Erikson allegedly making threats against Jolly – were fabricated. It chooses not to do so.

Lie Four: no member of the UPF tried to take a pistol to the rally at Parliament House Melbourne two weeks ago. That story has been exploded pretty much by commentary from New South Wales Police

Lie Five: Victorian Police will certainly “patrol” Jolly’s house and “investigate” the threats. However, what will the police be investigating? Might it be public nuisance activities engaged in by a ‘someone’ to falsely implicate Erikson in a criminal plot?

Lie Six: We are told that UPF is “associated with neo-nazis”. Who are these people? A powerful organisation of dangerous individuals, with money, resources and influence? As the Melbourne Age knows, if there are any such people in Australia, they are fringe political kiddies who play with swastikas. There is no association.

The latest gusher from the Melbourne Age should be brought into contempt by all patriotic people.

The President of Australia First Party said tonight: ” I have been fighting this sort of crap for decades. Indeed, I was accused a quarter-century ago by the Melbourne Age’s sister publication in Sydney of planning to attack the family of a later-proven-corrupt Special Branch detective. No prizes for guessing how that lie was used. It is easy for so-called journalists to rely upon shadow-truths to construct a mountain of falsehood. It is even easier when the ‘someone’ inventing the bulldust is good at his job. That is what the Age should be investigating – but they never will”

Australia First Party stands with UPF and Neil Erikson against the Melbourne Age lie factory.

Not so co-incidentally, commo-anarchist Slackbastard blog received timely copy same day from Bianca Hall, as follows:


antifa notes (august 2, 2015)

“Posted on August 2, 2015 by @ndy, graciously received from Fairfax mole

G’day Aussie patriots how ya goin’?

• No Room For Racism have organised a SPEAK OUT @ City Square Melbourne for Friday, August 8 (5.30-7pm):
With racist and neo-Nazi groups like Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front rallying openly on our streets, it’s time for anti-racists to unite and speak out against rising racism and Islamophobia.

Come along and hear from different communities about how racism is used as a tool to divide us and how we can unite to stop the growth of far-right movements in Australia.

This is a peaceful speak out organised by the #NoRoomForRacism campaign. All anti-racists are welcome.

• The fascist groupuscule the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF) claims to have had an application to hold an assembly in Cronulla denied by local authorities. This has been interpreted by Shermon Burgess (‘The Great Aussie Patriot’) as meaning that Muslims have taken over the Shire. See also : Reclaim Australia rallies ‘fuel racial tensions to Cronulla riot levels’, The Guardian, Shalailah Medhora, July 20, 2015.”


About @ndy

“I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don’t like nazis (anyone who disagrees with me). I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I am fat and borderline Type 2 Diabetes. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2015 premiership’s a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.  They keep losing but I am addicted to losers. Look at the AFL Ladder this week!  They will beat the GWS GIants.”

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